Four ATEEZ Songs That Deserve A Spot On Your Playlist

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As one of the leading 4th generation K-Pop boy groups, ATEEZ definitely has incredible music in their arsenal. For people who want to experience their impressive music style, check out our shortlist below and get to know this group more!

The charismatic boy group, ATEEZ, has been impressing K-Pop fans with their rich releases and talent since their iconic debut in 2018. The release of their first EP, TREASURE EP.1: ALL TO ZERO, and their lead single, “Pirate King,” definitely left a great impression, delivering a fierce and powerful image. For a rookie group, this was such as bold and smart move, given that not all debuting idols start on a strong note.


In the past three years, the dazzling boy group put a lot of effort into making their discography diverse, promising, and attractive. So far in their career, they have already released three studio albums, eight extended plays, one single album, and many singles and collaborative tracks. This goes to show that their strength and expertise are in their music.

A lot of the boy group’s songs exude a dark and playful mood, while others are soft, mellow, and even vibrant. They serve as a solid testament to ATEEZ’s versatility and amazing artistry. Their songs also demonstrate ATEEZ’s willingness to try new things out with every release, while still maintaining their signature commanding and empowering sound.

Indeed, there is a corresponding ATEEZ song for any occasion or mood you are currently experiencing. A lot of their songs are perfect when you want to party with your friends while some are suitable for the days you want to cry. On the whole, all of their songs are compelling, striking, and extraordinary.

As the group’s latest online concert gets closer, here are four ATEEZ tracks that should be on your radar. These will help you thoroughly prepare to greet and interact with the boys virtually.


It would only be right to begin this list with one of the group’s breakthrough songs. Titled, “Wave,” this track will instantly create nostalgia as if you are currently in a once-in-a-lifetime summer vacation. Hailing from one of the group’s best-selling mini-albums titled, TREASURE EP.3: One To All, it exhibits a refreshing vibe, making it the perfect companion during your road trips and happy days. It will instantly make you crave an adventure and an escape you need during these trying times.

Falling under the pop genre, it contains a tropical sound—a musical approach that is commonly used in the K-Pop realm. While many perceive this style as somehow overrated, ATEEZ managed to stun everyone with “Wave.” It has catchy beats and an addictive hook that will surely make you groove freely. From its lovely intro and vocal-filled pre-chorus, courtesy of Yunho, Yeosang, Jongho, San, Seonghwa and Wooyoung to Mingi and Hongjoong’s riveting rap-verses, this song is exceptional in every way. It highlights all of the members’ vocal skills and majestic performing skills.

What makes “Wave” interesting though is that it marked one of ATEEZ’s very first times to sport a fresh concept. Since their debut, they managed to create a strong appearance that anyone would simply find unforgettable. However, with this summery song, the group was able to exceed everyone’s expectations, especially ATINYs. Delivering words of encouragement, it also talks about freely enjoying the summer with your loved ones, without any problems and worries. With lyrics as cool as the idols themselves, there is no doubt that this song will be many fans’ ultimate favorite.


Coming straight from their sixth EP, ZERO: FEVER Part.2, “Time of Love” spreads positivity and gives off good vibes. Add in the most encouraging, comforting, and inspiring lyrics, this is a song you never knew you needed during these challenging times. It is an instant mood-booster and has the ability to cheer you up.

With lyrics such as, “Say no to hate, no, no, no, no/ We need love, we need love/ Say no to jealousy, no, no, no, no/ We the same, we born in love/ We can’t be perfect” and “I know everything just by looking at your eyes (I know)/ How you’re feeling every day/ There isn’t a lot I want from you (Mm)/ I’m just walking behind you/ I might be a fool but I’ll protect you by your side (Yeah, yeah)” encapsulate the message behind the song perfectly. “Time of Love” is about encouraging everyone to spread love and be understanding, not allowing jealousy or hatred to take over their emotions.

Perfect during your mundane days and when you are getting ready in the morning, this heartwarming song is easy to listen to. It demonstrates the perfect blend between the members’ distinct voices. Just blast this song out then you are surely set for the day!


Looking for a song that will greatly motivate you? Then “WIN” is surely the answer to prayers. Bearing a much bolder sound, it exemplifies ATEEZ’s signature intense image. Released in 2019 as part of TREASURE Ep.Fin: All to Action, it is hard not to bop your heads to this song’s rhythm. It has a heart-fluttering sound and steals the attention in the most impactful way possible.

While there is no accompanying music video to this fantastic track, the group’s live performances attest to how powerful it is. With this bop, they were able to show how they can own the stage effortlessly. In fact, it highlights all the members’ amazing charismas on stage, with their performing, dancing, and singing skills.

Lyrics like “The waves are stopping you?/ Just split through them/ The wind blows hard?/ Fly with that wind”, will surely help you stay committed to your goals. Play this song while hustling and you will surely be an unstoppable individual.


While “Promise” has a lively tune, it has a deep and touching meaning. It is the type of song you will cry to at first listen. It can help you get through hard times and be hopeful about what is about to come. Full of nostalgia, “Promise” is undoubtedly one of ATEEZ’s best songs since their debut.

You cannot help but admire the members’ friendship and brotherhood while listening to this song. It expresses their commitment and their willingness to stay with each other until the end. What’s great about it is that it also serves as an ode to their fans who have been there for them since day one.

Lyrics like “I can’t stop the harsh wind for us/But I promise you one thing/I’ll hold you tight always/ So you can feel my warmth/I’ll show you the light over my shoulder/When the sun comes up”, feel like a hug. Enhancing the song further is the members’ lovely vocals and rapping skills.

So, are you ready to join ATEEZ once again in an afternoon full of joy, music, and warmth? The group will hold an online concert on November 14 titled, FEVER: eXtended edition. It will air via MyMusicTaste starting at 3 PM KST.

The idols are planning to show different performances that highlight their creativity and versatility. They are also planning to create memories and interact with their lovely ATINYs.

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