K-Drama Couch: “Romance Is A Bonus Book” & “Liver Or Die” End In Smiles & Tears, “He Is Psychometric” Begins

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Amidst the chaotic scandal outbreak in Korean entertainment, 2019 Korean dramas are offering a place of refuge for fans while we wait for everything to be resolved.

We are still navigating crime, courtroom and thriller stories in the current roster of 2019 Korean dramas. One from the only two light series we had, Touch Your Heart and Romance Is A Bonus Book have finished airing. The latter also served as a parting gift of Lee Jong Suk for his fans as he begins his alternative military service.

Luckily, the tvN’s latest supernatural series, starring GOT7’s Jinyoung, looks ready to fill in the role of saturation breaker amidst the relatively heavy tone of the dramas currently aired.

Here is the roster of 2019 Korean Dramas  currently airing:


My Lawyer, Mr. Jo 2 (KBS)

Haechi (SBS)

Item (MBC)

He is Psychometric (tvN) *Premiere

The Light in Your Eyes (jTBC)


Liver or Die (KBS2) *Finale

Touch Your Heart (tvN)

Big Issue (SBS)

Spring Turns to Spring (MBC)

Possessed (OCN)


Fiery Priest (SBS)

Legal High (jTBC)


Romance Is A Bonus Book (tvN) *Finale

My Only One (KBS) *Finale

My Healing Love (MBC)

Babel (TV Chosun)

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Read through the highlights of the dramas you might have missed.

*Covers March 11 – March 17, 2019.

*Note: weekend and daily dramas are not included in Hellokpop’s weekly roundup coverage

*Disclaimer: Some K-Dramas we really do not cover. We choose our K-Drama battles wisely.

Monday/Tuesday K-Dramas

Haechi (SBS)


Vowing to root for Yi Geum, the turn of events after being appointed as Crown Prince meant a not-so-flowery path for him. The fifth week of Haechi tackled the side conflict of human trafficking and the slave uprising which aggravated the situation of Yi Geum – who has still no stable ally in the palace.

Relying on Moon Soo, Yeo Ji and Dal Moon, the prince was framed for the murder of a government official. Giving a chance to prove his innocence, he weighed on his options knowing how the banded slaves resort to killing the nobles out of spite for the worsening condition of the slaves in the Kingdom.

At a Saheonbu trial, the villain showed up with an omen, that is still unknown to be good or bad. By this time, I am already invested on the tumultuous journey of Yi Geum to prove his worth as a man worthy to become a King. So far, the side conflicts presented blended well to how the hero’s character is being built up. Although taking the heavy tone typical of period drama, I like how the series is refraining to utilize the historical cliches. Instead, it is focusing on character and plot development coherence.

Item (MBC)


It took us five weeks to get a clear picture of where we are heading with Item. In a nutshell, a theme park fire tragedy spins the story of a prosecutor (Joo Ji Hoon), on a mission to save his niece, who is trapped in a purgatory. Apparently, in the fire tragedy, the objects that were left by the people who died in the incident magically imbibed supernatural powers. Meanwhile, the psychopath villain is on a mission to collect those items and makes life harder for Prosecutor Kang, as well as spread his atrocities.

Even for the most patient drama watchers (like me), Item really had me summon all the oppa love I have for Joo Ji Hoon to stay forebearing on its plot movement. At least, the recent untangling of the character connections to the unfortunate tragedy is justifying the amount of patience I gave for this series.

Now that the heroes are together to plan on how they will corner the almighty villain, the succeeding episodes of the series look to be going on an exciting note and cliffhangers.

The Light in Your Eyes (jTBC)

jTBC | Viu

jTBC | Viu

Chanel passes away in an unfortunate manner this week. Joon Ha is initially suspected of her death until Chanel’s letter arrives, clearing him of murder.

Hee Won kidnaps Joon Ha and locks him up in the basement, suspecting him of claiming Chanel’s insurance payout. Hye Ja smells something fishy, and gathers the rest of the elderly to save Joon Ha and the other members from Hee Won’s devious scheme to kill them all and claims their insurance payouts for himself.

The plot twist is cleverly incorporated into the drama and adds value to the experience. Hye Ja is found by her son Dae Sang standing by a cliff alone. He is not her father, and everything else that happened is not real.

He is Psychometric (tvN) *Premiere

He Is Psychometric

A fire in an apartment complex cost Lee An his parents’ lives. 11 years later, Lee An is now a Senior High School student. He lives with his savior Kang Sung Mo, who is now a prosecutor. They treat each other like brothers.

The same year he lost his parents, Lee An discovers his psychometric ability and has been trying to develop it. He meets Yoon Jae In through an unfortunate instance when she mistook him as a peeping tom. Jae In is hiding a secret of her own to hide her true identity and the reason why she keeps changing schools. Her father is in jail for the fire incident 11 years ago and she is excited to learn that Lee An has the ability to read people through his touch.


Wednesday/Thursday K-Dramas

Liver or Die (MBC) *Finale

Image via KBS | Viu

Image via KBS | Viu

Enjoying a consistently high rating and even nabbing the top spot for its time slot,  Poong Sang and his family showcase the reality of what a family is. Rife with squabbles, brimming with shortcomings and finally uniting together in times of crisis, Liver Or Die was exhausting but a worthwhile experience.

