[CONCERT RECAP] Hwang Min Hyun Holds Back Tears During His Mini Concert “Unveil” in Manila

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HWANG MIN HYUN expresses his sincerest gratitude to Filipino fans who warmly welcomed him back to Manila.

Returning to the Philippines as a solo artist was not easy but HWANG MIN HYUN proved his love for fans through the mini concert Unveil in Manila.

hwang min hyun unveil in manila

Formerly a member of NU’EST and Wanna One, HWANG MIN HYUN spent an incredible night with Filipino fans on October 8 at the New Frontier Theater. Organized by PULP Live World, the one-night show became one that is not only filled with music and performances but also warmth and love.

This was not his first time performing on the local stage. The South Korean singer-actor has been to the Philippines twice. In 2018 with Wanna One and in August 2019 with his original team, NU’EST.

Now, the handsome emperor had the stage to himself. And it was a perfect opportunity to create special memories with fans who have supported him in his every endeavor.

And as the concert’s name, MIN HYUN reveals that it signifies his desire to reveal something about himself. He hopes to unveil unexplored parts of himself to his beloved fans.


HWANG MIN HYUN Unveil in Manila Highlights

The much-anticipated concert kicked off with a performance of his first solo title track, “Hidden Side.” He then followed his stage with “Honest” before properly introducing himself to the crowd. Then, MIN HYUN gracefully sang “Earphone,” which was his solo track from NU’EST’s 2nd full album, Romanticize.

hwang min hyun unveil in manila

Throughout the mini concert, MIN HYUN proudly displayed his golden voice. In the first segment, “Timing Game,” MIN HYUN was tasked to guess the next lines from his dramas and music videos shown on the screen. If he fails to guess, he will have to wear cute headbands and strike a few poses for the fans.

At the end, MIN HYUN got two questions wrong. The host, Kring Kim, gave him two headbands. He wore each as he danced to BAEKHYUN’s “Betcha” and NewJeans’ “Super Shy.” He adorably took it all in good humor, admitting that his memory for the lines from his previous dramas was not as great as he thought it will be.

Thankfully, his fans did not stop cheering him on. With some randomly shouting “I love you” in Korean, causing the 28-year-old star to get shy.


HWANG MIN HYUN Sends Love Advices

The second segment was “Hwang Minhyun’s Music Album Season 2.” It was where the singer transformed into a DJ. He read a letter from a fan seeking to hear a love advice. MIN HYUN took his time to digest the story and carefully gathered his thoughts as if it was his own problem.

hwang min hyun unveil in manila

It was admirable seeing him get serious as he leaves realistic yet touching advice. And it surely also touched everyone’s hearts at that moment. Throughout the segment, MIN HYUN showcased his heavenly vocals by singing snippets of the songs “Back in Time,” “The Snowman,” “Crazy,” and “White Night.”


HWANG MIN HYUN Reveals Future Plans, Thanks Filipino Fans

The mini concert was a treat. MIN HYUN performed more tracks from his solo album such as “Perfect Type,” “Cube,” “Crossword,” and “Smile. He also performed “So Beautiful” and “Tree,” which was the OST for his previous Korean drama, Alchemy of Souls.

hwang min hyun unveil in manila hwang min hyun unveil in manila

Of course, the night will not be complete without “Universe.” As the crowd’s favorite, this song perfectly highlighted MIN HYUN’s impressive vocals, which doubled the impact of the piano instrumental.

As the night drew to a close, Filipino Hwangdos surprised him with a heartwarming video featuring his journey to fame. It showed glimpses of his humble beginnings with NU’EST, his tear-jerking participation in the Mnet survival program Produce 101, his addition to Wanna One, and his solo career.

hwang minhyun

Greetings from fans all around the Philippines also decorated the night. And it almost put a tear on his eyes. “It’s been a long time since I last came to Manila. Being able to reunite with my beloved Hwangdo here means the world to me.”

hwang minhyun

MIN HYUN then revealed that he was working on a new drama and promised to give his all. “I will always hold Hwangdo close to my heart. Thank you so much. Mahal na mahal ko kayo (I love you so much).”

Meanwhile, the HWANG MIN HYUN Mini Concert Unveil in Manila occurred on October 8, 2023, at the New Frontier Theater.

Event Covered By: Bea Ibañez

Photos: Charie Navarro