Fans Go Crazy Because Of Baekhyun’s Sexy Dance

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Baekhyun’s motion is as smooth as the wave in the big blue ocean.

EXO has just kicked off its 3rd concert titled EXO PLANET #3 – The EXO’rDIUM in Seoul, Korea on July 22, which attracted thousands of fans.

During the show, EXO members heated up the stages with their hit tracks, such as Monster, Cloud 9, and Transformer. However, the song that attracted the most attention is Artificial Love. The track made fans went absolutely crazy due to its stimulating choreography.

The EXO member, who noticeably captured all eyes, was none other than Baekhyun. He seductively captivated fans with his skillful and sexy dance.

With Baekhyun’s irresistible ‘waxy’ motion, fans, who were unable to attend EXO’s concert, can now only enjoy the gifs and video below:

Watch EXO’s performance here:

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