Editor’s Pick: 2020 Best Korean Drama Original Soundtracks

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Which 2020 Korean Drama OSTs  have left quite an impact this season?

Setting up our year-end count down for 2020 K-Drama season, we pick the tracks worthy of 2020 Best Korean Drama OST badge.

In choosing the notable soundtracks incorporated in 2020 Korean Dramas, we decided two simple rules. First, how the song’s message fit perfectly in the story. This is easy to spot because it usually layered the poignant moments of the series. Second, the track’s lingering value for K-Drama fans who watched it, and for those who may hear it in passing.

“Flower” – Yoon Mirae and “Here I am Again” – Baek Yerin for Crash Landing on You

Listening to this CLOY OST literally takes us back to all Jung-hyuk and Se-ri had to go through in their well-loved Korean-border crossing romance. While the love songs in Crash Landing On You OST roster are all stunning, “Here I am Again” makes quite a recall. Meanwhile, Yoon Mirae is an OST singer favorite for a lot of reason. She always delivers the essence of the story through her voice.


“Mind” – Kevin Oh and “Another Day is Passing” – Kim Tae Hyun for Stove League

Nam Goong Min proved once again that he is a master of his craft. He was able to depict Baek Seung Soo’s eccentricities and vulnerabilities. We love how the OST lineup for Stove League stayed true to capture the emotions of the underdog themed series.  We actually want to take the bunch but we can only settle for these two tracks highlighting the passion and commitment of the characters in Stove League.

“Start Over” by Gaho for Itaewon Class

A perfect anthem for Park Sae Royi’s character, the rhythm and Gaho’s convincing delivery always leads us to bob our heads whenever we listen to it.

“My Love” – Chungha for Dr. Romantic 2

We thought Itaewon Class triggered the “chasing dream” trend this year, but for the record the love pairing in Dr. Romantic 2 spurred such an encouragement to never give up on life and love. Chungha channeled Woo-jin (Ahn Hyo Seop) and Eun-jae’s (Lee Sung Kyoung) connection to a heartfelt love song in “My Love”.

“Dream” – Sondia for Born Again

Born Again focuses on the lives of three people who get entangled with each other through the course of their two different lives. Centered on transmigration theme, it plays a big part in the storyline. As such, Sondia’s “Dream” blended a wistful arrangement that basically narrates the story of the series. The song makes you feel the desperate yearning of the featured love pairing who needed two lifetimes to be with each other.

“Welcome” – GFRIEND UMJI for Meow, the Secret Boy

Like a cat this song purred endearingly with UMJI’s refreshing sound. It reminds you of everything sweet and soothing which is exactly how we felt while watching the series.

“Beautiful” – Kim Sung Kyu | “Like a Star” – Kwon Jin Ah for Oh My Baby

Supporting Oh My Baby’s encouraging romance story are two equally beautiful music pieces that encapsulate the love pairing’s ride to lifetime commitment.

“Dream” – Paul Kim and “My Love” – Gummy for The King: Eternal Monarch

Also boasting an impressive selection, the Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun starrer were made more memorable with its OST list. We are picking these two owing to how it matched the perspectives of the love pairing in the series.

“Something” – Kang Daniel for Backstreet Rookie

Albeit not meeting the hype, Backstreet Rookie has featured songs with undeniable remembrance. Just like Kang Daniel’s first ever OST.

“Aloha” – Cho Jung Seok | “Me To You and You To Me” – Cho Jung Seok & Jeon Mi Do | “I Knew I Love” – Jeon Mi Do | “Introduce me a Good Person” – Joy | “In front of the City Hall at the Subway Station” – Kwak Jin Ohn  for Hospital Playlist

Mainly incorporating music in the plot of the series, Hospital Playlist scored the highest in our favorites for 2020 Korean Drama OST tally. We want to include all but we don’t want to play favorite. *wink

“I See You” – Giryeon | “Remembrance – Yeoungeun | Like a Winter’s Dream – Kwak Jineon |

One of the most beautiful screenplays for this K-Drama season, the healing romance story of When The Weather is Fine was made more arresting by its featured melodies. The series evokes sweet, warm and comfortable feelings as it gives a glimpse of a mundane life in a small town.

“Love with You” – Lee Jin Ah for Sweet Munchies

Lee Jin Ah’s distinct sound pushes you to stop whatever you are doing and savor the moment just like how you delight on your favorite food. It perfectly transpired in healing romance drama, Sweet Munchies.

“Lost” – Yoon Mi Rae | “In This Silence” – Ha Hyun Woo for Stranger 2

Matching its polished story are songs with quite a character for the well-loved tvN series, Stranger 2.

“In Your Time – AKMU Soohyun | “Breath” – Sam Kim | “Little by Little” – CHEEZE for It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

We sure will not miss the stunning music of It’s Okay To Not Be Okay. The story we never imagined we needed in our lives has also endowed us with truly amazing music.

“Pray for You” – Lily for Missing: The Other Side

Consoling yet sad, this track perfectly sums up the beautiful memories given by Missing: The Other Side. Its heartfelt verses capture the message of the series with its beautiful song narration and melody.

“Falling in Love – April” | “Like a Dream” – GFRIEND SinB | “To Be With You” – MONSTA X Kihyun  “Love or Lies” – Boramiyu for Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Just like how music comforts us, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol is such an endearing watch. Its featured tracks follow the series’ optimistic vibe as well. We have quite a few favorites from this delightful romantic comedy.

“I’ll Be There” – MONSTA X Shownu for Tale of the Nine Tailed

Giving life to a mesmerizing gumiho character, Shownu did a great job in capturing the pain and dream of Lee Yeon. That when you hear the first few notes of this song, you can associate it easily as his theme music, which is fitting to how he has been pictured in the series. The build up to the chorus hikes up emotion to a flawless cadence that always makes the poignant scenes shine so vibrantly.

“Serendipity” – Ha Sung Woon | “Late Regret” – Ong Seong Wu | “Close Your Eyes” – Bernard Park | “Falling Slow” – Kevin Oh for More Than Friends

Aside from we love the Wanna One connection here, Ha Sung Woon’s sweet crooning has made this song reminisce the decade-long love story of Woo-yeon and Lee Soo. For fans of the series, whenever its first few notes run, preparing for the bliss is automatic. It was the definitive music of the series.

Meanwhile, Ong Seong Wu really is making up not just with Woo-yeon, but to all drama fans who have joined them in their tumultuous but unforgettable love journey with “Late Regret”. Of course, we won’t forget to add Joon-soo’s theme song here. After all, he gave a good fight. We also included Kevin Oh’s “Falling Slow” because it rightfully deserves to be on this list.

“Running” – Gaho | “Future” – Red Velvet for Start-Up

Switching from zesty and heartfelt tracks, Start-Up also highlights addicting rhythms efficiently layering its plot direction.  But we enjoy more of its upbeat sounds.

“Shall We Kiss?” – CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa for The Spies Who Loved Me

Suave and addicting, Yong-hwa’s voice would literally make heart flutters with this song. We hope Ah-reum and Ji-hoon will be also each other’s always love since such a beautiful song is backing them up.

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