Jung Il Woo Shares Valuable Experiences From Recent Drama “Haechi”

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For Jung Il Woo, his recent drama Haechi signals the beginning of his career conquest in his 30s.

Debuted in 2006, Jung Il Woo has appeared in various projects of different genres that showcased his range as an actor. Portraying the role of Yi Geum in historical series, Haechi, marks the actor’s fourth prince role. One of the few actors who easily grasps any given sageuk character, his recent portrayal proved why he fits well in period drama productions.


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Bringing life to Yi Geum, later King Yeongjo, Jung depicted the triumphs and inhibitions of the young prince as he ascended to the throne.

Haechi has had the actor joined its filming schedule as soon as he finished the alternative military service. From December to May, he spent six months shooting the SBS drama.

On his comeback drama

Describing the Haechi experience as “a time of intense living”, Jung confessed to the adjustment that he had to do quick since returning to work. He also revealed his career goal in agreeing to appear in the drama.

“The goal of this work is to show that my performance as an actor is more than what I had before my military service. I wanted to hear that I had grown up a lot and made a lot of effort.”

Understanding that criticisms are inevitable in his line of work, Jung Il Woo acknowledged what he has to work on to improve his craft.

“I had a lot of troubles in my comeback, but I got a good writer, director and script. I think it’s hard to be a good character instantly.” After receiving feedback on his performance, Jung revealed wanting to hear that his adjustments and efforts helped in conveying the message of the story.

In addition, he expressed feeling grateful to have worked on a project of depth. More so, he remarked how portraying King Yeongjo is an honor. The closely-knit cast powered the synergy of Haechi. Thus, bringing in new friends for the actor, who specifically created a bond with Park Hoon and Jung Moon Sung. Also praising his female lead, Go Ara, he remarked learning a lot from her. He was also worried when she was hurt while filming.

On lessons from Haechi

Admittedly, Jung worked diligently to grasp the sentiments of his character. The actor disclosed how his work inevitably affected his real life as he was consumed to the role. Aiming to nail the heavy emotional scenes which were key moments in the series, Jung put a lot of focused to express the mood of the scenes effectively. Moreover, he put extra effort of meeting the writer prior to the table read to gain insights of his character. He also did some research through the help of a friend he met while doing the alternative service, who is a History major.

Inspired by the life of the king he portrayed, Jung Il Woo recently donated money dedicated to rehabilitation caused by Gangwon wild fire.

Haechi, which dominated its time slot for the majority of its run, was a combined effort of the cast and production team. Although the viewership rating changed a lot in the duration of its 48-episode run, Jung Il Woo was resigned to a mindset of giving a high-quality work more than worrying about the numbers.

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