K-Drama Couch: Triple Premieres With “Doctor Prisoner”, “Confession” & “Kill It” + “The Light In Your Eyes” Finale

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New additions to 2019 Korean dramas for the third week of March highlight stellar hero-centric series.

Spring usually is synonymous to romance stories. However, the currently airing 2019 Korean dramas are determined to put fans on love tale diet.

Here is the roster of 2019 Korean Dramas  currently airing:


My Lawyer, Mr. Jo 2 (KBS)

Haechi (SBS)

Item (MBC)

He is Psychometric (tvN)

The Light in Your Eyes (jTBC) *Finale


Doctor Prisoner (KBS2TV) *Premiere

Touch Your Heart (tvN)

Big Issue (SBS)

Spring Turns to Spring (MBC)

Possessed (OCN)


Fiery Priest (SBS)

Legal High (jTBC)


Confession (tvN) *Premiere

Kill It (OCN) *Premiere

My Healing Love (MBC)

Babel (TV Chosun)

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Read through the highlights of the dramas you might have missed.

*Covers March 18 – March 24, 2019.

*Note: weekend and daily dramas are not included in Hellokpop’s weekly roundup coverage

*Disclaimer: Some K-Dramas we really do not cover. We choose our K-Drama battles wisely.

Monday/Tuesday K-Dramas

Haechi (SBS)


Signing up for Haechi means painstaking agreement to bear with the arduous journey of Crown Prince Yi Geum in proving his might as the future King. His contention with the nobles and Joseon dignitaries is a constant every episode. Along with societal problems inserted each week, that’s pretty much the picture of Haechi for me.

Hitting the halfway mark, Prince Yeoning has slowly won the hearts of the peasants as he expresses his genuine empathy to them. But this development looks to thread to a future rift with the King. Also delighting this week was the glint of romance between him and Yeo Ji. With not so much romance stories these days, I found myself smiling on their hinted romance in the horizon.

The resident psychopath villain Prince Yi Tan has rested well and looks all ready to cast his evil doings once again. Narrating the story as simple as possible without sacrificing the usual thrilling elements of period dramas is what I like most about Haechi. Each week, it connects to the circling story, which is also the main conflict, of Prince Yeoning journey to rise to the throne he deserves.

Item (MBC)


There is really a gap on how the writing and placement of defining moments in this series. This week, viewers cross different worlds and different timelines, as the key to Room of Wishes was also unveiled. Combining the power of bracelet and the Priest’ ring, the person with the mentioned “items” can go to the alternate world, where Da In and the rest of Dream World album trapped victims are.

It also explained how the 12 items were brought about by Dream World tragedy. Additionally, the people moving in the story are also aware of their shared painful memory. Continuing his bottomless monstrosities, Se Hwang obtained important “items”, as Team Heroes have secured important “items”. Trapped in a limbo, Da In also arrived at the Room of Wishes where she is brought to the day of the Dream World tragedy. She is also transported to the future where she sees her uncle wounded because of a train crash.

I really deserve a tub of ice cream for using up forbearance each week for Item. But who knows if the last two weeks will give a proper redemption?

He is Psychometric (tvN)

He is Psychometric

tvN Facebook Page

Week two of He Is Psychometric has given viewers some revelation about the fire incident eleven years ago and the characters. After hearing about Lee An’s psychometric ability, Yoon Jae In becomes excited as she sees a way to prove her father’s innocence. However, she changes her mind and warns Lee An not to touch her and keeps her secret. The fired Math teacher, who sold test answers to selected students, wants to exact his revenge against Jae In. He attacks her but before he could hurt her, Lee An arrives and the police arrest the older man. The Math teacher threatens to expose her true identity and he did. He vandalizes one of the school’s wall and writes about Jae In being a murderer’s daughter.

Jae In decides to run away, and for two years, Lee An searches for her. On the day of his Law Enforcement Exam, Lee An meets Jae In. They talk, and he finds out that she is now a police officer stationed in a remote town. As he visits her, a suitcase with a dead woman inside ends up in the town’s river.

As they are investigating the case involving the woman, the witness to the hospice fire ends up dead. Prosecutor Kang and Detective Eun go to the crime scene, and something about the way the victim is killed, trigger memories from Kang Sung Mo’s childhood as well as the fire in the apartment complex. As Sung Mo, Lee An and Yoon Jae In meet up, a man dressed in black is watching from a distance.

The Light in Your Eyes (jTBC) *Finale

The Light in Your Eyes | jTBC

The Light in Your Eyes | jTBC

Wow, that finale was really daebak. The plot twist was totally unexpected. Hye Ja captured my heart from Day 1, even more so now that it was revealed how she lived her life after Joon Ha died. Isn’t it bittersweet that their great love ended too early? Hye Ja stayed faithful to Joon Ha’s memories even after all these years.

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Wednesday/Thursday K-Dramas

Doctor Prisoner (KBS2TV) *Premiere

Doctor Prisoner

With reliable character actors on board, I doubt if the storytelling would flounder. Scoring double digit on its premiere week is considered remarkable. For that reason, I had to check who are the show runners and felt confident to add the series on my watch list.

Utterly impressed, Doctor Prisoner reminded me of how I used to love Nam Goong Min in his villain roles. That getting a serving of a hero-villain character now is really exciting me as a drama fan.

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Big Issue (SBS)

Big Issue

Big Issue fascinatingly grips as viewers get to delve in the world of paparazzi news in the scoop hounds’ perspective. Soo Hyun and Seok Joo continue cutting deals that are win-win situation for both parties.

