K-Drama Diary: Looking Back At The Most Impactful Scenes Of “The King: Eternal Monarch”

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As Netflix’s sensational drama The King: Eternal Monarch reached a gratifying end, revisit the most dazzling moments during its journey!

The King: Eternal Monarch is a drama that has plenty to offer with its fantasy, romance plot. From star-crossed romance, parallel worlds, to doppelgangers, each episode has viewers on their toes! Moreover, led by fan-favorite actors Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun, the unique drama has quickly risen as one of the most memorable dramas this year.

Following the conclusion of the series, let’s take a look back at some of the show’s most impactful scenes!

The Meeting

Viewers knew The King: Eternal Monarch was going to be a special watch just by Lee Gon and Jung Tae Eul’s majestic first meeting. Lee Gon’s childhood hero, who saved him from death, dropped Tae Eul’s ID badge in their haste to leave. Lee Gon waited years and searched his entire country to find her. Finally, after crossing into the parallel world, she is the first person whom he is approached by.

Though Jung Tae Eul remains oblivious, their meeting is fueled by Lee Gon’s tender emotions. Years of his yearning and anticipation have resulted in this moment. As he embraces her, it is clear to the audience that the two were fated to meet, and that their destinies led them to one another.

The Explanation

The couple’s first meeting is contrasted by their hilarious scene in the police station when Lee Gon attempts to explain the truth to Tae Eul. He tells the truth from the very beginning, stating that he is a King from another world. However, the absurdity of this story only annoys our strong female lead. Their banter and Tae Eul’s brash attitude towards Lee Gon, who has only ever experienced the respect of his people, created a hysterical moment.

Additionally, the pair’s high chemistry in the scene promised more fun moments to come as they grow closer.

When Time Stood Still

This is a momentous moment for Lee Gon as he begins to theorize why time keeps standing still for everyone except him. He begins to suspect that this is a side effect of traveling between two worlds. This scene is also a cute moment between Lee Gon and Jang Tae Eul. When time stops, Lee Gon takes the moment as an opportunity to fondly appreciate Tae Eul’s natural beauty.

Throughout the series, the couple’s time together is increasingly spent separated from one another or used working together to defeat Lee Lim. This moment is thus more impactful as one of the few calm moments in which Lee Gon can think about his feelings for Tae Eul without too many disruptions.

The First Travel

This scene is paramount to the series as Tae Eul begins to trust Lee Gon, and starts to believe there is indeed another world. After proving he has had her ID all along, Lee Gon offers to take Tae Eul to his world. Additionally, it is a moment that the audiences witness Tae Eul allowing herself to open up to Lee Gon since he has been truthful the entire time he has known her.

Though Tae Eul does not reciprocate Lee Gon’s intense feelings just yet, this moment illustrates Tae Eul beginning to realize that it may be okay to fall for the King.

The Kiss

In this playful and sweet scene, Lee Gon and Tae Eul share their first kiss. After a startling discovery that parallel worlds do exist and Lee Gon is indeed a King, Tae Eul attempts to sort out her thoughts. Lee Gon surprises her with a visit and convinces her that there are no palace security cameras in her room by kissing her.

Lee Gon also takes the opportunity to declare his intentions with Tae Eul and states that they are dating.

The Friendship

This moment provides viewers with a rare glimpse into the history of Tae Eul and Kang Shin Jae. Though coworkers and friends, the two first met as young adolescents. Tae Eul saved Shin Jae from getting beaten up, and Shin Jae grows to admire Tae Eul for her strong and fiery spirit. Eventually, he joins her father’s Taekwondo centre.

This scene was a wholesome break from the drama of the show, highlighting the two character’s friendship and growth together. It also provided more context into Shin Jae’s struggles growing up and the loyalty he feels towards Tae Eul.

The Dopplegangers Meet

Arguably one of the scene-stealers of the entire series, actor Woo Do Hwan demonstrates his powerful acting capabilities in the hilarious moment when his doppelganger characters meet one another. Playing polar opposites, Jo Eun Seop and Jo Yeong, show the actor’s amazing range. He pulls off Eun Seop’s goofy charm and Yeong’s serious intensity with complete believability.