Poong Sang should be a saint who must be canonized by the Vatican. In the story, he suffered through endless hardships because of his siblings and their selfishness, Belatedly, his family realized his worth and set aside their differences. They finally united as Poong Sang has always wanted.

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Touch your Heart (tvN)

Touch Your Heart12

Images from sports.donga.com

After that confrontation with Lee Gang Joon, Jung Rok insists on sleeping at her house that night. The next morning, Yoon Seo cooks and prepares breakfast for Jung Rok and they go to the office together. He worries as she tries to appear calm and unaffected, but Jung Rok sees through her. At the parking lot, Jung Rok apprehends someone who is taking photos of Yoon Seo. Sensing that Lee Gang Joon is behind it, she talks to him over the phone and gives him a warning.

The Writer and Director of the drama speak with the CEO of Yoon Seo’s agency, and they said that the investor does not want her for the part. Yeon Joon Seok demands to talk to the investor as he wants to know the reason for Yoon Seo’s rejection when she has done so much for the project. Yoon Seo insists to come to the meeting and much to their surprise, Lee Gang Joon appears. She says she no longer wants to do the drama and Joon Seok agrees with her.

After consulting with Jung Rok as her attorney, Yoon Seo finds Lee Gang Joon in her house, demanding her to return his love. Jung Rok arrives in time to rescue Yoon Seo and the police arrests Gang Joon. Later on, Hyuk Joon discovers that the two of them are dating, and he speaks with Jung Rok to ask him to end their relationship. Jung Rok refuses, but after seeing that Yoon Seo loves her profession so much and that she belongs to the entertainment world, with her fans, decided to break up with her.

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Big Issue (SBS)

Big Issue

I might have secretly doting Han Ye Seul ever since because she deserves it. Her unfazed attitude on heroines designed with grit is just palpable. Pairing up with Joo Jin Moo in a polished story and deftly written screenplay is keeping my midweek happy.

Last week, Seok Joo and Soo Hyun made choices that change their lives forever. With connected fates, the two meet again and strike a deal to get the pressing concerns they have to accomplish. Partly blaming herself for the fate of a once exemplary photo-journalist, Soo Hyun, the almighty editor-in-chief of an online paparazzi media company offers him a job so that he can save his daughter who needs a heart transplant.

In a way, I like how Soo Hyun is serving justice by manipulating atrocious acts of people with power. On the side, she is deemed as a superheroine with her fearless attitude. Now, that our hero has snapped out of his alcoholic self, I look forward to see him redeem himself. Honest and brave characters always yield a great story. That’s where Big Issue is directed at.

Friday/Saturday K-Dramas

The Fiery Priest (SBS)

The Fiery Priest1


Father Kim Hae Il remains a nuisance and a hindrance to the Gudam community leaders. After figuring out the connection between the town’s leaders, he sets out to expose them one by one. He goes first to the factory which supplied the spoiled food. At the factory, together with Detectives Koo Dae Young and Seo Seung A, they fight with Hwang Cheol Bum’s men. The news reported the brawl as well as the exposure of the bribery between the factory and the health official.

The Priest continues to antagonize the leaders as he gatecrashes Jung Dong Ja’s press conference. He reveals more wrongdoings, and in return, she offers to resign. The community leaders gather, and scold Hwang Cheol Bum. It seems the group has something up their sleeves as they are confident they can overturn the events. The news paints Father Hae Il as the bad guy. The report twisted his words and made it appear he is the one who forced Jung Dong Ja’ resignation.

Hwang Cheol Bum sets up a trap as he takes Oh Yo Han and Ssongsak to lure Father Hae Il. Cheol Bum’s underlings pummeled the trio and they all end up in the hospital. As a counter attack and after learning its ties to Father Lee’s death, Father Hae Il plans to infiltrate Hwang Cheol Bum’s villa.

Legal High (jTBC)



Tae Rim faces a former client of his. Ki Seok takes over and defends the chaebol former client for unjustly firing Tae Rim’s client. In the process, Ki Seok realizes that being a lawyer does not suit his ideals. After the case, he turns over his resignation to the B&G Law Firm. He then starts working as a prosecutor and becomes friends with Tae Rim again.

Meanwhile, Jae In discovers the little girl ghost, who follows Tae Rim around, is his former client Yoo Ra. Although it seemed out of character for Tae Rim, he befriends the sick and lonely little girl , whom the toxic substance proved unfortunately too much for Yoo Ra and she passed away.

And lastly, Lawyer Bang Dae Han is fired from B&G Law Firm. He is replaced by Professor Song.

Saturday/Sunday K-Dramas

Romance Is A Bonus Book (tvN) *Finale

Romance is a Bonus Book

Specific to late 20s to middle-aged career people, Romance Is A Bonus Book boasts introspective aftereffects. It might not appeal to younger generation who prefer oppa-romance themed stories, but it is saccharine nonetheless.

From lessons about women’s strength, individualism and friendship, its ultimate message is finding one’s purpose. Romance Is A Bonus Book presented a beautiful tale of life and romance that is honest and reassuring.

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