Hallyu Star Spotlight: Here’s Why A Secret Crush On Sung Hoon Shouldn’t Be Kept A Secret Anymore

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Sung Hoon is the man of every woman’s dreams.

He has the perfect smoldering gaze meant to melt even the hardest of hearts. Sung Hoon is the epitome of masculinity. He’s strong enough to defend his woman, and that’s why his fans are all crazy over him.

I Picked Up a Celebrity on the Street

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Sung Hoon’s Rise to Stardom

The handsome actor started his acting career in 2011. He participated in dramas such as New Tales of the Gisaeng, Faith, The Birth of a Family and Passionate Love.

However, it was his role in Oh My Venus that launched his heartthrob status. As rising MMA fighter Jang Joon Sung, he almost stole the attention away from So Ji Sub. But as 1/3 of the charming trio that supported Kang Joo Eun’s weight loss journey, he captured many hearts with his sincere acting.


Later on, the then rising actor joined the cast of Five Enough. Despite the length of the drama, his onscreen character Sang Min’s romance with Yeon Tae (Shin Hye Sun) brought new and old fans alike. Fans faithfully followed the drama and couldn’t get enough of their chemistry.

Sung Hoon’s Secret Romance

One of his most memorable roles to date is as Cha Jin Wook in My Secret Romance. Initially cold and distant, Jin Wook romances and woos Lee Yoo Mi. Sung Hoon has the uncanny ability to have undeniable chemistry with his co-stars, and Song Ji Eun was no exception. In fact, the chemistry between them was so real, fans were convinced that they were really having a secret romance.

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Sung Hoon


The Newest Variety Star

Currently showing his comedic chops, he is also part of the variety show I Live Alone.  Viewers of the variety show find him hilarious as his silly antics are simply honest and without any pretensions.


Sung Hoon As An Admirable Model

Aside from acting, he’s also a favorite when it comes to modeling. Although this may not come as a surprise since he has the height and built to be a top model. However, during an interview with bnt, the actor actually said that he did not find himself attractive.

Sung Hoon is Also A Famous DJ

It came as a surprise to me as his fan that he’s actually a famous DJ. He frequently posts pictures of his DJ performances on his account, although no word yet on his concert as a DJ!

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Sung Hoon Levels Up on The Romance

This coming July, Sung Hoon is gifting his fans with another drama. Entitled Level Up, he is expected to once again have undeniable chemistry with co-star Han Bo Reum. As the CEO An Dan Te, Sung Hoon will bring another facet of his acting when faced with desperate times.

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Level Up premieres in July on MBN.


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