FANMEET RECAP: Park Eun Bin Showers Filipino Fans With Pure Love At Her 1st Asia Fan Meeting “EUNBIN NOTE: BINKAN” In Manila

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The first fan meeting in Manila was a truly moving experience for Park Eun Bin and her devoted Filipino BINGOs!

Park Eun Bin is completely blown away by the enthusiastic cheers even before the fan meeting officially begins, giving the impression that she and her Manila fans are competing to see who loves whom more.

Starting her international fan meeting tour in Manila, Park Eun Bin has shown her excitement to meet her Filipino admirers. During the press conference, she mentioned her desire to return to Cebu. And as an avid adventurer, the actress also said she is eager to participate in unique activities.

Park Eun Bin

When asked whether she has a special routine before filming a scene, she says she is not the kind to prepare ahead and is instead more focused on the present. Recently, Park Eun Bin swept K-Dramaland with her iconic portrayal in Extraordinary Attorney Woo and discussed her favorite scene from the role.

“My most memorable scene in Extraordinary Attorney Woo was in the pilot episode when I first entered the court. I could not forget the emotions I had to get into to portray that scene.”

Additionally, Park Eun Bin reveals that if not an actress, she would try to do many things, such as being an instructor or fashion designer.  Ending the brief yet delightful press conference, Park Eun Bin expressed her gratitude for her fans’ love and support despite the differences in culture and languages. She then leaves the stage after charmingly saying “Mahal Kita.”

Park Eun Bin Surprises Fans With Opening Stage

It was undeniably a precious time well spent with Park Eun Bin. The empty space in the New Frontier Theater was filled with love and laughter as Park Eun Bin appeared like the ball of sunshine she is, kicking off the 2022 PARK EUN BIN Asia Fan Meeting Tour <EUN BIN NOTE: BINKAN> in Manila on October 23, 2022.


The gorgeous actress starts her memorable night singing Red Velvet Joy’s “Hello” in the most adorable manner. Signaling the official start of the fan meeting, Park Eun Bin had everyone on the edge of their seats as she introduced herself in Tagalog. It was heartwarming as she clearly made efforts to learn many Filipino phrases, and it was incredible how she flawlessly used the words to respond to the host.

Park Eun Bin Satisfies Her Curiosity

From “Today’s Profile”— where her lovely charm was conveyed—to satisfying her curiosity about the fans, Park Eun Bin participated in several segments. The versatile actress completely won over the crowd as she displayed her irresistible charm through the “Balance Game” and an unexpected round of rock-paper-scissors.

She then unveiled an admirable knack as she showed off her drawing skills in designing the eco-bags as gifts to lucky fans. Park Eun Bin also read letters from her fans to understand why and when they started loving her.

Furthermore, the corner that received the loudest cheers was when the award-winning actress talked about her famous lines and scenes, showing her applaudable aspects.

park eun bin fan meeting in manila

A Memorable Night With The Charming Park Eun Bin

Aside from her friendly personality, the most notable part of the night is Park Eun Bin’s ability to fluently switch between speaking Tagalog and English in a perfect context in her exchange with the host.

She absolutely surprised her fans with her witty use of Tagalog phrases, earning loud cheers each time and helped her fill the emptiness with treasured experiences together.

park eun bin fan meeting in manila

While her love for fans shone throughout, the crowd also surprised her with a different kind of impression. As they ended the prepared segments, a surprise event brought tears to the brilliant actress’ eyes, who could not hide her overwhelming feelings after watching the special video prepared by her Filipino BINGOs.

In particular, the fans gathered messages from Filipino BINGOs around the country and enumerated their reasons why they love and adore Park Eun Bin. Some mentioned how she was a blessing that helped them conquer life’s difficulties. Fans also raised their banners, saying, “Tokkaeng, the moment we got to know you was the shiniest moment for us,” completing the emotional atmosphere.

Park Eun Bin Showcases A Heartwarming Stage

Wrapping up the 2-hour show, Park Eun Bin sincerely thanked everyone who joined her on a memorable night, taking their precious time to come from various places. “Because of everyone here, I was so happy. I hope everyone is healthy and happy until the day we meet each other again,” she said, promising that she would return to the Philippines with a whole new Kdrama that they would surely love.

Before officially ending the fan meeting, Park Eun Bin performs a heartwarming stage of MYMP’s “Especially For You,” a song especially prepared for her Filipino BINGOs, giving a more meaningful impression until the end.

park eun bin fan meeting in manila

Meanwhile, Park Eun Bin became a ray of sunshine in the middle of the night as she successfully completed her first Asia fan meeting tour in Manila on October 23, 2022, at the New Frontier Theater. She will then hold fan meetings in Bangkok on November 5, Singapore on November 11, and Tokyo on November 19.

The 2022 PARK EUN BIN Asia Fan Meeting Tour <EUN BIN NOTE: BINKAN> in Manila is brought to fans by Namoo Actors, MJ Tonz Entertainment, PULP Live World, and Happee Hour.

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