[INTERVIEW] EVNNE’s ‘Un-seen’ Magic: How Their Latest Release Is Redefining K-Pop

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Learn how EVNNE conquered the K-pop scene with “Un: Seen.”

EVNNE, the rising K-pop rookie boy group, continues to ma with the unveiling of their second mini-album, [Un: SEEN],  on January 22, 2024. This talented ensemble, comprising KEITA, PARK HANBIN, LEE JEONGHYEON, YOO SEUNGEON, JI YUNSEO, MUN JUNGHYUN, and PARK JIHOO, has been steadily ascending the ranks since their debut.

Their newest single, “Ugly,” has swiftly garnered acclaim, leading to their maiden music show victory on Show Champion mere days after its release. With their debut mini-album, [Target: ME], attaining platinum status on KMCA and receiving nominations for Rookie of the Year at esteemed events such as the Golden Disc Awards and Seoul Music Awards, EVNNE has firmly solidified their standing as a formidable presence in the competitive world of K-pop.

Before their recent triumphs, Hellokpop sat down for a media roundtable with EVNNE to discuss their latest album, [Un: SEEN], how they’ve grown since debut, thoughts on <Boys Planet>, and more. 

Hellokpop: This is EVNNE’s first comeback since its debut! Compared to [Target: ME], what was different in the preparation process of this new mini-album?

YOO SEUNGEON: We aimed to reveal a stronger and more intense side of EVNNE to the public. While [Target: ME], our previous album, portrayed a naughty boys’ image, in this one, we embraced a more mature persona. We adjusted our hairstyles and looks to align with the concept and conveyed this evolved image through our performances.

PARK JIHOO: Our previous album, [Target: ME] revolved around positioning us as the “target,” capturing the audience’s attention. In [Un: SEEN] we aimed to showcase the dual aspects of the group— the visible and the hidden.

HKP: Still being a relatively new group, what’s something [Un: SEEN] about yourselves that you wish to reveal with this comeback? 

MUN JUNGHYUN: Until now, we haven’t been able to showcase a particularly powerful side of the group. I hope to demonstrate this facet of our group through the title track, “UGLY.”

PARK JIHOO: I also aim to create an impression for the public that all members of the group are versatile, excelling in dancing, singing, and rapping.

PARK HANBIN: Through reality shows and social media, we have cultivated an easygoing and comfortable image to our fans and the public. I wish to continue to show our easygoing and relaxed side of ourselves in this album as well.


HKP: Each of the members has unique talents and personalities. How do you think your individual strengths come together to create the sound of EVNNE? What are some things you learned about yourselves or each other during the making of the new album?

JI YUNSEO: EVNNE has more rappers than vocalists, so inevitably, we often present hip-hop type of music to the public. The vocalists skillfully contribute to the group’s mood with tones that harmonize seamlessly with the overall vibe, which in turn complements the rap verses in our music. This synergy between the vocalists and the rappers creates a unique charm for EVNNE as a group.

I also think we cannot talk about EVNNE without our performances. The group’s stage presence is marked by its intense and powerful energy, which is another significant strength for us.

YOO SEUNGEON: Each member of EVNNE is highly versatile, possessing exceptional abilities and skills. We’re all capable of handling various parts of a song or any position within the group. We are not tied to any specific genres or concepts, allowing us to tackle any type of music. This adaptability stands as another strength for our group.

PARK HANBIN: For our debut album, we were mostly involved in lyrics writing, but for this album, we expanded our roles to include composing. This allowed us to showcase the individual abilities of each member and served as an opportunity to witness the potential we hold as a group.

HKP: A few members participated in writing the melodies and the lyrics for the album, [Un: SEEN]. What is your creative process like?”

KEITA: I participated in the lyrics and composition of the song “Festa” in this album.  The inspiration for this track stemmed from the festive atmosphere during a fan meet-up and the excitement I had while interacting with our fans. I drew a comparison between that to a festival.

YOO SEUNGEON: I participated in the lyrics-writing process for the fourth album track, “Chase.” Initially, I got into the process with the mindset to challenge myself and gain experience. I concentrated on writing lyrics with pronunciation that complements the melody and aligns with the dreamy vibe of the song. I’m pleased to have shared my lyrics with our fans through this song.

