Get To Know NCT Dream Using The ABCs

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NCT Dream has been taking the world amazingly!

With their undeniably multi-talented members filled with charisma, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung are gearing up for world domination!

Even though their popularity is steadily rising, and the boys are already known around the globe, there are still bits and pieces we need to learn to get to know NCT Dream better.

What better way to get to know them than associate NCT Dream with every letter in the alphabet! 

Are you ready to learn your ABCs with NCT Dream?

A is for Acrobatics! 

It’s a gift to the fans. Jeno learning acrobatics was his way of giving NCTzens something special during the first leg of The Dream Show back in 2018. He wanted to show something new so Jeno learned everything from scratch! 

His eagerness and effort to show a different side of him proves how much Jeno loves NCTzens! Learning acrobatics in a short amount of time and being able to perform it well, Jeno truly is an ACE!

B means Busan! and Battletrip too! Let’s also add Bestfriends to the list.

Being with each other almost half of their lives, Jeno and Jaemin are truly best friend goals! Did you know that Jeno and Jaemin entered SM Entertainment the same exact day? Jeno arrived at the agency’s building only a few hours before Jaemin did. And after a couple of years, they debuted in the same NCT unit!

Recently, Jeno and Jaemin went to Busan when they guested in the variety show, Battletrip. The two of them enjoyed their time together eating sumptuous seafood meals. They engaged in water sports too and even took cute pictures of each other.

The bad weather didn’t stop them from having a good time. And even though the rain barely stopped during Jaemin and Jeno’s entire trip in Busan, they still manage to get loads of fun!

And as Jaemin declared during the end of their trip, “the day was cloudy, the weather was bad, but everything in Busan is dazzling with you.” It only goes to show that when you’re with your best friend, no matter what the weather may be, you’ll enjoy the trip for sure.

C represents ChenJi’s This and That!

Have you watched an episode of ChenJi’s This and That! If you haven’t? Then go watch now! 

The two adorable maknaes of NCT Dream venture into various charming activities for their YouTube show. From DIYs, making (a mess) keychains for their members, playing with slime, or having their cute little trip to Chenle’s hometown in China, ChenJi’s This and That will keep you entertained!

D goes to Don’t Need Your Love and Dancing High

Iconic. One of the most popular SM Station songs is “Don’t Need Your Love.” The collaboration between NCT Dream and internet sensation, HRVY, has been well received by many.

At first, it may seem odd that NCT Dream has now been singing about love and broken hearts. But this also made a lot of fans realize, NCT Dream has indeed grown up.

We cannot really forget Jisung’s out of this world dance skills! Even at a young age, Jisung dances extremely well! NCT Dream’s dancing machine has proven his dancing abilities more when he joined Dancing High!

E – EXO’s growl

From SM Rookies days to a debuted group as NCT Dream, the boys still continue to cover EXO’s growl. And it just keeps getting better and better.

Even before debuting as NCT Dream, Mark (former NCT member), Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, and Jisung have proven their dance skills are top-notched. From really young boys dancing to a song from a group they look up to, and to debuted idol group covering the same song, NCT Dream has grown a lot!


Their skills have improved so much too!

F is when NCT Dream was chosen to be  FIFA U-20 World Cup Korea Republic 2017 LOC Ambassadors

FIFA U-20  is the biennial football world championship for male players under the age of 20 and is organized by FIFA.

The group sang the Official Song for FIFA U-20 World Cup Korea Republic in 2017. They fit the role so well! And they are a group composed of members below 20 too!

G is when NCT Dream takes on the role of rebellious teenagers in “GO”

The release of NCT Dream’s “GO” as part of NCT 2018’s “Empathy” also marked Jaemin’s return to the group after a year in hiatus.

One of the most memorable comebacks of NCT Dream yet. They set aside a cute concept and tried a more serious concept. And it worked like a charm. This just proved NCT Dream can pull off any concept.

H is none other than Hoverboards

When you think about K-pop and hoverboards, only one group will come to mind! Hoverboards in K-pop will always be associated with NCT Dream.

The iconic “Chewing Gum” premiere of young boys having fun even though they’re performing an intricate cheorography really amazes and with hoverboards on top of that!

