Kim Soo Hyun & Seo Ye Ji Part Ways But Still Miss Each Other In “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” Episode 10

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The plot thickens in Episode 10 of It’s Okay To Not Be Okay as it reveals some parts of the ongoing mystery.

Before the two lovers could spend more moments together, reality hits them again. After a long awaited confession, Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji’s characters have to part ways again because of some unexpected circumstances.

Moon Gang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun) is torn between his guilt conscience towards his brother and his dream of living a life without shackles. As for Go Moon Young (Seo Ye Ji), she finds herself isolated again after she got attached to the brother.

It's Okay To Not Be Okay

Meanwhile, there is a threat creeping up at OK Psychiatric Hospital which has a lot of connection with Go Moon Young and her past.

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The Aftermath of the Chaos

After learning that his brother is aware about the accident that occurred years ago, Moon Gang Tae is taken aback and bursts to tears. Blaming himself for what had happened, he goes astray and breaks it off with Go Moon Young.

It's Okay To Not Be Okay

But Go Moon Young is not someone who gives up easily. Therefore, she strongly continues her attempts to get Gang Tae’s attention. However, the latter is not swayed as he decides that he must put his brother’s needs ahead of his.

Meanwhile, the others such as Oh Ji Wang (Kim Chang Wan), Nam Ju Ri (Park Gyu Young), Jo Jae Soo (Kang Ki Doong) and Park Haeng Ja (Jang Young Nam) try to appease the upset Moon Sang Tae (Oh Jung Se). Lastly, at the end, he moves back to their old rented room at Kang Soon Duk’s (Kim Mi Young) place.

The Mysterious Woman

Park Ok Ran (Kang Ji Eun) gets more suspicious day after day. Someone had dropped the book The Witch of the West outside Sang Tae’s room at the hospital. The book was written by Do Hui Jae who is Go Moon Young’s mother and within that book there is a piece of paper with a writing that the younger brother kills his older brother.

Later, Go Dae Hwan (Lee Eol) hears someone humming “Oh My Darling, Clementine”. Following the source of the sound he has an encounter with Park Ok Ran. He inquires the lady on how she knows the song, but then she whispers in his ear whether he is going to kill her again. Thereafter, Dae Hwan calls the woman a monster and tries to strangle her.

Later, Oh Ji Wang discloses to Gang Tae about his suspicions on Park Ok Ran. Previously, Park Ok Ran had instigated a reaction out of Dae Hwan by singing the “Oh My Darling, Clementine” song, but had denied any invoices when asked about it. Further, he adds that there is a possibility that Park Ok Ran might actually be Do Hui Jae and is back for revenge.

The Drunken Outburst

Seeing Gang Tae being Tae being so perturbed, Ju Ri tells him that it is okay to be a little bit selfish. After hearing that Gang Tae asks a favor from Ju Ri, he complies to Gang Tae’s request. Ju Ri goes to Moon Young’s place to pack some of his belongings.

Moon Young suggests drinking together and Ju Ri ends up drinking too much. After getting drunk, Ju Ri speaks out her mind. She voices out her displeasure of how Moon Young scared away her friends when they were younger and then, she also took away her love.

Before much damage could be done, Lee Sang In (Kim Joo Hun) comes in to take her home. He also tells Moon Young that the reason why she has been feeling uneasy is because she actually misses Gang Tae.

Afterwards, on reaching home, the drunk Ju Ri yells at Gang Tae for making her go to Moon Young despite knowing the fact that she harbors feelings for him. She then complains about how Gang Tae had always spoken in formally to her, and that she wants him to speak to her in a casual manner.

It's Okay To Not Be Okay

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

Moon Young continuously keeps messaging Gang Tae only to receive a cold shoulder. Lastly, she messages him telling him that it is an important day for her however, there was no response. Meanwhile, Lee Sang In keeps calling Moon Young so that he could take her out on her special day but she does not answer his calls.

Next, Moon Young goes to Kang Soon Duk’s door step. Answering the older lady the reason for her visit, Moon Young states that she came there to eat because Kang Soon Duk had once mentioned that to her. She asks Kang Soon Duk for seaweed soup which leads the older lady to deduce that it is in fact Moon Young’s birthday.

Later, Moon Young tries to call Sang Tae convincing him to come back and that she misses him, but he accuses her of lying. Speaking about lies, Moon Young touches upon the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. She tells him that the boy lied because he was lonely – but when actually he told the truth no one came to help him.

Meanwhile, Park Ok Ran escapes from the hospital. Gang Tae realises that the woman might have gone to meet Moon Young since she had mentioned that it was an important day for her. He rushes to Moon Young’s place and at the same time, Park Ok Ran steps in Moon Young’s doorsteps wishing her a happy birthday.

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay Episode 10 Afterthoughts

As of now, there are too many conflicts so Gang Tae and Moon Young will have to struggle a bit before they can be happy. It’s kind of an irony that in one of the earlier episodes Sang Tae told his brother that no one owns him. Yet, in this case, he is clearly behaving like he owns his little brother.

I hope Sang Tae realises soon that his brother has suffered long enough for his sake and deserves some amount of happiness. Gang Tae has too much of a pent up guilt and he would need an assurance from Sang Tae to forgive himself. Like Oh Ji Wang had said, maybe this time Sang Tae will help Gang Tae.

Among other characters, Kang Soon Duk especially warms my heart. She is the mother figure that both Gang Tae and Moon Young needed. Whereas, Ju Ri’s progress in dealing with her unrequited love was impressive and it’s nice to know that Lee Sang In stuck around Moon Young because he cared.

In the midst of these heavy moments there were some lighter ones too. Joo Jung Tae (Jeong Jae Kwang) made me laugh as he acted as Gang Tae’s protector and took action against everyone who spread rumors about Gang Tae. It’s funny how patients actually had more sense than the caregivers in this case.

Moving on to Park Ok Ran, I still don’t think that she is Do Hui Jae even though there are too many hints that says otherwise. Regardless, I am curious to see how it pans out.

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