Ju Ji Hoon Talks About Favorite Scenes & Interesting Side Stories In “Kingdom 2”

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As the main hero of Kingdom, Ju Ji Hoon spearheaded the viral popularity outbreak of the Netflix original series

Amassing raves from fans and critics, Kingdom 2 has officially launched on March 13. Fans got the best of what they
have been waiting for as the series pitched an enthralling story.


Ju Ji Hoon recently graced an interview and shared insights about Kingdom 2 to promote social distancing in light of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Conveying his diligence in devoting time in the past two years for Kingdom, the actor revealed having a good relationship with the actors and production staff. Thus, he is grateful for the time spent with them.

When asked about his two-year collaboration with writer Kim Eun Hee, he spoke about the hard work required for his role as a Joseon prince. He was challenged to reflect an array of sentiments especially the part when he had to kill his father. Shedding tears wrapped with emotions pushed him to summon his all so he can deliver a quality work for the audience.

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Memorable scenes & side stories

The actor went on to relay the poignant scene of his trusted aide’s death. “Moo-young’s death has had my character feeling bitter at the thought of his inability to help.” He acknowledged that it is one of the scene he is most proud of in the series.

In contrast to season 1 where the shooting was during Winter, Kingdom 2 was filmed in February to August. Hence, they had to survive the arduous heat while wearing hanbok smeared by artificial blood. He added how the skin hurt a lot when the hardened painted blood was pulled out.

Ju Ji Hoon also discussed the behind-the-scene story of the climactic battle scene in the rear garden’s pond. In this scene, he showed complicated actions that were linked with several actors.

He divulged how the actors suffered a lot to achieve a fluid movement while shooting arrows. That holding chopsticks after was hard for him since he has shot numerous arrows while shooting to perfect the scenes. Disclosing how the iced floor setting was shot on a cement floor, the detailed acting sequence was made possible by the actors’ diligence.

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Jun Ji Hyun cameo & Season 3 plans

Ju was also asked about the appearance of premiere actress Jun Ji Hyun in the ending scene foretelling another season. He responded, “I was a fan since I was young, and I wanted to work with her. But I couldn’t meet and never heard her voice.”

The actor revealed that the scene was shot with Jun Ji Hyun only and there was no encounter with other actors.

“I think I have to meet her in Season 3, but it has not been decided yet.” Quipping Netflix moved only depending on the viewers’ craving, Ju Ji Hoon coaxed fans for continuous support.

Favorite scene & covid-19 encouragement

Finally, Ju was asked of his favorite scene in Kingdom Season 2. He answered that the moment of his character Prince Chang deciding what’s best for the fate of Joseon marked on him.

It was not an emotional scene, but a solid scene of showing the strength of his character. The confrontation with veteran actor Kim Jong Soo made the emotions inside him well up.

“Tears filled up so much that I couldn’t speak, and the dialogue and moment were so good,” he said.

Ju Ji Hoon

Proud of his work in the series, Ju Ji Hoon stated how Kingdom is a provocative story, but in closer look, it echoes a familiar story of braving the odds against an unforeseen problem. Feeling the sentiments of the current fight against the covid-19 virus outbreak, he said, “My heart aches because of the current situation. In reality, it is painful for me to have this while my family is having trouble getting a mask.”

He further worries, “We are adults, so we can bear it, but how how about the children who want to play outside?” He urged that we unitedly pray for the situation to get better.

Kingdom 2 looks into the journey of Crown Prince Lee Chang (Ju Ji Hoon) and his group battling the deadly plague which refuses to dissipate. Inevitably, their return to Hanyang means the prince stakes his all in waging a war against the power-hungry Cho family.

Kingdom 2 is streamed globally on Netflix.

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