K-Drama Couch: “Item” Finale + “Beautiful World” & “My Fellow Citizens” Premiere

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Doctor Prisoner is so far showing no sign of decelerating its impressive numbers as the first viewership rating monster of the 2019 K-drama roster.

Two new dramas have just begun their bid to the parade of 2019 Korean dramas as Item closed to a fair ending. The character-centric selection of series currently aired highlights amazing and amusing personas. It features a dauntless doctor, a clever banker, a fiery priest, a struggling prince, and more for K-drama fans’ indulgence.

If you prefer heavy-plot series, then this season is designed specifically just for you.

Here is the roster of 2019 Korean Dramas  currently airing:


Haechi (SBS)

Item (MBC) *Finale

My Fellow Citizens (KBS2) *Premiere

He is Psychometric (tvN)

Welcome to Waikiki 2 (jTBC)


Doctor Prisoner (KBS2)

Big Issue (SBS)

The Banker (MBC)

Possessed (OCN)


The Fiery Priest (SBS)

Beautiful World (jTBC) *Premiere


Confession (tvN)

Kill It (OCN)

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Read through the highlights of the dramas you might have missed.

*Covers April 01 – April 07, 2019.

*Note: weekend and daily dramas are not included in Hellokpop’s weekly roundup coverage

*Disclaimer: Some K-Dramas we really do not cover. We choose our K-Drama battles wisely.

Monday-Tuesday Korean Dramas

Haechi (SBS)


Image from SBS

Seeing Prince Yeoning rising to what he is really capable of is exciting. However, the fear for the second wave of difficulties about to be faced by the Crown Prince is also scaring me.

Haechi has been treading on resolving the politics presented in Joseon’s Saheonbu, the organization taking charge of the justice system for the government officials and its subjects. Aside from that, it also depicts the journey of Prince Yi Geum to become the man his late father King Sukjong wished him to be.

This week, Prince Milpoong was captured for pinning a treason ploy to Prince Yi Geum. But his sly smile drew suspicion to what revenge backup plan he has drawn with his faithful mistress, who is also Dal Moon’s love interest. With four more weeks in the horizon, the stakes will zoom higher for the heroes of Haechi.

Item (MBC) *Finale


Purportedly aiming an extraordinary supernatural picture, Item was fortuitous on how its message as a whole was achieved. But the road to get there lacked proper sequencing, as well as, thrilling cliffhanger kicks.

There are dramas which will test your patience, and for you to prove your love towards your favorite K-Drama oppa. That has been the case for me. As a whole, Item was not polished nor habit-forming. However, when you look back at the big picture it presented, it has generally answered the problems raised in the story.

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My Fellow Citizens (KBS2) *Premiere

2019 Korean Dramas

Con artist Yang Jung Kook makes a living by conning other people. His wife, Kim Mi Young, has no idea about her husband’s profession. Because of Jung Kook’s accidental capture of a famed serial killer, he becomes instantly famous, and is called “The Brave Citizen”. Both he and his wife are not happy with the attention he gets.

However, things go awry when the daughter of one of the men he conned comes back to avenge her father. In order to get her revenge, she forces Jung Kook to run for assembly. Former disgraced assemblyman Kim Joo Myung is enlisted to help Jung Kook win.

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He is Psychometric (tvN)

He is Psychometric

After receiving a call from her aunt, Yoon Jae In rushes to the hospital to see her father. Lee An accompanies her and sees through her jacket that she cries because of her father. At home, he discovers that the person responsible for his wound was actually in their house. He calls his brother and they check with the security center. Unfortunately, they are not able to see the face of the intruder. Sung Mo reveals to Lee An that he knows the person who broke in and that he is the reason he came back to Korea.

Lee An and Jae In go to a building to investigate a group which has something to do with the suitcase deaths. Upon arriving, the man interviews them and gives a bottle of liquid for refreshments. Fortunately, Lee An sees the man put something in the bottle and they decide to leave. However, the man is monitoring then and hears their conversation. As they are about to leave, the bad guy has had his men surround them. Lee An and Jae In engage in a fight with all the men and as they escape, the police arrives.