I is for ISAC’s Archery Gold Champions

Seriously, is there something NCT Dream can’t do? Because they are amazing artists – top-tier dancing skills and amazing vocals, and now they’re good at sports too?

During the recent Idol Star Athletic Championships, NCT Dream was held as the Archery Gold Champions! Jeno, Jaemin, and Chenle faced representatives of other idol groups and eventually won the Archery competition!

Bonus! During 2019’s ISAC Chuseok Special eSport category, NCT Dream has displayed their online game abilities as they took home the gold medal! The ace, Chenle, even scored 10 kills!

J – Jeno, Jaemin, and Jisung –  Triple J!

The formidable trio! Jeno, Jaemin, and Jisung are the main dancers of NCT Dream for a reason! And although the three have varying dancing styles and technique, no one can deny how great of a dancer each one of them!

But really, at the end of the day, we all know that everyone in NCT Dream dances so well!

K – Kids at heart!

NCT Dream may have been releasing more serious concept and most of them can already stay beyond 10pm for a schedule, they’re still kids at heart!

Watch Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung enjoy a day at an arcade!

And we really can’t pass on how playful (and competitive) they get with each other during games. They may have grown a lot since their debut, but NCT Dream are still kids in our hearts.

L leads us to” Love me right”

Before NCT Dream’s official debut, Mark, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, and Jisung as SM Rookies had been to the show called Mickey Mouse Club. And even at a young age (pre-debut!), they have showed that they got what it takes to be an idol!

And during one of the episodes of Mickey Mouse Club, they get to perform EXO’s “Love Me Right.”


M means Mirotic!

There’s not a single K-pop idol who doesn’t know the legendary song, “Mirotic.” And NCT Dream performing this song on stage is definitely a must-watch!

N means NCT or Neo Culture Technology but we already know that! So N can be Nana or NoJam too! 

Nana is Jaemin’s nickname which comes from his surname Na. While NoJam is Jeno’s nickname because the members believe he’s not funny especially when he tries to tell a joke or a pun!

O can be pointed out to when NCT Dream tops the Oricon chart

Even before debuting in Japan, NCT Dream’s The Dream album topped not only the daily Oricon album chart but the Weekly albums chart as well! This proves NCT Dream’s global popularity!


P puts PUFF on the list!

Vampires? Wizards? Chefs? Baristas? Athletes? NCT Dream did everything and more!

When NCT Dream had the Save NCT Dream on PUFF and the NCTzens had the power to choose the decisions for them it was both hilarious and chaotic in a fun way!

NCT Dream takes you on various adventures with their PUFF challenges! Not only that we can watch the members have fun whether solving mysteries, fighting zombies, or have fun in their roles, we are gifted with NCT Dream waering various costumes!

But speaking of cosplays and costumes, no one can deny that Chenle took it on another level during SM Town’s Halloween party in 2018. NCT Dream’s powerful main vocal, Chenle, dressed up as Pennywise from the movie, IT!

You can even watch a “We Go Up” dance performance while Chenle is in a Pennywise costume! And the Dreamies are wearing their chosen costumes too!

Q is Renjun and Jaemin’s aegyo, “Q”

The resident aegyo masters are usually the youngest members of the group but in NCT Dream, Jisung refuses to do cutesy stuff a lot. (But he’s still cute no matter what he does!)

And when Jisung needed help to do aegyo, of course, his beloved hyungs are their to rescue him!

In this VLIVE, Renjun and Jaemin demonstrated how they do their infamous “Q” aegyo so their youngest can do it properly.

And even though NCT Dream has continued to release tracks devoid of colorful cutesy concepts like “Chewing Gum” and “My First and Last” and ventured into more fun and diverse songs, no one can deny, the cuteness still exists.

They have Park Jisung and Zhong Chenle! And of course, the aegyeo monster, Na Jaemin! Let’s not get started on how Jeno Lee can effortlessly charm you with his puppy dog eyes and how Lee Haechan pulls off his cuteness any time.

And how can we forget Huang Renjun? The one who lights up the world who perfectly lets out his cute self every time he does the “Q” aegyo!

R stands for REND! DJ Renjun in the house!

Starting out as a special DJ, Renjun is now a regular DJ for tbs Radio. He reads out letters and gives advice. Plus, he recommends songs too. Catch him every day at 101.3MHz FM in Seoul from 21:00-22:00 KST.

