#HappyJaeDay: 9 Of The Most Relatable Tweets From Day6’s Jae That Also Displayed His Sharp Wit

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One of the many things that add to the irresistible charisma of Day6’s Jae is his incredible and very relatable wit and sense of humor.

Besides being his group’s very talented lead guitarist, Day6’s Jae had charmed his way into fans’ hearts with his crazy cool cleverness and astonishing way with words. His personal Twitter account has been a witness of this over the years – especially after all the interesting insights, funny remarks, wise words, philosophical pieces, and sharp-witted anecdotes he had shared to fans through it.

Check out some of our favourite tweets from his personal account that had us saying “same” without missing a beat:


Photo from JYP Entertainment

When his source of happiness didn’t need to be something grand

After asking fans to share what makes them happy (the more specific, the better – according to him), Jae shared a cute encounter that made him smile – albeit it being such a little and mundane thing. Happiness doesn’t need to come from big milestones and surprises anyways – sometimes, all it takes is an adorable cat to make one’s day.

When he was indecisive about food

The Day6 guitarist was so like us whenever the time for lunch or dinner hits – and although some might think of it as shallow, this dilemma is actually a very, very huge problem that requires a well-thought-out decision in order to reach a level of satisfaction. Basically, when it comes to deciding what to eat, a lot of things are at stake – which is why Jae’s tweet is something we find ourselves relating to every day.

Eventually, he gave up and just went for it after fans flooded him with various photos and GIFs of scrumptious food – aka the most horrid torture to every soul who just wants to eat but can’t decide what to get. Maybe he can get suggestions from Sungjin’s menu of a Twitter account from now on?

When he tweeted about the struggle of being hungry… again

Food is a very important force in this world indeed – and not even the multi-talented guitarist and vocalist can escape from its power. Sometimes, we wonder about the same thing he said in his tweet too.

When he also shared his profile picture dilemma

Who would have thought that someone like Day6’s very charismatic lead guitarist and vocalist has dilemmas about changing his profile picture? Although his problem wasn’t about his angles or his facial expressions, we were still able to relate – especially our inner pet-lover selves.

When he perfectly described such a mood for introverts like us

Yes, Jae, we have become experts in being blanket burritos. Thank you for the shoutout.

When he paid an ode to a tweet from the past

You know that feeling when you uncover a tweet or a Facebook post from yourself years ago? Yeah, that.

When he shared his very relatable skincare routine

Who said skincare had to have seven, ten, or eleven steps? Jae himself said it only takes him two – and our lazy selves could not agree more.

When he made us reminded us of the struggles of adulting

Growing up has got to be the hardest thing to do in life – and we’re somewhat glad that we’re not the only ones feeling this struggle. If you find the step-by-step secret on how to do this thing called “adulting” though, please make sure to hit us and Jae up because we’d also love to know.

When he described the only hint of “musical talent” we have

Not a day of watching talented K-Pop idols goes by that we don’t think about what musical talent we have – which Jae perfectly expressed in just one tweet. It’s okay, Jae – you still have one of K-Pop’s most mellifluous voices and awesome guitar-playing skills. Meanwhile, us…

On his very special day, we hope Jae got to celebrate another milestone in his life in a way that makes him happy. We wish for him to stay talented, bright, witty, loving, and successful as he already is – for many more years. We also hope that he continues to serve as an inspiration to a lot of people – and a source of happiness and laughter to many more! Oh, and always keep the wise words coming!

Happy birthday, Day6’s Jae!

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