At home, Lee An tries to perform psychometry in Sung Mo’s dictionary. He is able to see the younger version of his older brother together with his mom. In their conversation, Sung Mo asked his mother about about pain. Meanwhile Sung Mo issues a warning to the man, who broke into their house that he is already on to him, and he will eventually catch him.

Welcome to Waikiki 2 (jTBC)

Welcome to Waikiki 2

Completing the three pairs of the main cast of Welcome to Waikiki 2 is Kim Ye Won, who will portray as Woo Sik’s notorious sister. She is officially introduced in the story, hinting a love line with the resident dumb character of Ki Bong.

After barely escaping the fury of their landlady from its premiere, the trio confront the doomed sales of the guesthouse. In order to save it, they pawned Woo Sik to guest at a TV show for promotion owing to the weird placement of his chest nipples. Instead of moping over her riches to rags story, Soo Yeon is determined to work and earn money for their house and her father.

We also see the sub-unit segments that we loved from the first season. For its second chapter, Jun Ki and Woo Sik cutely battled it out to protect the part-time jobs of Jung Eun and Soo Yeon. Individual highlight also made us smile as Woo Sik tried to process the heart flutters he felt when Soo Yeon applied some ointment on his forehead wound. He went around rationalizing his theory, with the help of girls who obliged on his weird request. Ki Bong also confronted the trauma from Yoo Ri, Woo Sik’s noona. His friend’s sister apparently stole his first kiss and barged on while he was taking a bath. Using her knowledge of Woo Sik’s resurfacing romance towards Soo Yeon, Yoo Ri was finally welcomed in the guest house.

Meanwhile, Jun Ki retaliated on the abusive top star he was standing in after the mistreatment he got from him. Soo Yeon also confessed that Woo Sik is her first love, and not the senior Woo Sik thought to be Soo Yeon’s first love.

Hah! It’s hard to summarize what these adorkable gang did, so I am bracing myself in the next six weeks. It looks like the chemistry is hitting the right temperature, so I can hardly wait for the next chapter adventures.

Wednesday-Thursday Korean Dramas

Doctor Prisoner (KBS2)

Doctor Prisoner

For its third week, Doctor Prisoner continues to put me on a fan girl bind, with its seamless narrative powered by the exquisite portrayal of its lead cast. Nam Goong Min as Na Yi Je is a gift, and so is the enthralling outsmarting game that spins the narrative.

I am amused at Na Yi Je’s dauntless journey to reach his end game. This week, we have also confirmed how the fiasco created by Lee Jae Hwan led Dr. Na’s friend couple to death, and caused him to be imprisoned. His jail time unfortunately cut the time he could have spent with his mother, who was needing an operation that was eventually cancelled. Stemming from that anguish, Dr. Na started working on a premeditated plan for vengeance.

Little by little the maze-like connections of the main cast through the veiled role of Dr. Han So Geum’s brother is also enthralling the thrill bombarded plot. I can’t wait to see how he would achieve his revenge game.

Big Issue (SBS)

There was no broadcast of Big Issue this week.

The Banker (MBC)

Auditor Noh Dae Ho manages to expose some corrupt practices, however he is sad that one of his former colleagues faces an embezzlement charge. So Bo Geol fulfills his dreams of working at the bank’s main branch and he is excited to work in Seoul. Based on the text he received, No Dae Ho investigates Seomin Agency. He finds out that the company has been granted an illegal loan, and the transactions it has with Daehan Bank are suspicious.

He speaks with the CEO and he tells him that the information he received is enough to prove he works directly with the bank’s higher-ups. And if he wants to have additional details, he needs to talk to them directly. Auditor Noh becomes even more suspicious as the investigation department rejects his request for additional personnel. To prove a point, he arranges a meeting with Chairman Kang and personally tells him of his need. The Chairman grants his request, and it made Noh Dae Ho less doubtful of Mr. Kang.

Meanwhile, Vice President Yook faces a challenge as the Chairman brings back an employee who will also have the same position as him. Mr. Yook tries to ruin Noh Dae Ho’s reputation by painting him as a person who likes to brawl. During a board meeting, he also requests to oust Chairman Kang to which backfires as the other executives did not support him. In the end, the bank fires him and he advises Noh Dae Ho not to trust Chairman Kang so much.

