17 Korean Dramas Not To Be Missed In July 2021 + Where To Watch Them

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July 2021 Korean dramas are slated to premiere this month to join the already busy schedule we have!

Intriguing characters and enthralling narratives are the flavors to taste in July 2021 Korean dramas.

Heartening stories about youth chasing their dreams and love are well-represented in the current roster of  K-Dramas airing in public and cable channels.

Romance and friendship are also common elements in the narratives. That makes the selection friendly across different age ranges.

Below is a friendly watch guide featuring July 2021 Korean dramas and the presently streaming series.

Note that Hellokpop does not cover daily dramas, weekend family dramas and other dramas that we cannot watch on legit video streaming platforms.

Our team watches on iQiyi, Viu and Netflix.


Racket Boys (SBS)

  • Streaming Site: Netflix

Better not miss this youth drama on your radar because its smashing fun and friendship stories make this SBS series a winning drama treat.

At A Distance, Spring is Green (KBS2)

  • Streaming Site: iQiyi

Building friendship and confidence have been the tone of this ruminative youth series. Celebrating the joys and pains of varying faces of youth, this series particularly speaks about the challenges of young people.

July 2021 Korean Dramas hellokpop

You Are My Spring | July 5 | tvN *NEW

  • Streaming Site: Netflix

You Are My Spring is a healing romance drama that follows the unique story of several adults who live in a building where a murder case took place. The characters go on about their lives with their seven-year-old selves in their hearts.

Raising anticipations for the series, You Are My Spring is expected to portray different acting transformations of Seo Hyun Jin, Kim Dong Wook, Yoon Park and Nam Gyu Ri.


Monthly Magazine Home (JTBC)

  • Streaming Site: iQiyi |

Presenting the world of career people working at a magazine company, this drama also gives ample lessons about the concept of saving and striving to buy a home.

On The Verge of Insanity (MBC)

Another workplace story not to miss, the series depicts various middle-aged office workers, who are all struggling to thrive and survive in a highly competitive workplace setting.

My Roommate is A Gumiho (tvN)

An endearing fantasy rom-com story about a cheerful college student who gets entangled with a 999-old gumiho after his fox bead accidentally lands inside her body.

  • Streaming Site: iQiyi

Thursday Only

Hospital Playlist 2 (tvN)

  • Streaming Site: Netflix

Back for more life and love prescriptions, our favorite doctor squad has delighted us with their signature quirks in the recent episodes so far. Be sure to be on board since our appointment is only once a week on Thursdays!

The Penthouse 3 (SBS)

  • Streaming Site: Viu

This hit melodrama is on its third season featuring the wealthy families of Hera Palace that will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Friday Only

Imitation (KBS2)

  • Streaming Site: iQiyi

The webtoon-based series joins KBS parade of youth-themed series this year. Set in the K-Pop world, an aspiring idol girl group member intertwines her life with a popular idol-actor.


The Witch’s Diner | TVING | July 16 | *NEW

  • Streaming Site: WeTV

TVING’s nearing magical series serves a soul-changing feast on July 16. 

Starring Song Ji Hyo, Nam Ji Hyun and Chae Jong Hyeop, the 8-episode series follows the story of a sorceress who serves magical dishes at a unique and risky cost. 

Kingdom: Ashin of the North | July 23 | *NEW

  • Streaming Site: Netflix

Starring Gianna Jun (Jun Ji Hyun), the special episode reveals the origins of the resurrection plant that triggered the avalanche of tragic events that swept through Joseon and a woman abandoned by all – Ashin.

The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim | TBA | kakao TV *NEW

  • Streaming Site: iQiyi

A fantasy mystery romance about two unique high schoolers who are involved in a series of mysterious incidents. 18-year-old Ga Doo Shim wishes to live as a typical high schooler but is born with the undesired fate of becoming a shaman. She is a brave and strong character who will fight evil spirits as she works on solving mysterious cases.

Na Woo So is a nearly perfect high schooler with a wealthy background, handsome looks, and outstanding grades. When Ga Doo Shim suddenly appears in his life, he gains the ability to see evil spirits, and the two get entangled in mysterious cases together.


Voice 4 (tvN)

  • Streaming Sites: iQiyi | Viu

Sealing tvN’s weekend slot in June, Song Seung Heon joins Lee Ha Na as the new face of Voice 4. It continues the story of the emergency call center team tasked to safeguard the “golden time” of a crime scene.

2021 tvn dramas

Saturday Only

Nevertheless (JTBC)

  • Streaming Site: Netflix

Another webtoon-adapted series, the bold storyline speaks about a hyperreal romance about a woman who likes a committed relationship. Finding herself enamored with a man who obviously just wants intimacy without emotional investment, will she defy her love rule?


Love ft Marriage and Divorce (TV Chosun)

  • Streaming Site: Netflix

Back with more scandals and drama than before, three colleagues working on a radio show are each dealing with husbands who are having affairs.

Bossam: Steal The Fate

MBN’s 10th-anniversary offering has surely drawn fascinating characters enough to match its interesting historical drama blend. It depicts the story of a widow who was not supposed to be stolen.

bossam steam the fate

The Devil Judge | July 3 | tvN *NEW

  • Streaming Site: iQiyi | Viu

Together with Kim Min Jung, Park Jinyoung, and Park Gyu Young; Ji Sung will be featured in a drama showcasing a live courtroom show in which the entire nation becomes a jury.

The new tvN drama The Devil Judge evidently highlights the concept of justice and will tackle cases in an interesting way. Something different from previous dramas set in the court of law.


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