K-Beauty Shop Launched: Introducing Yeppunonnie Philippines

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Attention, Filipino K-beauty lovers.

Korean skin care and cosmetic brands in the Philippines are getting more and more abundant, as even small retailers have taken their online shops to small kiosks and boutiques in popular landmarks in the metropolitan area.

While most of these brands bag the popularity with endorsements from top leading idols, the average usual consumer and fan of Korean beauty and skin care products still opt for the most convenient and practical way of purchasing products – online.

What’s a better way to compete with these leading brands in the market is the affordability that comes with the label “Made in Korea.”

Now, there is an easier way to familiarize yourselves in K-Beauty after the recent launch of a wholesale Korean company in the Philippines.

Credit: Yeppunonnie Philippines Facebook

Yeppunonnie Philippines – name derived from two Korean words translated as “beautiful older sister” – is a wholesale supplier of Korean skincare and cosmetic products in the Philippines.

With its head office registered and based in South Korea, the products it offers in the Philippines are much more affordable, simply because they are purchased, not through middleman, but directly from the manufacturers.

Credit: Yeppunonnie Philippines Facebook

For the latest K-beauty products and promotions, follow Yeppunonnie Philippines on Facebook and website.

Hellokpop is an official media partner of Yeppunonnie Philippines. Stay tuned for exciting giveaways and promotions coming up soon.

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