K-Pop Debut Spotlight: E’LAST – 1st Mini-Album “DAY DREAM”

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E’LAST portrayed vocal talent in their debut mini-album DAY DREAM.

Rookie boy group E’LAST has dropped their debut mini-album on June 9 at 6 PM KST. DAY DREAM will take the listeners on a small but vocally powerful trip.



E’LAST has been preparing for their comeback for a while now, but they revealed a concrete date only last month. On May 19, a video was uploaded on the group’s YouTube channel, showing their logo and attaching the date June 9.

Later, a scheduler was also revealed on May 22, officially starting the exciting debut countdown.

Starting on May 25 and until May 29, individual concept photos of the members were revealed. The boys looked like they were taken out of a fairy tale book as they delivered the Prince Charming vibes magnificently.

The unit and group photos followed on May 30, and it further portrayed the gorgeous visuals brought by the eight members.


On May 28 the track list for E’LAST’s first mini-album was shared, followed by its highlight medley on May 29. They had five songs included, and the group also revealed some of the members’ involvement in the creation of the album.

The group decided to further poke their fans’ curiosity by sharing the full lyrics to their title song “Swear. In the picture, the boys were lined up in front of a light background as well.

On June 2 and 4, E’LAST uploaded two music video teasers for “Swear”. The boys showed beautiful visuals as well as an interesting glimpse at how the actual music video will look like. The full video was released along with the entire mini-album on June 9 at 6 PM KST.


DAY DREAM consists of five delightful songs to listen to.

Starting from the “Intro”, the listener is taken on a mystical trip, feeling like entering another land. The piano is combined in a beautiful way with the oriental sound. To add more to the building expectation, a marching rhythm is included at the second half of the track, gradually moving onto the title song.

“Swear” then started by showcasing more oriental tunes and eventually adding more trendy beats. Additionally, the song was reminiscent of an OST track for a historical drama or fairy tales about princes and princesses. It did not fail to portray each members’ talent, either in vocal or rapping aspect.

Meanwhile, “Sunrise” is a medium tempo pop song with a cheerful rhythm. It gave a fun and comfortable feel, especially with the cute lyrics in which a loved one is compared to a sunrise.

Setting a different atmosphere, “나의 꽃” (My Flower) is a ballad which showcased the powerful and solid vocals of the members. It focused on their singing ability and emotion portrayal.

Lastly, the special song “빛” (Light) is dedicated to the fans who have been supporting the group even before they debuted. To make it even more special, members Won Hyuk and Baek Gyeul wrote the lyrics themselves and took part in composing the song as well. This gentle yet exciting piece is sure to be liked by the group’s fans.


The music video for “Swear” shows an intense choreography to further emphasize on the strong lyrics. Not only does the song focus on the members’ vocal talents but the video shows their individual handsome features.

Through a clock, the group puts the date of their debut into the  minds of viewers in order to make them remember it. This clock also starts ticking on their days as idols—showing that all eight members are ready to conquer hearts and prove they’re worthy to be in the spotlight.

Source: E’LAST Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

Image credit: E Entertainment

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