Jung Woo Sung Conveys His Thoughts About Nearing 25th Anniversary In Acting Industry

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Nearing his 25th year in the industry, one of Korea’s A-list actors  Jung Woo Sung shows no sign of decelerating.

Recently bagging the Grand Prize acting honor at 55th Baeksang Arts Awards, Jung Woo Sung paraded his manly beauty in Florence, Italy. His most recent film, Innocent Witness, gave him the first Baeksang daesang trophy.

Jung Woo Sung

Coinciding with his visit in the country to attend the 17th Florence Korea Film Festival, the actor shot photos for High Cut magazine. Donning colorful printed tops, he exuded the aura of Italian men. He also wore casual shirts, suits and loose pants with ease and charm.

In the interview following the photo shoot, Jung expressed his elation about the meaningful performance of Innocent Witness.  Sharing how people would approach him to praise the movie, the actor was excited about it.

“I was happy with the movie. I feel very satisfied that it is a good movie for some people,” he said

Boasting an illustrious acting portfolio, Jung responded on the question about the difference of him as an established actor, and when he was just starting his career.

“I tried to change into a positive one because I cannot change people. I did not have enough time to talk about what to do in an unfamiliar setting. Over time, I met many people and I have been worrying about what kind of attitude the actor should take in the industry.”

Keeping his career longevity while still achieving milestones seems a feat that Jung Woo Sung can easily accomplish. Acknowledging how diverse discourses have been coming and going, Jung takes riding world trends as part of a man’s learning process.

He said, “Personally, I have been trying constantly. I wanted to be a more liberal actor by doing different things constantly. No one has such a limited personality to be trapped inside it. I, myself, have seen many aspects of Jung Woo Sung through the years.”

Jung Woo Sung