GFRIEND Reveals Mystifying Beauty In Various Teasers For “回 Song of the Sirens”

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GFRIEND enraptures fans with series of teaser photos for their nearing comeback in mid-July!

GFRIEND channels an eerie vibe in the teaser photos released for their comeback with 回 Song of the Sirens!

Comeback Timeline So Far

GFRIEND surprised fans with the initial announcement of the date of their comeback. On various media outlet news on June 17, the group announced their return on July with 回 Song of the Sirens.

On June 25, Source Music released the Comeback Timetable listing of all the important dates fans should take note about their comeback.

Following the timetable list, the group released their first comeback video teaser titled “A Tale of the Glass Bead : Butterfly Effect.” The two-minute clip contains enigmatic scenes with an English narration in the background. This heightened the anticipation and mystery for the girl group’s upcoming comeback.

On June 30, the girl group reveals the first concept photos with the theme “Broken Room”. The photos consists of individual and group teaser photos that showcased their mature looks.

Check out some of the concept photos below.



On July 2, GFRIEND drops a new set of concept photos namely “Tilted”. Donning uniform as their outfits, the girls are all looking breathtakingly alluring yet mysterious.




Meanwhile, GFRIEND is making their highly-awaited comeback for 回 Song of the Sirens on July 13 at 6 PM KST.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Source and Photos From: Source Music