5 Jung Eun Ji Songs That Make You Feel Nostalgic

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With her saccharine voice, Jung Eun Ji easily sets your mood right with her sparkling vibe.

Apink’s Jung Eun Ji readies her sweet vocals as she makes Singapore’s hot weather experience a spring-like, nostalgic feeling. On June 9, the talented singer is set for her Jeong Eun Ji 1st Singapore Concert [HyeHwa] at [email protected]

Jung Eun Ji

Apart from being Apink’s main vocalist Jung is also successful in her solo endeavors. She has teamed up with various artist for OSTs and promotional songs. Moreover, she debuted as solo artist and launched her first mini-album titled, Dream. Under her name, she has two more EPs namely, The Space and her recent album. Hyehwa.

To prepare us for her upcoming concert, here are some of Jung Eun Ji’s ear-friendly tracks that will make you feel sentimental.

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Hopefully Sky

Set in a cherry blossoms backdrop, this refreshing song is written by Jung Eun Ji herself.  In this song, she reminisces the beautiful memories she spent with her father.

The Spring

Ironic to it’s title, this emotional song talks about being alone and lonely in a romantic spring season.

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All For You

This romantic collaboration with her lead partner, Seo In Guk from their tvN drama, Reply 1997 induces love mood. Additionally, “All For You” is one of the best selling OSTs of the year at Gaon Music Chart in the year it was released.


A subtle confession of unrequited love.

Being There

A sentimental song about missing someone we loved from the past. Rather than focusing on heavy emotions, this song will set you on a wistful reverie, and also make you smile.

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