#HappyWonpilDay: The Various Sides Of DAY6’s Wonpil That Makes Us Love Him More

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DAY6’s Wonpil has got various qualities- and we love him for that.

Today, April 28, marks a very special day for My Days! It is on this day when DAY6’s vocalist, keyboardist and My Days’ happy pill, Kim Wonpil was born.

Fans all around the world sent their heartfelt messages for the singer. Thus, multiple hashtags related to Wonpil’s birthday were trending worldwide on Twitter.

There are various sides to DAY6’s Wonpil that make My Days love him even more. On the special occasion of his birthday, we take a look into various aspects of Kim Wonpil:

His kind and empathetic side

Wonpil has the biggest heart and he tries to give as much love as he can to people around him. There are numerous instances we got to see a glimpse of Wonpil’s compassion.

One of the instances was when during DAY6’s fansign a fan was crying. After seeing the fan’s tears, Wonpil could not hold his tears and he too, started crying.

Another instance was during one of DAY6’s fan meeting when Jae was too sick to perform. But he still attended the fan meeting and broke down into tears as he was giving. Seeing his older member in pain, Wonpil also started crying.

As much as he loves DAY6 and My Days, Wonpil also loves his family a lot. He said that he wanted to go a variety show called Home Town Report because that is his grandfather’s favorite show.

When his dream of appearing on the show got fulfilled, he spoke about his grandfather on the show. Wonpil said that he still misses his grandfather and that he has been a big part of his childhood.

In one of the interviews, he had also mentioned his grandmother and speaks fondly of her.

His cuteness

Though the older members, Jae and Sungjin may cringe at Wonpil’s aegyo, My Days absolutely love it.

In one of the episodes of After School Club, he showed his charms as he does his own rendition of Seenroot’s “Oppaya” as he converts it to his “nunaya”.

Wonpil says that he does aegyo just to irritate his members and he does not have any aegyo. But contrary to his statement, the fluff ball radiates aegyo quite naturally.

His cool persona

As a passion artist, Wonpil shows his coolest side while he is performing.

In one of DAY6’s performances, Wonpil’s keyboard stand kept falling down. Wonpil had to bend his knees and kept going on with the performance. This also shows Wonpil’s dedication.

His clumsiness

Wonpil is known in the music industry for his pleasant voice and musical talents. But this multi-talented artist can also be a little clumsy sometimes which just makes him look more adorable.

DAY6 has a large number of songs. The only problem with this is that remembering lyrics becomes even more difficult. There has been some moments where Wonpil forgot the lyrics of their songs. Probably, this is the only clumsy side the singer has, otherwise he is perfect.

His mischievous side

Although he is the sweetest boy, Wonpil loves mischiefs and he especially loves teasing his members especially Jae and Sungjin. Like how he does aegyo to irritate them, he also looks for various other means.

Wonpil often teasingly calls Jae pitiful. He even created a game called Park Jaehyung game, which is about saying pitiful things about oneself.

Another such incident was during DAY6’s Jeju trip, the members had to write letters to each other. As Jae was reading out his letter, Wonpil playfully started teasing him which led to Jae sulking and not wanting to read the letter anymore.

Wonpil also loves bothering Sungjin who used to be his roommate when DAY6 members were sharing rooms. Since Sungjin likes to keep his bed prim and proper, Wonpil is determined to lie on his bed someday and has even mentioned it couple of times.

Wonpil being supportive

Wonpil is the biggest supporter of his DAY6 members. He would always genuinely shower them with praises and compliments.

When Jae released his solo track “Rose”, Wonpil hyped it and also played it during his pilLayList on VLIVE.

Other than that, he sent his support to Young K while he is doing a live on Instagram.

He also attended Stray Kids’ concert and was hyping them up like a supportive sunbae.

Like a true friend, Wonpil promoted his friends, 1415’s album release on Instagram.

Some legendary Kim Wonpil things

Asides from the various aspects of Kim Wonpil’s lovable personality, there are times when he completely surprises. Therefore, these moments will go down in history as some of the most iconic Kim Wonpil moments and they are as follows:

The seaweed soup incident

As a sweet gesture to celebrate Jae’s birthday, Wonpil decided to make him a seaweed soup. Not having much experience in cooking, he also called his mother to get the recipe right.

However, the result was a very salty soup and a very terrified My Days. The singer kept adding more soy sauce and salt to the soup which led to even Sungjin watching him with judgemental eyes.

The historic Pink Sweater

Wonpil’s pink sweater has quite a long history. Though he loved the sweater, Jae hated it. So much was Jae’s dislike for the pink sweater that Jae even shoved and stepped on it during their diss battle.

Pink sweater also has its various other moments- such as Dowoon wearing the sweater and performing “Gashina”.

Or, Dowoon creating an emotional song dedicated to the Pink knit.

So much was the trauma that Wonpil even said that he wants to erase the memory of the sweater. But the pink sweater was never going to leave Wonpil. Now, it is even a part of DAY6’s merchandise.

That one episode in ASC

DAY6’s appearances in ASC has always been entertaining and fun to watch. But, there is one particular episode that will be forever etched in the minds of My Days because of Kim Wonpil.

On that particular episode, the singer was super chaotic. Jae looked like he was about to ascend to heaven, while Jimin looked shocked and viewers were just rolling out of laughter.

Regardless, we loved seeing this unexpected side of Kim Wonpil.

The list above only shows a small glimpse of Wonpil. We are grateful for his wonderful music, compassionate love, overwhelming kindness and for being a wonderful person.

And on this day, we wish him all the happiness and success.

Happy Birthday Kim Wonpil!


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