#4EverWith7KON: iKON Members Celebrate Fourth Debut Anniversary With Touching Messages To iKONICs

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Wishing iKON a happy fourth debut anniversary!

Four years have passed since the South Korean boy group iKON has entered the K-Pop scene. Marking their name as one of the most successful boy groups not just domestically but also around the world, the idols steadily continue to mesmerize fans up till today.

To celebrate their special day as an idol group, the boys took time to share their heartfelt messages through an anniversary V Live broadcast on September 15.

Starting off with a short but sweet group introduction, Jinhwan, Bobby, Yunhyeong, Junhoe, Donghyuk, and Chanwoo then went on to express their gratitude to their beloved fans and to each other.


First to share his touching message is the group’s eldest hyung and current leader Jinhwan.

“It’s already been four years! I could make through this and live well all because of you. In order to repay you, I am working hard to show you a better side in the future. I am always thankful to you and sorry! I wish iKON and iKONIC to continue growing and strive together. Let’s take it slower and last long! I love you!” he said.

Additionally, he gave a quick shout out to his long-time friend and member Bobby, “You know the teases are all because of love right? I am always thankful to you. Let’s continue to make music together for a long time.”


Next in line is Bobby who thanked everyone for their continuous support and unwavering patience by saying, “I am deeply moved with the way you always waiting for us and love us and I am so thankful for that.”

Believing that they are still lacking as artists, the talented rapper then promised to repay their fans around the world with good music. Aside from his message to iKONICs, he likewise expressed his appreciation to Yunhyeong.

“This fella really is the most awesome one during these past four years and I am impressed with the way you love yourself! You’re awesome Yunhyeong-ah!” he shared.


As for Yunhyeong’s message to fans, he pointed out that today was not actually only for their group to be congratulated but also a time to thank iKONICs for staying with them through thick and thin.

“It’s been 4 years of our days together! Thank you so much for always believing in us and loving us! We will make sure to repay your love in the future! I love you!” he said.

Moreover, he jokingly revealed his wish for his bandmate Junhoe to stop uploading photos of his body through social media.

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Narrating how the last four years became a rollercoaster ride of emotions for their group, Junhoe then went on to admit how they had shed lots of tears and shared laughs together as a team.

“I am always thankful to our fans and because of them, I can enjoy this. Take care of your health and please always be happy,” the iKON member thoughtfully wished.

Junhoe also gave a very brief but meaningful message to Donghyuk by saying “I love you”.


Shortly after Junhoe is Donghyuk who likewise showed his thankful heart. “Lots of things happened and during each and every moment we were by each other’s side, you guys are very reliable and appreciated,” he began.


“I am always thankful to you and I love you. Let’s be even happier in the future! Let’s meet again!” the group’s main dancer added.

Furthermore, he cheered for their youngest member Chanwoo, as he says, “You’re awesome now until forever friend.”


Lastly, iKON’s beloved maknae also expressed his gratitude to everyone who helped them get where they are now.

“Friends who were together with us in these past four years, old friends, new friends, all of you, thank you so much and I love you!” he said.

As for his message to Jinhwan, the group’s short-but-sexy eldest hyung, he shared that he is always beyond thankful to him and love him very much.

Meanwhile, iKONICs around the world likewise sent their congratulatory messages to their favorite K-Pop group through social media. Hoping for the boys to feel their love and support, the fans made #4EverWith7KON as a top trending hashtag on Twitter’s worldwide list earlier today.

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Source: iKON’s V Live Channel

Photo credits: V Live | Vogue Korea

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