LEE JEONGHYEON: I participated in writing the lyrics for the song titled “SYRUP.” Drawing a parallel between the group’s irresistible charms and the word ‘syrup,’ I aimed to emphasize our talents and appeal through the lyrics. My goal was to encapsulate all of our charms in this song, allowing listeners to get a good sense of what it is by simply listening to the song.


HKP: It was previously mentioned that this comeback is a bit different and darker than the debut concept. How do you feel about tackling this new concept?

JI YUNSEO: Instead of characterizing this comeback as “darker” than our previous one, I believe describing it as a maturation process is more accurate. We’ve transitioned from being immature, boyish troublemakers to individuals who have experienced pain, revealing aspects that were not previously shown to the public.

PARK JIHOO: I also think that there’s more to showcase in our performances compared to our debut. I’m genuinely excited about unveiling this aspect of our group to the public through this comeback.

YOO SEUNGEON: Similarly, we aimed to present a more mature side of ourselves compared to our mischievous and playful image during our debut. Additionally, we sought to convey our internal emotions and feelings more profoundly and in-depth than before.

HKP: Do you have your favorite moments that you’d like to share with us from the preparations for your first comeback?

JI YUNSEO: Completing the last promotion with a fan meet-up event, the thought of seeing our fans again to share the stage always lingered in my mind. It’s challenging to pinpoint just one moment, as every step in the preparation process was new and filled with excitement, all centered around the anticipation of reuniting with our fans.

YOO SEUNGEON: I always strive to challenge myself with new styles of music and songs. During the recording of the five tracks for this album, my enthusiasm was fueled by the desire to let our fans hear these songs. Therefore, the recording process became the most enjoyable and exciting part of the entire preparation for me.

PARK HANBIN: For me, the most memorable moment was when I heard the title track for the first time. Since recording is the initial step in preparing an album, listening to the track filled me with excitement as I thought about the concept and envisioned the kind of performance we could deliver. Also, we all had a great first reaction after listening to the song.


HKP: If you had to choose one song from the mini-album, which track do you think best represents EVNNE’s colors as a group?

MUN JUNGHYUN: As EVNNE takes on the concept of troublemakers, I think the track “UGLY” best captures this. I also think we will be able to show an intense, powerful aspect of the group through this song.

JI YUNSEO: I also choose the title track, “UGLY” While we initially portrayed a younger, immature version of troublemakers in the title track of our previous album, “TROUBLE,” the representation of troublemakers in this album, [Un: SEEN] takes on a more mature tone, delving into individual pain that we’ve never revealed before. I believe the title track truly encapsulates the refined image of troublemakers we aim to convey to the world in this album.

HKP: If you could choose one b-side from [Un: SEEN] to make a music video for, which one would it be?

PARK HANBIN: As a group with a powerful and intense image, we often filmed music videos with a similar concept. However, “Festa” presents a bright and lively image, giving off an amusement park and fireworks vibe. I want to film its music video in such places to capture the essence of the track.

PARK JIHOO: I would love to film a music video for the b-side track “SYRUP.” I love this track and its dreamy vibe, so I think there will be a lot of elements to the song that the viewers would enjoy if a music video were created for it.


HKP: Do you think EVNNE would be the same if you did not meet each other through <Boys Planet>? If not, how different would it be?

JI YUNSEO: While I can’t guarantee that we would have formed the same way without the experience on <Boys Planet> as we all learned tremendously through the show, I still believe we’d still have the same chemistry between us even if we all met through other means and came together as a team. It is because things that we like are quite similar and compatible. So I believe that even if we did not meet through the show, we’d still have formed a great group together.

HKP: From your appearances on <Boys Planet> and now as EVNNE, you have maintained really great teamwork. What are the factors to your strong dynamic and teamwork?

YOO SEUNGEON: Our experience on the show <Boys Planet> provided valuable insights into practicing and creating a stage together as a group. This shared experience has allowed us to prepare for performances under the same mindset. Additionally, our similar hobbies, lifestyles, and thoughts contribute to our strong teamwork. Our shared interests and genuine friendship have been key factors in fostering excellent collaboration overall.