*2019 Korean Drama Possessed will have a full review once the series ends on Netflix.

Friday-Saturday Korean Dramas

The Fiery Priest (SBS)

The Fiery Priest

After arresting Hwang Cheol Bum and the men from the Rising Moon club, Superintendent Nam intervenes. Prosecutor Park holds a big sword, which rattles the him, and just when Father Kim Hae Il screams that he should also be in jail, one of Hwang Cheol Bum’s men arrives and turns himself in. He said that he was the one who ordered the assassination attempt on Congressman Park. Apart from busted police operation, the detectives who made the arrest are all re-assigned and demoted. The Superintendent suspends and punishes Detective Koo and Seo.

Prosecutor Park also faces a challenge at work as her superiors scold. She returns the bribe money and bravely tells the Chief Prosecutor that she has been in her sound mind all along and she accepts her punishment, but it does not mean she would stop from her own investigation.

His former commandant reveals Father Hae Il’s past and the Archdiocese summons him. He acknowledges everything, except the one that killed the children. He reasons out that he just followed orders, but his superior warns him that he is going to face a big problem. Faced with a threat from his old superior, Father Hae Il warns the others to stay together. However, his warning comes too late as the members of his team and those who helped him are now the targets.

Beautiful World (jTBC) *Premiere


Park Sun Ho is a model son and student, however, outside his loving home, he faces a different world where violence is a normal thing. When a tragedy had him confined and unconscious, his parents fight for justice while some people try to dismiss the situation as a suicide case.

Sun Ho’s friends tell his parents that he and Joon Seok has a falling out. Joon Seok cries as he apologizes to In Ha, Sun Ho’s mother, while his friends look astonished with his actions. His father, who is their school’s director, wants to close the case as quickly as possible. The investigator talks to the students, especially to Sun Ho’s friends, and based on their conversation, their investigation concludes that he committed suicide.

Woo Jin and In Ha refuse to acknowledge the result of the investigation. They gather all the information and evidences to prove their son will not take his own life.

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Saturday-Sunday Korean Dramas

Confession (tvN)

tvN | Confession

tvN | Confession

Do Hyun manages to get Jong Koo acquitted after his client admits to his first murder. However, he isn’t out for a long time before he lands back in jail. Do Hyun and Choon Ho set a trap for Jong Koo in his old and abandoned home. He tries to enlist Do Hyun as his lawyer again, but he refuses. Jong Koo mentions his father and gets Do Hyun to defend him in his third case.

Ki Choon Ho continues to investigate the second murder. He is convinced that the victim’s ex boyfriend had something to do with her murder.

I continue to have a love-hate relationship with this drama. As a fan of legal dramas, my curiosity was piqued and I couldn’t wait to see what will happen to Jong Koo. However, Jun Ho’s acting in the drama isn’t impressive so far. Except for the fact that Yoo Jae Myung has always been a great actor for me.

Kill It (OCN)

Kill It *Image via OCN*

Kill It *Image via OCN*

Soo Hyun and Hyun Jin both find out who they are to each other. Furthermore, Hyun Jin suspects that Soo Hyun is also the killer in some of the cases she is investigating. She locates the chemical used in the murders in Soo Hyun’s clinic. Additionally, Hyun Jin finally confirms that Seul Ki is the witness that she’s been looking for for the past nine years.

More revelations are revealed about the grim happenings in Hansol Orphanage. Hyun Jin’s father is deeply involved in the tragedy that happened at that time. A woman escaped carrying Seul Gi as she was sponsored by Kim Il Ho. Now Do Jae Hwan is after Seul Gi since she and Soo Hyun are proof of what happened in the orphanage.

Soo Hyun receives threats that if he doesn’t kill Assemblyman Seo Won Suk, people around him will be killed. Soo Hyun rushes to rescue Hyun Jin as she crosses the road.

Jang Ki Yong continues to impress me with his acting in this drama. He is mysterious and edgy, which is a deadly combination for fan girls like me. The story is also developing quite nicely and there are no dull moments in the episodes. Seul Ki is cute and charming and I love how the three are becoming close, even with Philip there.

What 2019 Korean Dramas are you watching?

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