[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] From Rom-Coms to Real Life: SORN Talks Friendship, Inspiration, and “crazy stupid lovers”

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Discover the story behind SORN’s “Crazy Stupid Lovers” in this exclusive interview.

Born to captivate audiences, SORN has journeyed from the vibrant world of K-Pop to becoming a global sensation in her own right. Bursting into the spotlight as the lead vocalist of CLC at just 18 years old, she swiftly charmed listeners with her powerhouse vocals and infectious energy. With six digital singles released under WILD Group, including the chart-topping debut “Sharp Objects” and the Y2K-inspired hit “cool,” SORN has solidified her position as a rising star in the music industry, particularly in Southeast Asia, where her music resonates deeply with fans.

Beyond her musical endeavors, SORN has cultivated a massive following on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, with over 6 million dedicated followers eagerly tuning in to her infectious personality and engaging content. Constantly popping up on FYP and Discovery pages, Sorn’s presence is felt across the digital landscape, where she effortlessly connects with fans through her fun-loving and bubbly demeanor.

As she enters what’s been dubbed her “lover era,” 2024 heralds a period of unprecedented growth for SORN. With aspirations to elevate Asian music to global heights, SORN is poised to etch her name in the annals of the international music scene. In this exclusive interview, SORN unveils the story behind her latest single, “crazy stupid lovers,” a collaboration with her friend of 10 years, Hong Seok of Pentagon, offering a glimpse into her soaring trajectory in the music industry.

Hellokpop: Congratulations on your upcoming release, “crazy stupid lovers.” What do you hope listeners will take away from the song, both musically and lyrically?

SORN: I intend to take my listeners down memory lane, back to the time when they were once in love with their best friend. I feel like the scenario of falling in love with your best friend happens often, so I hope to be able to reignite those heart-fluttering emotions and memories with this song and leave my listeners with a smile on their faces!

HKP: Could you tell us more about the inspiration behind your “lover era” and how “crazy stupid lovers” fits into that narrative?

SORN: This song was not inspired by personal experience. It was inspired by all the rom-com movies I was watching two years ago, back when the idea of this song first emerged. Watching those shows got me thinking, ‘This kinda warms my heart. I want to write a song that evokes this feeling,’ and that was how ‘crazy stupid lovers’ came about! I wanted a song that would warm the hearts of others, just like how I felt when I watched those movies then. 

HKP: You collaborated with your friend Hong Seok for this track. What made you decide to work together, and what was the experience like? Any funny moments or challenges you faced together?

SORN: I wanted to work with Hong Seok because he is one of my oldest friends in the industry, and we are from the same company. I always have so much fun collaborating with my friends, so I thought to myself, why not do it again?! The process of creating this piece went really smoothly, and I have to thank Hong Seok for being so cooperative and supportive throughout. 

One funny moment I’ll always remember happened during our MV shoot. I have a really hard time looking into people’s eyes without laughing, so when it came to shooting, I remember constantly bursting out in laughter every time I had to maintain eye contact. Thankfully, Hong Seok taught me a trick: to look over his shoulders when shooting, and that advice really helped me get through the rest of the shoot.

HKP: Can you give us some insight into the creative process behind “crazy stupid lovers”? How did you and Hong Seok bring your individual styles together for this song?

SORN: ‘crazy stupid lovers’ was written around two years ago. It was a song that I initially planned never to release, but it was in such high demand amongst all of my friends. So, I thought about it and decided that this was the perfect time to release this track. As for the MV, I already had a vision in mind of exactly what I wanted and who I wanted to work with to help me tell the story.

My character and his character are so different, but I think that is what allowed us to build strong chemistry both in the song and the MV. Hong Seok has more of a cold and aloof vibe, and I, on the other hand, am super bright and energetic. So, when both of us came together, it was like when two opposites attract, and I feel it brought a really nice vibe to this whole project! 

HKP: Are there any memorable or behind-the-scenes moments from filming the MV that fans might find entertaining?

SORN: I’m really bad at acting and am always scared to act in anything. But thankfully Hong Seok, being an actor himself, helped me a lot throughout the whole shoot. He taught me how to maintain eye contact, how to laugh on camera, and so much more. In the MV, there was a scene where we had to laugh at each other and I thought it was going to be so awkward because it was entirely unscripted. But when I asked Hong Seok what I should do or say, he immediately began having a conversation with me that actually made me laugh. Little would you know he was saying things like, ‘Yesterday night I had kimchi jjigae (laughs),’ ‘Sorn doesn’t know how to laugh (laughs),’ he even began singing Singapore’s national anthem at one point. Through that experience, he taught me that acting is actually not that complicated, and I didn’t have to overthink it. 

HKP: Since your solo debut with “Sharp Objects,” how do you feel you’ve evolved as an artist, both creatively and personally? Are there any specific lessons or experiences that have shaped this growth?

SORN: I feel like from my debut up until now, I’ve grown a lot as an artist. I am no longer afraid to express myself with different styles of music. Listening to others’ opinions about my music doesn’t really affect my decision-making when it comes to my releases anymore. I enjoy the process of creating each new release more than ever, and I feel like I have more control over my career as an artist. I’ve also found a balance and embraced the differences between the artist version of ‘SORN’ I portray onstage and the ‘SORN’ when she’s not on stage. My two personas are so vastly different, but I’ve been enjoying the process of showing my fans this duality of mine.

HKP: Looking ahead, what are your goals for the future, both in terms of your solo career and any other artistic endeavors you’re passionate about? Can you give us a glimpse into what’s next for you?

SORN: I am working really hard on my EP, and I am super excited for everyone to hear all the new tracks in this EP. As an artist, I would love to put out more music in the next year. I’m also starting to explore the avenue of  ‘creative directing,’ where I assist other artists with the creative side of their projects, too! So, I’m also excited to see where that will take me.

HKP: Finally, what message do you have for your fans around the globe?

SORN: I hope that you guys will enjoy my latest single, “crazy stupid lovers,” as much as Hong Seok and I do. We’ve worked really hard on this single, so please give it lots and lots of love. I hope that I will be able to meet every single one of you in person both this year and next year and perform for all of you. I’m working really hard on my new EP now, so please stay tuned for that, too!

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