GOT7’s Park Jin Young Shares Anecdotes From Last Drama And Thoughts On Being An Idol-Actor

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The GOT7 member sat down for an interview – a few days after the conclusion of his drama He Is Psychometric.

Park Jin Young revealed some behind the scenes stories in the interview conducted on May 3. He recalled being awkward, feeling nervous and having a little disappointment in his acting.

But most especially, the idol-actor remembered feeling grateful for his first lead role in a drama, his co-stars and GOT7 members. He also spoke about being an idol and an actor at the same time.

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His First Lead Role in a TV Drama

Park Jin Young is not a newbie when it comes to acting. He made his acting debut in 2012 via the television drama Dream High 2. Later that same year, he debuted as a singer as part of the duo JJ Project. He had supporting roles in dramas When A Man Falls In Love (2013) and This is My Love (2015). He played the teenage version  of Lee Min Ho’s character in Legend of the Blue Sea (2016). In 2017, he starred in the web drama Magic School and in the independent film, A Stray Goat.

It was in the following year that the singer-actor landed his very first television drama lead role. In He is Psychometric, Jin Young plays the main protagonist, Lee Ahn. He is a man whose parents died in a suspicious apartment complex fire. He has the ability to read people and objects’ memories through touch or skin contact.

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When asked about his last drama, Park Jin Young laughed and said “I am glad I finished it well. I am impressed with the staff and the actors I worked with and I am thankful for all their efforts.”

He added that he felt burdened at first and knew that it was not going to be an easy work.

“There was this pressure knowing that I would be working with senior actors and how well they are doing in terms of acting. But as we go along, the director and my co-stars helped me a lot. Eventually I learned and embraced my character,” he said.

Gratitude, Sympathy and On-screen kiss

Apart from expressing his appreciation for the production crew, Park Jin Young also thank his co-stars in He is Psychometric.

“I was struggling to get into my character, and most of the time I know I have shortcomings, but the director would always give me praise. My seniors were patient with me and that helped.”

On Kim Kwon who played Kang Sung Mo in the drama, Jin Young has this to say, “He is a good senior. I have already thanked him for being kind and patient with me, but I would like to say it one more time.”

He also mentioned feeling sorry to the viewers regarding the death of Kim Da Som’s character, Detective Eun Ji Soo. He recalled shooting the scene with a heavy heart after learning of the character’s demise.

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“I remembered that my heart was aching, and I had cried a lot. I can sympathize with the viewers because her character was one of the good ones. The writers and director told me to prepare for the second half as it would be darker and a lot more emotional. It was a sad ending for Ji Soo, but it added so much more emotions to the story.”

Regarding the on-screen kiss with his co-star Shin Ye Eun, Park Jin Young shared that he got a scolding.

“I recollected being confused and the director said I was awkward. So, I just did what he told me to do and I think it was the reason the scene came out well.”

He is positive that the fans understood it is pure business and part of the drama. He is also aware that some fans may not like it, so he did his best not to disappoint them.

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On Being an idol and an actor

The singer-actor admitted being aware of a certain “impression” regarding idols turning to becoming actors. He looked back on feeling unsatisfied with how he initially approached the characters he played because of the prejudice.

“I have this unnecessary feeling that my acting is the same for each character. It made it hard for me to connect and express the right emotions, so I sought advice.” He recalled calling 2PM’s Jun Ho and the latter helped him a lot.

“I contacted Jun Ho and said I was having difficulty. He told me that it was nice that I worry about it, but at the same I just need to focus more because eventually, I will find a turning to balance my work as a singer and an actor. I still have a lot to learn, but I get it now, so I am thankful for the advice.”

Park Jin Young said that there is not much difference between acting and being an idol. One similar aspect is that both need long hours to achieve that “perfect stage or performance”. Both also requires dedication and passion.

Park Jin Young

“It is fun being an actor as I get to play different characters and meet new people. I also love being a singer because it has a totally different charm. I want to do both for a long time and for me to achieve that, I have to develop further and do well. That is my first goal, to do well and everything will just follow,” he quipped.

Jin Young fondly said that GOT7 members are his driving force when working. “The members are supportive and very encouraging when I was shooting the drama. Yes, they have watched it and sent me screenshots. I thought to myself that my friends have these ‘super bright’ energy and I just absorbed that.”

Park Jin Young concluded the interview with a promise to continue honing his acting skills and hoping that in his next project he could show a lot of improvement. “I would like to improve on the things I lack while doing this drama and show it in my next work.”

Meanwhile, Jin Young will activate his singer mode as GOT7 will have their comeback with an album release on May 20 along with a scheduled world tour.

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