K-Drama Diary: The Most Mind-Blowing Scenes From “The World Of The Married”

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The World Of The Married left audiences surprised with its explosive storytelling style and unexpected events.

Daunting K-Drama watchers with peak intensity, The World of the Married has presented a narrative unlike any other. Initially the drama begins with an act of infidelity. But as the plot goes deeper, the drama gives a microscopic view of a tangled relationship.

The World Of The Married

The key highlight of The World Of The Married is definitely its multi-layered characters, who are flawed and so are their actions. But nevertheless, this is also the reason why audiences are so much drawn to this drama. Assessing up to what lengths will these characters go, is really difficult.

Also, the powerful scenes and dialogues from this drama are unforgettable. Therefore, we are taking a look back into some of the most unforgettable moments from The World of the Married.

Lies were unmasked and betrayal was revealed

Ji Sun Woo learns that all this time, she was living a lie. Not only her husband, but her friends also kept things from her. An overwhelming pool of emotions hits her and all she could think is how everyone betrayed her.

Ji Sun Woo unleashes her wrath on Sul Myung Sook

After learning that, Sul Myung Sook (Chae Gook Hee) aided her husband in keeping the secret, Ji Sun Woo’s rage would not subside. Here, she directly asks Sul Myung Sook, whether she had fun in making a fool out of her.

News of Yeo Da Kyung’s pregnancy

When Yeo Da Kyung (Han So Hee) comes to get a consultation from Ji Sun Woo, there is also a battle of the nerves. The women also discover the shocking news that Yeo Da Kyung is pregnant with Lee Tae Oh’s (Park Hae Joon) baby.

Ji Sun Woo finally catches her husband cheating on her

On the day of the funeral of Lee Tae Oh’s mother, he goes to meet Yeo Da Kyung at the parking lot. To make it worse, he is playing the same song that he used to propose Ji Sun Woo.

Ji Sun Woo cheats on her husband

One of the unforeseeable incidents, Ji Sun Woo takes an action that is morally wrong. Driven by the pain that she has had to endure, her only goal is to inflict the similar sufferings to those who have wronged her.

Ji Sun Woo learns that Lee Joon Young is aware of his father’s affair

Until this moment, Ji Sun Woo was considering to ignore her husband’s infidelity for the sake of her son. But evidently, her husband was too careless, causing their son to witness the affair. Hereupon, Sun Woo becomes firm with the determination to take away everything from her husband.

Announcing the news of the affair to Yeo Da Kyung’s family

A perfect payback is bestowed on both the husband and the mistress, when Ji Sun Woo humiliates them.

Some harsh words between Ji Sun Woo and Go Ye Rim

It is never Ji Sun Woo’s intention to keep her rendezvous with Son Je Hyuk (Kim Young Min) a secret. So she tells the truth to Go Ye Rim (Park Sun Young). Mind unhinged with anger, Go Ye Rim tells Ji Sun Woo that she had never considered her a friend.

Lee Tae Oh triggers Ji Sun Woo’s emotions by mentioning her painful past

Knowing that Ji Sun Woo is doing her utmost best to cut ties with Lee Tae Oh and separate him from their son, he makes a move. But it takes a worse turn, when he mentions Ji Sun Woo’s past.

Shockingly, Lee Joon Young chooses his father over his mother

Even though he is well-aware of his father’s disloyalty, Lee Joon Young (Jeon Jin Seo) does not want his parents to separate. Causing Sun Woo even more devastation, he states that he will live with his father.

The ugly assault that shifts the story

Ji Sun Woo misleads Lee Tae Oh into believing that she has done something horrible to their son. This results in a nasty physical assault, which Lee Joon Young witnesses and therefore, chooses his mother.

The glorious return of Lee Tae Oh and Yeo Da Kyung

Everything was supposed to get better for Ji Sun Woo but it doesn’t. Two years later, her ex-husband has a successful career, is married to his mistress, and also makes a grand comeback in the town.

Ji Sun Woo crashes the welcome party

After Lee Tae Oh provokes Ji Sun Woo by letting her know that their son is with him, she goes to the party. Upon reaching there, she observes that all the distinguished people from the town including her friends are present there.

Ji Sun Woo discovers that Yeo Da Kyung’s wardrobe is similar to hers

As she looks around for her son, Ji Sun Woo inadvertently comes across Yeo Da Kyung’s dressing room. To her horror, Yeo Da Kyung’s possessions are excessively identical to her belongings.

