GOT7 Officially Bids Farewell To JYP Entertainment + What’s Next For Them?

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Wishing all the best for GOT7!

After several years of being an artist under JYP Entertainment, well-loved K-pop boy group GOT7 has decided to bid farewell to their long-time management.


Just recently, JYP Entertainment has released an official announcement about the septet’s contract. The group’s exclusive contract will be expiring on January 19. Following thorough discussions with the members, the agency revealed that both sides have agreed not to renew the contract while wishing the idols’ success in their future endeavors.

“GOT7 has performed exceptionally as a global idol group that represents K-pop since their debut on January 16, 2014. We genuinely thank them for being part of the growth of K-pop and JYP Entertainment, as well as all the fans who have been there as a source of motivation since the start,” the agency said.

What’s next for GOT7?

Prior to the company’s announcement, Dispatch unveiled that all members of GOT7 have decided to part ways with JYP Entertainment and are currently in talks with other agencies.

The group’s beloved leader, JB, has reportedly received offers from various music labels. Mark will return to his hometown in Los Angeles to reunite with his family. He also aims to launch his own YouTube channel in order to connect with fans.

Jackson will continue to promote his own label Team Wang and plans to sign with a different agency for his activities in Korea. As previously reported, Jinyoung will pursue his acting career by signing with BH Entertainment.

Youngjae and Yugyeom are likewise in talks with Sublime Artist Agency and AOMG, respectively, for possible contracts. Moreover, GOT7’s maknae BamBam is reportedly discussing with MakeUs Entertainment to keep promoting in Korea while balancing out his activities in Thailand.


As they share the news to their loving fans, the members all took to their official Instagram accounts to post a group photo with the hashtag #GOT7FOREVER.


Mark also posted the same photo on Twitter with a heartwarming caption. “The past 7 years have been the best years of my life. Nothing is coming to an end, just the beginning. The seven of us are going to continue to bring you guys the best version of us till the end. #GOT7FOREVER,” he wrote.

Although GOT7 left JYP Entertainment, the group did not disband and looks forward to supporting each other and reuniting in the future to meet their precious fans.

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