How To Meet Korean Friends – Outside And Within Korea

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Making Korean friends is not that hard actually.

If you want to learn more about Korean language or culture, one of the best ways is by making Korean friends. This is only easy if you live in Korea.

Nevertheless, there are useful communities throughout the globe, especially with more and more Koreans travelling or studying around the world. Therefore, if you are not in Korea, don’t worry! You can still make Korean friends in just where you are.

Here are some channels where you can find Koreans to befriend:


Outside of Korea

Language Exchange

Most major cities have language exchanges, which can often be found online at sites such as meetup.com. Koreans travelling abroad often use language exchanges themselves to make new friends and practice their language skills, so it is quite likely that you will meet some Koreans at your local language exchange. If you can’t attend a language exchange yourself, then online language exchanges such as italki.com might be an option. There are also several penpal sites such as penpalkorea, hipenpal, or mylanguagexchange, which you can use.


Many large cities, especially in North America and Japan, have a Korean district. If you visit this area regularly, you can start talking to the people who work there and eventually make friends with them. Visiting Koreatowns will also give you a chance to experience Korean food and restaurant culture!

Learning Korean

Whether in a classroom or over the internet, learning the language gives you the chance to make new friends through your teacher. Choose a teacher who is friendly, and they will help you learn about Korean culture, as well as the language.

Within Korea


Use meetup.com to join a hobby group that you are interested in. This gives you the chance to meet Koreans who have similar interests to you, and will also allow you to do something that you enjoy. While you can meet people through language exchanges, usually you have to talk with people who you have little in common with. Therefore, joining a club may be a better option!

Get a free tour

Lots of students run free tours of Seoul in order to meet and make friends with foreigners. Two such groups are Seoulmate and Showul. Using these groups to explore the city will not only guide you around Seoul, but also give you the opportunity to make Korean friends!

Study Korean

You can join a free class on the weekends to study the language The teachers who run free classes often want to make foreign friends, and will most likely have lunch with their students after class. CLS and Kongbubang both run free classes on Saturdays.

Coworkers and Classmates

Make friends with the people that you see every day. Befriending coworkers not only helps create a better working environment, but they can also introduce you to other people who you might be interested in meeting.



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