Filipino Fans Complete 3 Meaningful Community Projects Dedicated To FTISLAND

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FTISLAND is celebrating a decade of good vibes music this year and their Filipino fans have shared the blessings to the community!

Fans of FTISLAND, called Primadonnas, have taken their idols’ milestone to the next level. In the Philippines, the group’s loyal supporters through FTIPRI Philippines, completed three fan projects for FTISLAND this year to mark the significant contribution to the Korean music scene.

WWF's acknowledgement of support from FTISLAND through FTIPRI Philippines

WWF’s acknowledgement of support from FTISLAND through FTIPRI Philippines. | Photo: FTIPRI Philippines

FTI Philippines adopted six endangered species through the leading conservation organization World Wildlife Fund (WWF), under the name of FTISLAND and its members Choi Jong Hoon, Lee Hong Ki, Lee Jae Jin, Song Seung Hyun and Choi Min Hwan.

FTIPRI Philippines adopted trees which were named after FTISLAND and its members from Haribon Foundation.

FTIPRI Philippines adopted trees which were named after FTISLAND and its members from Haribon Foundation. | Photo by: FTIPRI Philippines

Due to the Philippines’ geographical location, typhoons – and supertyphoons- are a common occurrence. This natural phenomenon often devastates suburbs and provinces, leaving uprooted trees and dead crops.

The natural calamities prompted the group to initiate another project, which aims to raise awareness of the importance of nature. FTIPRI Philippines adopted 10 native trees through Haribon Foundation. Five of those trees were named after FTISLAND, and the other five trees were named after each of the members.

FTIPRI Philippines donates medical supplies and equipment to Philippine General Hospital. | Photo by: FTIPRI Philippines

Lastly, the fans took the opportunity to showcase their closeness by helping the sick kids at the Philippine General Hospital in Manila. They were able to purchase and donate the necessary medical equipment and supplies to help the kids recuperate and win their battles against sickness.

FTIPRI Philippines, on behalf of all the Primadonnas in the Philippines, hopes this story inspires and encourages fellow Filipinos – fans and non-fans alike – to do their part in making the world a more livable place.

This story was submitted to hellokpop by FTIPRI Philippines.

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