#HBDtoHyungwon: 5 Best Album Visuals Of MONSTA X’s Hyungwon

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Let’s all take time to admire MONSTA X and MONBEBE’s face genius, Chae Hyungwon!

If you are a MONBEBE (MONSTA X fandom), it is not news that MONSTA X’s Hyungwon has superior visuals. From album concept photos, fansign captures, and selcas, Hyungwon never failed to serve us with perfection. So, to celebrate his birthday, here are 5 (out of the lots) best album visuals of Hyungwon that swept every MONBEBE off their feet.

Hyungwon and his legendary neck accessory – (Take.2 We Are Here)

Ever since debuting with MONSTA X, Hyungwon has been enchanting fans with visuals similar to a webtoon character who had just come out to the real world. His white hair and neck accessory combination during the last part of the 2nd full album Take.2 We Are Here exceeds gracefulness. And his endearing eye makeup also adds up to the perfection that is already in him.

hyungwon visuals hyungwon visuals

Hyungwon and the whole Follow: Find You concept

Hyungwon’s visuals during the Follow: Find You promotions is a personal favorite. As MONSTA X takes in the traditional Korean elements in its concept and music video, seeing Hyungwon start the song with his stunning visuals is a blessing itself. And it is no exaggeration that with just one glance, Hyungwon can pull you into his lane like a black hole that you cannot escape.

Watch MONSTA X’s “Follow” music video here.

Hyungwon serving with his gray hair

How a person pulls off this kind of concept is a mystery in itself. However, we are talking about Chae Hyungwon here, so anything is absolutely possible! His gray hair and beguiling eye makeup at the Take.1 Are You There concept photos scream magnificence in every aspect of the word.

hyungwon visuals

Hyungwon in pink hair = the crowd favorite

Hyungwon’s stunning visual during The Connect: Dejavu is unquestionable. No matter what pose he does, what angle the photo is taken, whatever hair color he has, he makes every shot look gorgeous. And as a crowd favorite, Hyungwon in pink hair is like a celestial event that only happens once in a lifetime. Now, we’re waiting for this phenomenon to happen again, hopefully, soon!

hyungwon pink hair

Here’s a thread of Hyungwon’s pink hair era that we all cannot resist and a live performance of “Jealousy” where you can see pink Hyungwon in action.

Hyungwon as “lovely Yorkie”

Far from MONSTA X’s powerful concept during the Fantasia X album promotions, fans have given Hyungwon a fluffy nickname because of his hairstyle. Hyungwon bleached parts of his front air, allowing him to stand out and gain similarities with a Yorkshire Terrier. Hence, MONBEBE gave him the nickname “lovely Yorkie” and has become a household name since then.

hyungwon fantasia visuals

Watch MONSTA X’s “Fantasia” music video here.

Bonus: Hyungwon during Fatal Love

A duality, indeed! Here’s Chae Hyungwon in black hair, effortlessly giving out his irresistible and sexy side. In addition, Hyungwon gave us many unexpected charms during the Fatal Love era, which naturally had every MONBEBE grateful for his existence. And if there is a proper way to appreciate a masterpiece, then a research study about it should be done with Hyungwon as the subject.

Hyungwon debuted with MONSTA X in 2015 through the survival program No Mercy. As the group’s lead dancer and vocalist, Hyungwon has been proving himself an all-rounder who excels in whatever he does, be it lyrics writing, song composition, choreography, acting, or DJing. His height is another point that makes people fall in love with him and think he is a model at first glance. Well, that’s his other job!

Now, we’re all wondering. It really is possible for a person to be born with perfection. Talent, humor, kindness, and visuals. Chae Hyungwon has it all, and we’re not complaining!

Happy birthday to MONBEBE’s beloved Dooly, Hyungwon!

Image and Video Source: Starship Entertainment, Mnet

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