January 2020 Korean Drama Releases: “Money Game”, “Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 2”, “Itaewon Class” & More

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New Year means new stories to dote on for Korean drama fans!

Although Hellokpop already began its season of 2020 Korean Dramas last month, this season’s latest offerings appear appetizing. For January releases, veteran and renowned actors are set to banner stories highlighting heroes to anticipate on.

Here is the roster of currently airing 2019 Korean dramas.


Diary of a Prosecutor (tvN)
Black Dog (jTBC)


Love With Flaws (MBC)
Psychopath Diary (tvN)
Woman of 9.9 Billion (KBS 2TV)


Chocolate (jTBC)
Stove League (SBS)


Crash Landing on You (tvN)

  • 2020 Korean Drama Lineup

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Now, here are the latest stories to anticipate in January 2020 Korean Dramas.


  • Channel A | 3 January 2020

Touch taps on a roster of formidable actors headlined by Joo Sang Wook and Kim Bo Ra. Rounding up the main leads are Lee Tae Hwan and Han Eun Jung. As expected of his versatility, Joo Sang Wook challenges a unique role as a professional makeup artist Cha Jung Hyuk. Perfectionist and talented, he only seeks perfect results.

Marking her first female lead, Kim Bo Ra suits up as a 10-year-old idol trainee and makeup artist assistant Han Soo Yeon. After a long training period, Soo Yeon gets an opportunity to debut in an audition program. However, she faces an accident and gets entangled with a mysterious event.

2020 Korean Dramas Touch

Dr. Romantic 2

  • tvN | 6 January 2020

The second season of highly-lauded Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim tells the story about the people who meet genius doctor Kim Sa Bu played by Han Suk Kyu and find real romance in the process. It is expected to be more exciting, have deeper lines, filled with more laughter and heartwarming moments.

Lee Sung Kyung and Ahn Hyo Seop raises expectations as the new couple who will draw the romantic line of the series.

2020 Korean Dramas Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 2

Money Game

  • tvN | 16 January 2020

Headlined by top-tier actors Go Soo, Lee Seung Min and Shim Eun Kyung, Money Game threads on the premise of how the fictional Republic of Korea faces financial collapse caused by a bank. The bank with a government stake raises anxiety with its bankruptcy crisis that will directly affect the government.

Picturing a premise of a second IMF predicament, Money Game will be directed by Kim Sang Ho. His popular works include Man To Man and Hwajung. Interestingly, the portfolio boasts different genres all executed superbly.

Suiting up as the main leads, Go Soo, Lee Seung Min and Shim Eun Kyung – who are lauded as representative actors of their respective generations, heighten expectations to the already interesting plot.

2020 Korean Dramas Money Game

The Game: Towards Zero

  • MBC | 22 January 2020

Portraying the role of a clairvoyant, Ok Taecyeon suits up as Kim Tae Pyung. He possesses the ability to foresee how someone will die by looking at his eyes. Interestingly, his prophetic power though is not working on Seo Jun Young (Lee Yeon Hee), a detective who partners with him to solve crime cases.

On September 19, MBC confirmed the news that actor Lim Ju Hwan officially joined the series playing the role of a forensic specialist.

In charge of overseeing the production is director Jang Joon Ho. His previous works include Hotel King, Good Thief Bad Thief and Time. Penning the script is rookie writer Lee Ji Hyo who aims to present novel and solid concept to the small screen.

The Game Towards Midnight


  • KBS2 | 29 January 2020

Starring Park Hae Jin and Jo Bo Ah, Forest is slated to be broadcast on January 29The new series is billed to be a healing romance depicting a love story that can touch the hearts of the viewers.

Coming from a battered past, Park and Jo’s characters are expected to explore romance and their secrets when fate brought them together to cohabitate in a forest.

Portraying Kang San Hyuk, Park Hae Jin suits up as a specialist in Merger and Acquisition. Meanwhile, Jo Bo Ah plays Jung Yeong Jae, a surgeon in a university hospital.

Seasoned director Oh Jong Rok is tasked to orchestrate the production of the series. His works include Happy Together, Say You Love Me and Greatest Marriage. Penning the script is writer Lee Seon Young.


Itaewon Class

Based on Daum webcomic of the same name, Itaewon Class takes Park Seo Joon’s character – Park Sae Roy in his pursuit to fulfill a vow after experiencing the harsh reality of the world. His character gets entangled with the father and son owners of a restaurant.

After a series of unfortunate events, he loses his father in a tragic accident. Enraged, he attacks the son of the restaurant owners, which led for him to be imprisoned. Once released, he heads to Itaewon Street, opens up his own restaurant, and goals to exact revenge.

Itaewon Class is the first production drama of Showbox that has presented popular films such as Taxi DriverAssassination and Tunnel. It will be aired on jTBC at 10:50 p.m. on its Friday-Saturday spot beginning January 31, 2020.

2020 Korean Dramas Itaewon Class

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