INFINITE’s Sung Gyu Reveals His Ideal Type + Reminisces Moments With His Members

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Prepare your hearts to find out more of Sung Gyu’s infinite charms!

This April, Kim Sung Gyu of South Korean boy group INFINITE decorated the cover of The Star magazine’s seventh-anniversary issue.

infinite sung gyu

Captivating fans’ hearts with his beautiful looks, the charming and talented idol was able to showcase his stylish aura as he aced various modish ensembles in the recent photoshoot.

Ideal Type

Shortly after the pictorial, the INFINITE leader likewise took time to entertain some questions.

“This was my first photoshoot since my military discharge. Because it had been a while, it was a bit awkward at first, but I had fun, and I think it went well,” he began.

Asked on his ideal type, Sung Gyu revealed, “I think I’ve become more sentimental than I used to be. I didn’t use to have an ideal type, but I’ve recently developed one – someone who is bright and cute, with a lot of aegyo. I like people who approach everything with optimistic energy.”

Missing INFINITE members

Additionally, the idol talked about the moments when he missed his members the most. Sharing the struggle of promoting as a soloist, he said, “I don’t have anyone to talk to in the waiting room. When we are together, it’s really loud. We tease each other and we also fight a lot. Because we’re too honest, we sometimes unintentionally hurt each other’s feelings. I think there must have been times when the other members felt sad because of something I said or did. Now, I miss all of that.”

Regretting that he was not able to enjoy those moments more, Sung Gyu then added: “Back then, I was obsessed with not making mistakes, and because of my responsibility as a leader, I didn’t enjoy it fully. In the future, I want to give myself more room to relax.”

Meanwhile, fans can see more stunning photos of Sung Gyu and know more about his interview through The Star’s April 2020 issue.

Source: K-Pop Herald

Photo Credits: The Star