Why Fans Just Can’t Get Enough Of WANNA ONE

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Bromance and cuteness overload for K-pop’s new “IT BOYS” – Wanna One

Wanna One

K-pop project boy group Wanna One has been taking the Korean entertainment scene by storm after its official debut on August 7.  The successful Wanna One Premiere Show Con held at Gocheok Skydome is the first for an idol group debut concert stage, solidifying the immense fame that the 11 talented members have secured as the ultimate survivors of Mnet’s reality show Produce 101 Season 2.

Wanna One

After the successful concert, Wanna One released its first single “Energetic”, which became the first single of a newbie idol group to reach 4 million+ views in 24 hours.  It achieved top rankings on various music charts on August 8 as part of its first album 1×1=1 (To Be One).

Three days after the boys’ concert, they lighted up Mnet’s Countdown stage with their second single “Burn it Up”.

From product endorsements to string of variety show guestings, there is no stopping of Wanna One, who is intent to keep its fan base – Wannable happy, as a way of thanking them for the showers of support.  The group’s first show – Wanna One Go premiered in August 3, and narrates the life of the members as they live together in their dorm until their inevitable disbandment after 18 months.

Because we are high on Wanna One craze, we compiled some of their hilarious moments on their recent TV show guestings.

Wanna One

Following the tradition of flower-boy uncles baby-sitting Lee Dong Guk’s children when he has important business to attend to, Wanna One members Kang Daniel, Yoon Ji Sung and Park Ji Hoon are summoned to stay with the kids in The Return of Superman.

Park Ji Hoon’s unearthly handsome face makes Seol Ah think that he is an alien, and his team members crack up on it.

When the pretty-boy uncles take a notch on playing a virtual game and all the girls watching want to be cradled by the same way.  *wink

OngNiel Couple are cute little boys when faced with pesky bugs on their cozy date.

Hwang Min Hyun’s proud declaration that he has a distinct eye for talents by seeing the potentials of Jae Hwan, Daniel and Seong Wu first.

Hwang Min Hyun narrates how he discovered and teamed up the three skilled members of Wanna One first in their “Sorry Sorry” showcase in Produce 101 Season 2.  When the host of Weekly Idol confirms it with Daniel, he smiles and agrees as Seong Wu jokes that he is nothing prior to meeting Min Hyun.

Wanna One

Kim Jae Hwan’s epic labeling of himself as the main everything of Wanna One + His conversion to Hwang Min Hyun religion

Jae Hwan creatively introduces himself as main vocal, rapper, dancer, visual, fashionista and main everything of Wanna One so his friends put him back on his unearthly delusion by agreeing that he is the main fabricator of the team.  When Min Hyun is being teased for his entertainment CEO eyes, the hosts ask Jae Hwan’s opinion, and if he has a religion. He cleverly rides on the humor. He reveals that he is religious and that Kang Min Hyun is his religion.

Ong Seong Wu’s Animated Anecdote of Testing His Popularity To Make His Mom Proud.

Seong Wu narrates how he went to a mall after winning the contest with his mom but the people seem adamant to approach him.  So he dragged his mom to a busy street where school girls and other people recognized him.  He lively tells the story so that even the hosts are amused on his facial expressions.

Kang Daniel’s adorkable monologue and laughter fit even that Wanna One members can’t understand.

There’s something in Kang Daniel’s laughter that will really melt any girl. He is quick to smile and chuckles at almost anything hilarious.   Other Wanna One members are baffled on his ability to laugh even on the things that happened previously – which don’t seem to be funny at all.

Wanna One

Wanna One

Screen Captures From KBS World

Yoon Ji Sung’s Red Velvet Dance + Hwang Min Hyun’s Silly Dance

Ji Sung obliges Red Velvet’s dance complete with girly poise and attitude, contradictory to Min Hyun’s silly dance, which has landed him commercial film contracts.