Lee Tae Oh tries to sabotage Ji Sun Woo’s career

The messy relationship gets jumbled further as Lee Tae Oh tries to get Ji Sun Woo stripped of her position at work. Additionally, someone has been trying to scare Sun Woo by throwing a stone at her house.

Return of Park In Kyu

Someone has been threatening Ji Sun Woo. So when she could not reach Lee Joon Young, she gets worried. Though nothing happens to her son, she notices Park In Kyu (Lee Hak Joo) nearby.

Yeo Da Kyung finds out what her husband has been doing behind her back

The past is repeated again and in a similar fashion, Yeo Da Kyung detects another woman’s pictures in her husband’s phone.

An unexpected accident

On the day Min Hyun Seo (Shim Eun Woo) tries to sneak away from the town, Park In Kyu follows her to the Gosan station. There he ends up dying as he falls off from a roof.

Ji Sun Woo coming to aid Lee Tae Oh

On Min Hyun Seo’s testimony, the police brings in Lee Tae Oh for inquiry. Not wanting her child to be labelled as a murderer’s son, Ji Sun Woo presents a fake alibi to save Lee Tae Oh.

The World of the Married

More mistakes from both the sides

This is an unforeseen scenario in the drama, when Sun Woo and Tae Oh end up sleeping together.

Lee Joon Young gets in trouble at school

The adults never notice that in their tussle, the child has faced the repercussions. Joon Young has a fight with a classmate and worse, he does not feel remorse for his wrongdoings.

The World Of The Married

Ji Sun Woo notices that her son is a kleptomaniac

Initially, Ji Sun Woo was under the impression that her son’s mistake was a one-time thing. But, when she scours through his room, she finds some items that do not belong to her son.

Ji Sun Woo gets humiliated for her son

Even though her son had done wrong, Sun Woo is weak for her son and therefore cannot bear to let him get punished. Leaving behind her every ounce of self-respect, she begs for forgiveness on her knees from the Cha family.

The reason for Lee Joon Young’s reckless behaviour

Apparently, on the night his parents were together, Joon Young came home and witnessed what had transpired.

 Ji Sun Woo almost gives up on life

Until now, Ji Sun Woo had been strongly enduring everything. But, when her son says that it would be better if she leaves, she could not take it anymore. Taken aback by the hatred of her son, she contemplates on disappearing from the world.

Yeo Da Kyung shows her true self

Moments after preaching about being a family, Yeo Da Kyung wrongly accuses Joon Young of hurting her daughter and says some harsh words.

The World Of The Married

A heartwarming mother-son interaction

At the end of the day, the son does realize his mother’s importance. At the same time, on hearing her son’s voice, Sun Woo rushes to get him.

Ji Sun Woo stands strong again

The roles gets reversed – Yeo Da Kyung finds herself at the similar position as Ji Sun Woo. She had her doubts, but Ji Sun Woo confirms her husband’s disloyalty.

Yeo Da Kyung confronts Lee Tae Oh

A similar scene like this had occurred in the past. But unlike the previous one, Lee Tae Oh admits of being unfaithful.

Yeo Da Kyung faces more shocking revelations

Though Yeo Da Kyung had said that she would try to make the marriage work, she found it difficult to get rid of her anxiety. Therefore, she meets Sun Woo to ensure that she leaves them alone. But Sun Woo throws a light into what kind of person Lee Tae Oh actually is.

Lee Tae Oh loses everything

Finally, Lee Tae Oh suffers the consequences of his actions. Yeo Da Kyung leaves him taking their daughter away. Along with that, Lee Tae Oh is left penniless, with no house or job.

The most heartbreaking moment

Confirming that he cannot get his old life back, Lee Tae Oh attempts suicide by jumping in front of a truck. Though nothing happens to him, but a worried Ji Sun Woo rushes towards him.

However, this acts as an eye-opener to Lee Joon Young, who realizes that his parents’ dysfunctional relationship will never end. Perturbed at what he had seen, he runs away.

The ending scene of The World Of The Married

A year has passed since her son’s disappearance, yet Sun Woo has been clinging to the hope that he might return someday. Finally, one day, she hears someone opening the door pass code, and a silhouette that looks like Joon Young appears in front of her.

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