Henry Lau Talks About Going Independent And The Changes In The K-Pop Industry In Billboard Interview

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Henry Lau is now all on his own – and he has never felt more in control than ever.

Now an independent artist after leaving SM Entertainment in 2018, Henry Lau is more than excited to show the world what he’s got without anything holding him back – which he discussed in his recent interview with Billboard.

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The former Super Junior member is now more than ready to explore new paths as he establishes himself as an independent artist. He has moved on to take the reigns for his career after making the decision to leave SM Entertainment by not renewing his contract anymore – which he briefly talked about.

“First of all, we parted on really good terms. Everyone is happy. It’s just…I think every artist is the same in wanting a more customized setup for yourself. I’m very thankful to that company for discovering and making me and everything, but I just feel like to really do what you really want to do, you have to do it kind of yourself. I’m actually an independent artist now and I think it’s for my fans,” he said.

Going independent

With Henry’s current preparations for his upcoming album slated to be released this spring, bringing the comparison between going independent and staying in an agency to the table seems inevitable. He did just so, with all honesty, while talking about his thoughts regarding his big move.

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“If you’re part of such a big chain, you don’t really have your own color. I just wanted to really, really focus on my own brand. It wasn’t that I was frustrated, I just think I’m freer on my own. When you’re part of a big company it’s like you kind of get [in the mindset of], ‘I could just do that and it doesn’t really matter’. Now that I’m an independent artist, everything I do matters,” the singer shared.

Photo from Henry Lau’s Official Instagram Account (@HENRYL89)

“There’s no more ‘Oh Henry released this because his company wanted him to’. There’s no excuses anymore. Before, of course, there’s a producer at the label and everything needed to be approved by them. But they gave me a lot of artistic freedom there, probably because I was just constantly producing my own stuff — like “1-4-3 (I Love You)” I just made with a friend in my house. The main difference is that [now] everything I release is totally mine. I got to put out something good,” he added.

The changing K-Pop industry

After being in the K-Pop industry for so long, Henry had witnessed the changes and developments on the scene as time passed – and honestly? He approves of it.

“These days, it’s not like before. People think that the big companies make songs and their artists just release it. It’s not like that. These days, the companies want their artists to do their own things and they’re trying to support that. And there are a few people like members of BTS who produce and everything. It’s changing now, it’s really changing, and now artists are finding their own colors within these companies. Before, everything was just the same,” he noted, touching on the unfair tag of being “factory-made” that K-Pop had for years.

“It can’t be factory-made when it’s people. You can’t make or program people. Everything is evolving and everything is going into a good direction,” the singer remarked.

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