A List Of IU’s Cute And Clueless Moments That Uaenas Will Always Love

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Part of IU’s sweet charm is her adorable confusion!

IU is known for many things: her alluring vocals, her enthralling beauty, and her overall charming aura. UAENAs, however, know that IU’s real charms lie beyond her talents and her visuals: it’s her amusing and adorable cluelessness. Time and time again, IU has showed us her adorable side whenever she gets flustered over where to go onstage, or when she’s trying to figure out why people are cheering for her visuals.

Now that the clock is winding down to IU’s much-awaited overseas tour through the Love, Poem tour, let us celebrate by looking back at a list of IU’s cute and clueless moments.

When she wasn’t aware of her own cuteness

The crowd at Yonsei University’s Akaraka Festival could not get enough of IU’s ethereal visuals—and everyone except IU seemed to notice! Though she tried her best to figure out what the crowd was cheering for onscreen, she will probably never know just how enthralling her visuals are for the people who get to see her live.

When she sported a cute teemo hat onstage

During one of her shows at the Gwangju Women’s University Universiade Gymnasium, IU was pleasantly surprised when a fan threw a teemo hat onstage during photo time. Now, we don’t recommend you throw hats at IU onstage—but we do agree that she should wear more cute hats in the future.

When she tried her best to make herself some coffee

On the third episode of JTBC’s Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast, IU tried her best to figure out how to use an espresso machine on her own so she could serve coffee to everyone else. Though she eventually figures out how to man the espresso machine, she still forgets a few of the steps—but you can tell she’s trying her best!

Every time she got confused about where to go onstage

Although IU has been in the music scene and held a number of performances, the nature of her job makes it pretty easy for her to get confused about a lot of things: such as where she should go when she performs onstage. For some reason, IU makes these kinds of slip-ups look so much more adorable.

Every time she gets her directions confused

While a few people get confused with their left or their right a few times, it seems to happen a lot more to IU—and the people around her seem to notice too, based on this episode of Knowing Bros. On another person, a brief confusion like this might seem laughable but it just adds charm to IU’s personality.

IU will be embarking on the overseas leg of her Love, Poem — which is selling out tickets fast. According to KakaoM, her Seoul stop sold over 20,000 tickets within a minute. To accommodate the clamour of her Singapore Uaenas, an additional show in the country was added.

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She will be kicking off her tour with a two-day show in Taipei on November 30 and December 1. From there, she will be holding another two-day show at Singapore on December 6 and 7. She will be making her debut in Manila on December 13; before heading to Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Jakarta on December 21, 24 and 28 respectively.

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Image Source: KakaoM Entertainment