K-Drama Diary: The Fun & Romance That We Will Miss About “Backstreet Rookie”

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It’s send off party tonight on Backstreet Rookie!

With that, let’s take a look back on the best moments, memorable lines and all the rest of the things that we will miss about Backstreet Rookie.

Threading on trademark Korean rom-com flair, the series stars Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung. The series revolves around the story of a man and a woman whose perseverance keep them going to chase after her dreams, love and happiness.

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The lively characters

Despite giving more attention to the framed love story, Backstreet Rookie has introduced endearing characters who added enjoyment to the narrative. Notably, Geum Bi (Seo Ye Hwa) and Eun Jo (Yoon Soo) make up for quirky sisterhood moments that easily generated laughter from audience.

Third party involvement are considered K-Drama essentials, and we had two-and-a-half in the story. Seung Joon (Do Sang Woo) and Ji Wook (Kim Min Gyu) unfortunately failed on their one-sided romance. Yeon Joo (Han Sun Hwa) also lost her claim to the hero of the story, whose objection of affection was her initially.

Providing additional sprinkles of zest is Dal Sik and Geum Bi’s side love story. Meanwhile, Eun Byul carved a perfect picture of a youth torn between being grateful and irresponsible sister who learns from her mistake.

Choi family and the office workers at GS2 headquarters round up the small and easy to remember cast members of Backstreet Rookie.

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The romantic ride

Remaining grounded and focused to her not so fortunate life, Jung Saet Byul (Kim Yoo Jung) has simple dreams. Those are to take care of her sister and claim her long-time crush. Both appear to not going on her way. The only bright things in her life are her trusted sister friends and celebrity male friend.

But fate favors the diligent, her affection towards the convenience store manager she likes saw a ray of hope.

Choi Dae Hyun (Ji Chang Wook), Saet Byul’s store manager has been dating a woman without the knowledge of her affluent family. Often times, his girlfriend Yeon Joo sets the direction of their relationship. His big love though finally breaks because the wealth disparity of their families came into picture.

Choosing to be filial and sticking to his upright beliefs, he finally emancipated himself from a relationship which saw him as the side who loves more.

From being a mentor to Saet Byul in her high school days, their work relationship progressed to romance. Both of them sails to love by feeling the moment, and disregarding unwanted worries. Both of them were blessed with each other’s affection and encouragement.

The Snapshots

Browse through captured photos featuring some of the best moments of Backstreet Rookie in the album below.

?K-Drama Snapshots: #BackstreetRookieAll photos screen-captured from SBS official website: https://programs.sbs.co.kr/drama/backstreetrookie/visualboards/64545

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Backstreet Rookie Original Sound Tracks

Kang Daniel – “Something”

April – “CRAZY”

Rothy – “Sleepless Night”

Lim Ji Soo – “I’ll Miss You”

Park Kyung & SEOLA – “See Saw”

Colde – “Treasure”

Don’t miss the finale episode of Backstreet Rookie tonight on SBS!

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