The Fangirl Realities From “Her Private Life” That We Wish To Tell Our Non-K-Fan Friends & Family About

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Park Min Young is making all K-fangirls smile in Her Private Life!

Choosing well the roles she has portrayed so far, Park Min Young brought the colors of Sung Duk Mi in Her Private Life to an escalating fun level. From parading the standard dwelling of a legit fangirl which is full of idol mementos, she has also personified all those little happiness which only devoted artist’ followers can relate to.

Each week, tvN’s mid-week romantic comedy moves to a pace that reinvents its genre. Still capitalizing on its love theme narrative, it is giving a well-intentioned and meaningful direction for the audience. Instead of excessive fan service scenes that tend to overwhelm the message of the story, the series has so far engaged its viewers with a balance treatment of romance and light conflicts. Moreover, the simple story of a curator and her other life as a K-Pop idol fanatic, has moved to a steady flow that highlights her career, family, friendship and hobby.

Crossing the first half, Her Private Life heads to its romance trajectory. This is not my alter ego speaking, but whatever “oppa illuminator” Kim Jae Wook uses, is doing a great job. Not only does it make him so dashing, he is nailing the exact picture of “that man” who can tame a fangirl’s heart.

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Prepping up to join Duk Mi with her adventures and possible switch from being in an imaginary relationship to a real one, let’s relive some key takeaways from the first half of Her Private Life.

A true K-fangirl is a modern woman of strong will and passion

Park Min Young_Her Private Life


It’s a healthy stress-relieving devotion. That’s what fangirls wish to tell people who roll their eyes over their extraordinary fixation.

It’s the same as the more generally acknowledged leisure activities like traveling, hiking or gaming. For K-Pop fangirls, singing songs of different language is nurturing world peace through acknowledgment of international music. The same way that attending concerts and fan meetings broadens their mind to modern definition of art. *wink

Any fangirl cannot specifically give that point of time when her craze started. So, it does not make sense that ending it would happen easily. Students eventually master the art of saving money, while career women find an economical work and life balance activity to do once in a while.

Dare not to believe the fangirl you know lives a crazy routine – she is always having the time of her life.

A true K-fangirl passes through 5 stages of fangirl grief… and it is normal.

Hell hath no fury when a fangirl wakes up to a dating news of her favorite idol or actor. In the early conflict presented in the drama, Duk Mi’s character was able to capture the dispirited fangirl confronting the news of her favorite idol dating.

Her Private Life Episode 3

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If you have a friend or family member blabbing ceaselessly and showing symptoms of what Park Min Young is like in the above video, leave. Do not go anywhere within a 5-meter radius near that person until she has fully moved on. Usually an overnight sleep will do the trick anyway. She will use it as a recuperating period to use selective amnesia in forgetting what happened. Inevitably, she will accept it, and hopes for the best of her earnest wish that the relationship will be short-lived. But if her fangirl radar senses her dream idol finds real romance, she will relent and support him all the way.

A true K-fangirl promotes emotional healing and fitness routine

Staring at idol bias or Korean actor’s photos is therapeutic, and is not a waste of time. An instant bright mood maker. Whether visibly flaunted or secretly done, fangirls strategically keep photos of artist they dote on. No amount of chocolate or massage can suffice a bad day than peering on your bias’ photos or watching videos.

Armed with confidence and camera, she marches to events where she can capture photos of her favorite idol. As a member of one of the most interactive groupies in the world, she stays fit and healthy so she can always hassle to get dreamy pictures in fan gatherings.

Indeed it is illogical, but a true fangirl acts instinctively to protect the camera with her own body in case there’s a mild stampede. Being strong for that small sacrifice yields heavenly moment that eases week-long of life stress.

A true K-fangirl uses her money to be happy, and that is all that  matters.

Celebrating her favorite artist’ birthday with a gift is normal. Spending money equates to how her heart feels full when she sees her idol’s sparkling smile, chiseled jawline, and peeking abs.

She may favor her budget that supports her fondness over Korean artists. But she knows when to stop when her money does not permit her to spend.

In the series, Duk Mi experienced a sweet dilemma of breaking her savings when she tried to win a painting that Shi An (her favorite idol) collects. Relenting when she knew that her budget didn’t fit anymore, Park Min Young’s character left a lesson for fellow fangirls to follow.

A true K-Fangirl will never break her man’s heart

Shoutout to boys who want to settle down. Fangirls are proficiently dedicated and never sway when they are in love. Forget that warning that you will be second fiddle to an idol she adores. That’s not going to happen, once you get inside the heart of a girl whose loyalty knows no bound, she will teach the real meaning of love. *grin



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