Transforming to a cold, heartless paparazzo was a task given by Soo Hyun to Seok Joo. With the latter’s principles and emotions, he struggled to keep up with the ruthless world of the company he now belongs to.

This week, a popular actor trying to skip his military service with birth secret on the side maintained the exciting beats of Big Issue. Seok Joo secured a chance for his daughter to prolong her life through Sunday Syndicate’s money.

Touch Your Heart (tvN)

Touch Your Heart

Image from sports.donga.com

Both Jung Rok and Yoon Seo are having a hard time dealing with their break up. Both have immersed themselves with their respective work and Jung Rok’s colleagues take notice. Joon Kyu even comments that he is working extra hard the past few days to which Jung Rok dismisses. Yoon Seo, on the other hand, uses her pain to nail her emotional scenes and the production crew lauds her for it without knowing the truth behind her tears.

Meanwhile, a past case hunts Jung Rok as evidence suggests Park Su Myeong may not be the culprit at all. His mother causes a scene at the law firm as she angrily reiterates her son’s innocence. He decides to take Park Sum Myeong case much to Joon Kyu’s protests.

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Yoon Seo finds out Jung Rok’s true reason for ending their relationship and she keeps on showing in front of him. Jung Rok and Joon Kyu, after their huge fight, decide to make amends. The law firm employees put their heads together and Jung Rok eventually proved Park Su Myeong’s innocence and Im Yun Hee’s guilt. Yoon Seo wants to celebrate Jung Rok’s win and invites him to have a drink. They talk, and Yoon Seo insists that she wants to start again. Jung Rok tells her he loves her and the two share a kiss.

Friday/Saturday K-Dramas

The Fiery Priest (SBS)

The Fiery Priest

Images from SBS

Things at the district of Gudam is getting more complicated as the leaders create a faction amongst themselves. Father Hae Il obtains a DNA sample from Hwang Cheol Bum’s villa. They are fortunate enough to escape while Detective Koo Dae Young and Seo Seung A return to the villa. The partners convince the other police officers that the men are just thieves as a small, but expensive vase has been stolen.

The trio convene at the church and Song Sac tells them of the conversation he heard while delivering food to Hwang’s men. Kang Seok Tae informs Hwang Cheol Bum that they decided to kill Representative Park and make it look like a suicide just like what they did Father Lee. Kang Seok Tae orders Park Kyung Sun to set a meeting with Congressman Park and inform him that they have evidences of his wrongdoings. He gives her a heads up that if things get messy, she needs to look away and not worry a thing.

Father Hae Il sees Park Kyung Sun get in the car of Congressman Park and he follows it. Hwang Cheol Bum’s men corner the vehicle and picks up Congressman Park. Father Hae Il prevents the Congressman’s demise. However, he was hit hard on the head and loses consciousness. The Priest’s former team leader at the NIS is working with Hwang Cheol Bum and exposes his past. He also shows up at the church to rattle Father Hae Il.

As Kyung Sun digs into Superintendent Nam, her team comes across an elaborate scheme of bribery, drug distribution and other crimes happening at a club. The club’s CEO puts a hit on Park Kyung Sun. While Father Hae Il fights and apprehends the man who is tasked to kill the Congressman, he learns that the Prosecutor is also a target. The priest arrives in time to save her.

Legal High (jTBC)

Legal High


For the first time in history, Tae Rim loses his very first case. Ki Seok figures his loss as he was the prosecutor in the case of Tae Rim. Tae Rim takes the loss hard and disappears into their indoor garden.

Meanwhile, Jae In cannot stop investigating about what happened to Yoo Ra despite warnings from Tae Rim to leave that case alone.

Tae Rim retries the case again and wants to have the previous decision overturned. Meanwhile, Jae In gets attacked by overzealous watchers of the case. Tae Rim successfully gets the previous decision overturned. However, the prosecutor warns him  that he wasn’t the real enemy. Later on, they discover that Ki Seok was the one secretly visiting their client.

Tae Rim stages a fake case to get Doo Hyun as the witness. He gets her to admit that Ha Na, the daughter of her victim, is her daughter also. Later on, her case was dismissed and she walks as a free woman.

Saturday/Sunday K-Dramas

Confession (tvN) *Premiere



Rookie lawyer Choi Do Hyun is talented and skilled as a lawyer, but his peers believe that he won’t get promotions because his father is on death row.

Do Hyun takes a high-profile case. He defends the primary suspect Han Jong Koo and wins the case. After, police officer Ki Choon Ho accuses him of letting a murderer go free.

Five years later, another murder takes place. The circumstances are eerily similar from Do Hyun’s previous murder case. The police call in Han Jong Koo again and accuse him of the murder once more.

Kill It (OCN) *Premiere

Kill It

OCN | Kill It

Kim Soo Hyun is a trained assassin. Orphaned at an early age, he was taken by Pavel and trained to be ruthless. 17 years later, he conceals his identity as he also works under the guise of a veterinarian.

Meanwhile, Do Hyun Jin is a treasured daughter to her parents. Unfortunately, she disappointed her mother when she worked as a police officer instead of a ballerina as her mom wanted.  Hyun Jin has a global record in darts and uses her skill to her advantage in catching criminals.

Soo Hyun and Hyun Jin cross paths for the first time, and soon after, Hyun Jin seems intrigued by the quiet and enigmatic veterinarian.

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