LEE JEONGHYEON: We all were very close during the show, and on top of that, I believe KEITA did a great job as the leader of the group. He created a very comfortable atmosphere when we were just goofing around while effectively setting the mood when necessary.  I think he played a role in creating such great teamwork.

JI YUNSEO: Ever since we first met on the show to our debut as EVNNE and until now, we’ve maintained a shared goal that has deepened our understanding of each other. Our continuous efforts toward achieving this common objective have consistently improved our teamwork, fostering a strong bond within the group.


HKP [for KEITA]: What did being chosen as a leader mean to you?

KEITA: Initially, taking on the role of leader felt burdensome, especially during the promotion of our debut album when I was uncertain whether I was doing the job correctly. However, with time, I found that the members follow my lead well so the role has become less burdensome over time. Now, I make efforts to foster an atmosphere where every group member can freely voice their opinions.

HKP: Have you ever regretted joining the show <Boys Planet>?

JI YUNSEO: We’ve met through the show <Boys Planet>, where I discovered fellow peers striving toward the same dream and learning valuable skill sets and mindsets for putting on performances. I have never regretted appearing on the show, as I believe EVNNE was possible because of it. I view it as a precious experience and something for which I am deeply grateful.

PARK JIHOO: Choosing to participate in the show <Boys Planet> not only allowed me to meet the members but also introduced me to other friends from whom I gained valuable lessons. If I did not meet them, I wouldn’t be able to grow into the person that I am, so I do not regret it one bit.

YOO SEUNGEON: The opportunity presented by the show <Boys Planet> allowed us to introduce our name to the public, ultimately paving the way for our debut as EVNNE. More importantly, it served as the platform through which we connected with our fans. With this, I can confidently say that I have no regrets about joining the show.


HKP: As this era is about showing the unseen sides of yourselves, what songs or performances of other artists would you like to show a cover of in the future?

PARK HANBIN: My role model is WOODZ, and he recently released a new song titled “Amnesia.” I love the band sound of the song, and I hope to develop my vocal skills, dedicating time to practice and eventually covering the song in the future.

JI YUNSEO: I would like to cover “Spark” by Taeyeon and “Love Poem” by IU. I want to show more developed vocal skills, so I hope to try and cover the song in the future.

LEE JEONGHYEON: Currently, I’m deeply interested in dance, and I’m eager to excel in this skill. We have been covering a lot of songs of the senior artists through TikTok challenges, and while covering their dance is great, I also saw many freestyle dance videos of senior artists. Therefore my goal is to practice and eventually showcase my own free-style dance video in the future.

HKP: If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be?

YOO SEUNGEON: I find happiness in all the moments I share with our fans while performing. So I’d like to go wherever our fans are to create wonderful memories with them together.

MUN JUNGHYUN: Our goal is to connect with our fans wherever they are and deliver performances for them. I’ve learned that KCON will be hosted in various locations this year. Personally, my goal for this year is to visit all these locations and perform at KCON.


HKP: What other themes and music genres would you like to explore?

PARK JIHOO: Just as YUNSEO said, and as a group, we share the belief that we are capable of exploring and excelling in various genres without being confined to a specific style. So I’m certain that we will be able to pull off any musical genres.

JI YUNSEO: EVNNE has established an image as troublemakers with a powerful and intense concept. I am interested in exploring a concept that retains the essence of a troublemaker but introduces a brighter and more refreshing image.

HKP: What is your biggest goal or dream as a group?

MUN JUNGHYUN: I was told to dream big, so I hope to secure the top spot on the Billboard charts in the future. It is the ultimate goal, and I will dream big.

YOO SEUNGEON: It would be winning first place on a music show. In this comeback, we secured the top spot on the Bugs music charts, and I wish to attain similar success on other charts, with a particular dream of making it onto the Billboard charts someday.

Amidst their recent accolades and the anticipation surrounding their imminent tour, EVNNE emerges as an unmistakable force poised to leave an indelible mark on the ever-evolving landscape of K-pop.

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