Fans Call For Starship Entertainment To Reconsider Decision Regarding Withdrawal Of Wonho From MONSTA X

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MONSTA X’s Wonho is one of Monbebes’ seven someones – and they are not letting that change anytime soon.

MONSTA X began with seven members, and Monbebes are calling for them to continue as seven by asking Starship Entertainment to reconsider the recent departure of Wonho from the group.

Monsta x wonho

After being devastated by Starship Entertainment’s recent announcement, fans have picked up by expressing how they want Wonho to stay by their side as a member of MONSTA X through the hashtag #원호탈퇴반대 – which has trended worldwide since fans started tweeting and had accumulated nearly two million tweets.

The hashtag, which means “Against Wonho leaving”, has also been used by Monbebes as profile photos to further emphasize their stance.

monsta x wonho

The MONSTA X fandom, along with other fans from the K-Pop community who expressed their support, has been actively calling for the agency to reconsider the decision regarding Wonho’s withdrawal from the group since they announced the news.

Although fans have truly understood that the singer had taken part in making the decision, they noted how it was made under the heavy influence of the tremendous amount of false and baseless accusations and hate targeted towards him recently.

Moreover, Wonho’s letter to fans regarding his departure highlighted how he did not want to affect his group and his fans with the controversies surrounding him. In response to this, Monbebes are saying how he does not need to sacrifice himself – because they can triumph through the obstacles they face together with him.

Together with their call to the group’s agency, Monbebes also expressed how much the singer meant to them as well as reminding him and the world how much he loves his fans.

Alongside their request for reconsidering the decision, fans also sincerely ask Starship Entertainment to put the MONSTA X members’ well-being as the priority for now – even if it involves halting their current promotional activities for their comeback mini-album Follow: Find You.

Going beyond voicing out their request on social media, Monbebes also started an online petition to keep Wonho in MONSTA X – and it has already been signed by over 170,000 people as of writing [Update: over 306,000 as of November 1 10 AM KST]. Fans who also have access to the group’s fan cafe had been writing letters of support to him and the group non-stop.

Monbebes in Korea had also resorted to sticking post-its to a designated place in Starship Entertainment’s building. A silent protest regarding the decision will also be taking place in an effort to show everyone how much Monbebes stand by Wonho.

With these, Monbebes hope that both Wonho and Starship Entertainment see how much he means to them and how much they want him to stay together with MONSTA X as they go forward and continue their dreams together as a group – along with ultimately changing their mind about his departure.

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