Modern Love Apprehensions We Can Totally Relate To In “How To Be Thirty”

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Zesty and definitely sensible, How To Be Thirty is fascinating viewers with its presented love perspectives!

Past the middle mark of the series, Jung In Sun and Kang Min Hyuk have charmed us to their love reconnection in How To Be Thirty. It’s interesting to predict what’s going on in the minds of the imaginary characters they are playing.

The side stories of Ran-ju (Ahn Hee Yeon) and Ah-young (Cha Min Ji) are equally captivating as well. Waiting for Song Jae Rim to talk more and complicate the main love pairing is not a bad idea.

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The Ambiguous Line Between Hook-up and Romance

How To Be Thirty began its journey with webtoon artist Seo Ji-won (Jung In Sun) reuniting with her first love Lee Seung-yoo (Kang Min  Hyuk) who became her new editor. While working on her latest webtoon, the mutual attraction is palpable leading them to spend a night together without any relationship label.

Ji-won’s new reality nags inevitably. It caused her to think of her actions. Having disheartening memories from her previous relationship does not help at all because she’s using it as a basis of how she would act to the vague emotional connection she shares with Seung-yoo.

Thankfully, Seung-yoo makes a move to confess how he feels about her. And that one reassuring moment is what Ji-won needs to try believing she can love again. The spark is really strong with Seung-yoo, but something in their relationship feels off. While the kisses shared with him are sweet, the phone calls from Lee He-ryeong are bothering.

A Relationship You Can’t Let Go, Even When Knowing Everything

Just when Ji-won is starting happy days of being a relationship with Seung-yoo, the name she has encountered twice through phone calls meets her. Introducing herself as Seung-yoo’s woman, she draws a line for Ji-won not to cross.

Prior to meeting Ji-won, Seung-yoo told He-ryeong he wants to break up, but she refused. Through social media, she hunts down Ji-won and meets her without Seung-yoo’s knowledge.

Obviously, the encounter brings back past heartbreaking memories to Ji-won. Resigned to discontinue her barely started romance, Ji-won succumbs to an “underdog relationship”. She chose to believe Seung-yoo’s “i-love-yous” and closes her eyes to accept his kiss.

Liberating yourself from a painful relationship requires time and process

A side story in the series features Ji-won’s cafe owner friend, Ah-young (Cha Min Ji). She spent her 20’s in a relationship with a man for nine years, but he cheats on her with another woman. When his relationship with his new flame failed, he tries to win Ah-young back. Fortunately, she has had enough of his charades.

To set her stand that she will not accept him anymore, she even threw a bucket full of ice on him in front of people in her cafe. Whether her message will be sent firmly to a man incapable of empathy, we are yet to know. But at least, her effort to show her bravery to make her life worthy without romance is a victorious feat.

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Sometimes romance presents itself because its exactly what you need

Completing the quirky sisterhood of How To Be Thirty is the noona romance between Ran-ju (Ahn Hee Yeon) and Joon-young (Baek Sung Chul). They met through a blind date and sleep together a few bottles of alcohol after.

Fascinated to the cool noona he met, he entertains the attraction. Ran-ju who is far more experienced than him does otherwise. But his persistence won her over. Before she realized it, she found herself enjoying to his company. Something that did not come in her thoughts considering their age difference.

Overanalyzing the pros and cons of being with someone might make us miss a relationship meant to make us happy.


Running about 20 minutes twice a week, How To Be Thirty is equal parts delightful and thought-provoking especially designed for single people.

Catch up on its latest episodes on iQIYI!

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