S means Super Junior!

Wait! Super Junior? How are they related to NCT Dream? For starters, they belong to the same agency. And nope, that’s not the reason why S is for Super Junior. It’s because NCT Dream has covered a bunch of Super Junior songs.

As the youngest group in SM Town family, they look up to their seniors the most. And there’s a bunch of times NCT Dream danced to Super Junior’s hit songs. 

Take this one for example and look at how NCT Dream effortlessly danced to “Black Suit.”

And they even performed Super Junior’s “Miracle” too! Watch their practice video below:

T is none other than The Dream Show

The culmination of NCT Dream’s determination, effort, and hardwork is manisfested in their Concert Tour, “The Dream Show.” Every minute of The Dream Show is totally worth it!

From the powerful performance of “Go,” “Dripping,” and “119” to the playful stages of “Dream Run,” “We Young,” and “My Page,” plus the breatthaking lives of NCT Dream’s hit songs, “Chewing Gum,” “My First and Last,” “We Go Up,” and “Boom;” The Dream Show is the concert of the lifetime.

And their efforts have paid off! Selling out the tickets show after show, The Dream Show proves its immense success! Filipino NCTzens were thrilled when the NCT Dream’s The Dream Show was announced by PULP Live World. And that is why it quickly sold out hours after the tickets were released to the public by ticketnet.


PH NCTzens are in for a treat! On February 29 at the New Frontier Theater, Filipino fans are set to have a beautiful and unforgetable time with NCT Dream!

U is when NCT Dream was featured in PRETTYMUCH’s “Up To You”

2019 has collaborated with international artists in 2019. After their successful “Don’t Need Your Love” collaboration with HRVY for SM Station, they’ve also been featured in PRETTYMUCH’s song, “Up To You!”

V is for NCT Dream’s fun (chaotic) VLIVES

From cooking shows to album promotions to birthdays and solo lives to hotel room riot and many more, NCT Dream easily makes everyone laugh with their antics during VLIVES.

Though they did give Kun a headache during this VLIVE.

There’s always something to look forward to whenever NCT Dream goes on V LIVE.

W – World Scout Foundation – first global ambassadors performed on the 24th World Scout Jamboree

How awesome it is to be chosen as the first global ambassador for the World Scout Jamboree? Extremely.

NCT Dream stuns in 2019, projects after projects, invitations after invitations, collaborations here and there, and sold out concert tours! It’s absolutely an honor to be chosen as ambassadors and clearly NCT Dream had fun too.

They even recorded and English song, “Fireflies,” which is the official song of The World Scout Foundation!

X stands for X-member, Mark

NCT Dream started with 7 members with Mark being the oldest. And because NCT Dream has a graduating system, when Mark reached the age of 21, he graduated from NCT Dream.

But if not all of us, a lot of us know how the members look up to Mark the most. They ask him for opinions during recordings, ask his take on what to improve and what to change.

And did you know that Mark is still at the NCT Dream group chat? That just proves how The Dreamies love and adore their Mark hyung (even though they tease him to no end!)

Y is when we all yell out, “Yo Dream!”

And NCT Dream screaming back, “jjeoreo juja, fighting!” Or vice versa. Or one member starts the chant, and the other members end it.

The trademark team cheer NCT Dream has been doing the past years have a special place in every NCTzens’ hearts. It’s a phrase filled with happiness, pride, and satisfaction!

Z might mean Zoo

A lot of people might be confused because why would the zoo be related to NCT Dream? Well, did you know that fans have adopted a Pudu and named it after Haechan? Yes, that’s right! If you visit L.A. zoo, there’s a Southern pudu that has been named after him!

And Haechan even visited Haechan, the Pudu, at LA Zoo!

It might take a whole alphabet to get to know NCT Dream better but it will only take you a millisecond to love them.

The talent and charisma of these young men continue to improve and grow, they are a super teenager group, indeed!


NCT Dream will visit the Philippines soon! All thanks to @PULP Live World, The Dream Show in Manila is happening on February 29, 3 p.m. at the New Frontier Theater.

Let’s all have an enjoyable time at The Dream Show in Manila! See you there!

Image sources: SM Entertainment, PULP Live World