Kang Daniel’s Cheesy Dating Moves + Hwang Min Hyun’s Text Dating Expertise

Curious on their dating style, the group confirms most of them have been in a relationship.  Daniel throws in heart-fluttering dating moves but his Wanna One teammates cringed because it is too cheesy.  Meanwhile Min Hyun surprises everyone on his almost non-existent love life as he admits how he had a mutual understanding with a girl, but they exercised their relationship through text messages, and were awkward to each other whenever they met in person.

Wanna One’s Speedy “Pick Me” Dance Challenge

Weekly Idol tests the newbie idols dance presence and teamwork by making them dance at double speed.

Kim Jae Hwan’s high note wailing to get back his soul that was taken by the Viking’s Ride.

The members get together after their reward playdate in Wanna One Go.  They are brought to an amusement park as everyone expressed wishes to go there before their hectic schedule commence.  The members ride a rollercoaster loudly and exhaust their strength from the haunted house that they walk on. The final ride is the enormous Viking. Min Hyun bails off because of a trauma he suffered when he was young.  His partner Jae Hwan sits with Guan Lin and Ji Hoon at the farthest seat.   His pretending-to-be-strong act gets the best of him as he hits high notes in trying to survive the pressure of the ride – which gradually sucked his soul to oblivion.

Lai Guan Lin and Park Ji Hoon’s sweet bromance

When the winners are announced, Park Ji Hoon’s quick cheek peck on Lai Guan Lin officially formed the first Wanna One Couple.  *chuckles  It stirs a buzz for their fans so they explain how Ji Hoon promised that kiss if Guan Lin makes it to the Top 11.

Other love lines are Seong Wu and Daniel – the OngNiel is Science couple and Jae Hwan and Min Hyun – the OC-Messy couple.  On the boys’ first mission in Wanna One Go, Guan Lin and Ji Hoon fatedly end up in a team and go to a pretty village to play sports game, beating the crew by scoring 15 basketball points. The chemistry between the two has been the subject of a few amusing YouTube fan-made bromance videos that you can binge on.

Ha Sung Woon’s Cute Morning Naya Na + The boys’ woke-up-like-this faces

The boys wake up to a deja vu as the theme song of the show they came from airs.  They go out of the room to check what’s going on.  Jae Hwan and Min Hyun freak out when Sung Woon creeps and sleep-dances with the song.  The other members, who are still adjusting to consciousness, give a puzzled look on the red ties scattered around the living room.

Yoon Ji Sung’s and Kang Daniel Sulk on Their “Loud” Group Branding When They Were Trainees

When the host of Happy Together mention how Daniel seems to be the silent type, he denies it, but talks about how trainees in their agency are known to be big mouths.  Whenever there is a noise, the compass always points to their direction even if they are not talking.  Ji Sung adds how when it is time for them to go home, other companies will ask calmly. But since their team is everywhere, the staff would have to shout to call for their attention.

Wanna One

Ha Sung Woon and Ong Seong Wu boast weird sounds they can make – which are totally awkward and cute.

The boys are asked for their hidden talents, and assigned task to the group.  Guan Lin projects his gaze, Woo Jin shows his cutely misplaced tooth.  When it’s Sung Woon’s turn, he claims he can make a unique echo sound but the hosts of Weekly Idol can’t hear it well.  So they have him sit on Defcon’s lap while performing his weird talent. Following the sound production skills, funny Seong Wu mentions he can imitate a sound of a traditional Korean instrument.  The members listen to him intently – but they laugh in unison on his exaggerated rendition.

Wanna One

Wanna One is on a rampage in its visits to various TV programs.  I enjoyed all of it because they are still at their purest stage, where they are not hesitating on their actions as long as they can make their fans and audience happy.

The boys are piles of love, with their unselfish display of entertainment meant to provide their followers a quick relief of life problems.  The popularity surge they are enjoying now reflects how their fans can see through their genuine yearning to perform their talents for the people who believe in them.

We hope they can just stay like that for a long time. For now, we just have to ride on the music bliss they are giving.

Wanna One


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