The Imitation

Another scene in which Woo Do Hwan shines as an actor is when Yeong must imitate Eun Seop. After Yeong and Lee Gon ended up in a street fight that catches the eye of police officers, Yeong must pretend to be Eun Seop because they are coworkers. Perfectly feigning Eun Seop’s Busan dialect and casual charm, Yeong surprises Lee Gon and Eun Seop in the funny scene.

Eun Seop and Yeong provide the otherwise serious drama with some comic relief. However, while the scene is lighthearted, it also indicates the greater problems with doppelgangers running around the same world and foreshadows potential trouble ahead.

The Reunion

In one of the most tension-filled episodes of the series, Lee Gon and Lee Lim finally meet face to face after years. Lee Gon manages to pinpoint which worlds Lee Lim travels to and anticipates his return to the Kingdom of Corea. He finds out what path Lee Lim takes to travel from the bamboo forest where the portal is located, back to Busan and meets him in a standoff.

This significant scene is crucial to the drama’s conflict. It also depicts the two men’s distinct different ambitions: to achieve power and to obtain justice. This moment is when the drama begins to pick up speed as Lee Lim no longer hides in the shadows to plan his evil schemes and openly challenges Lee Gon.

the king

The Realization

It was a shocking moment for characters and viewers alike when Kang Shin Jae realized that he was not from the Republic of Korea. Instead, Shin Jae was born in the Kingdom of Corea. What he believed were dreams, were actually his memories of his childhood in another world.

This summoned many questions about his character. Why was he brought to the other world? Who is he truly? And what connection might he have to the King? The heartbreaking moment creates sympathy for Shin Jae who struggles with his identity and life purpose.

Moreover, it only adds to the mystery of the many doppelgangers who travel between both worlds.

The First “I love you”

Fans of The King: Eternal Monarch often rave about the show’s uniqueness in comparison to typical dramas. Again taking an unconventional route, Tae Eul shared her first “I love you” with Lee Gon in a refreshing way. After realizing that Lee Gon is her destiny, but understanding that their fate together may end in sadness, Tae Eul abandons caution and confesses her love.

The scene may not be the most romantic or elaborate confession of love drama lovers are used to. However, the charm in the moment’s quiet sincerity, fitting for the no-frills, easy-going couple. Viewers still had much to swoon about as Tae Eul embraced Lee Gon as her fate, which seemed even more significant than the “I love you” confession itself.

Crossing The Universe

In another interesting twist, the drama shows the star-crossed lovers reuniting after a long separation. Lee Gon explains that he crossed the universe just to see Tae Eul and says “I love you” for the first time. Later on, in the series, it is revealed that the Lee Gon who visited Tae Eul was not the version she exists with in the present. Instead, it was Lee Gon from the future.

This foreshadows potential trouble and danger looming in Tae Eul’s future as Lee Gon had to travel into the past just to see her again.

The Rescue

The drama’s most climactic scene occurs with Lee Gon’s knight-in-shining-armor moment as he rushes to save Tae Eul from Lee Lim’s henchman. After being kidnapped and brought into the Kingdom of Corea, Tae Eul feels hopeless watching swarms of Lee Lim’s supporters coming to kill her.

However, Lee Gon makes a dashing appearance at the right time. He nobly declares Tae Eul the future Queen of the Kingdom of Corea and demands that his team protect her. After an action-packed knife fight, the couple desperately reunites and Lee Gon carries Tae Eul bride-style back to his palace.

The Reveal

One of the series’ most shocking scenes is when Lady Noh has tea with Tae Eul. She apologizes for her initial rude behavior towards her and relays that she now trusts Tae Eul. Lady Noh reveals that she was born in the North side of Korea and has not spoken to anyone from her hometown in a while. She asks Tae Eul about the war in the 1950’s, and Tae Eul stares back at her, speechless.

In the Kingdom of Corea, the North and South sides are still united. No war has occurred. Lady Noh as therefore revealed that she is from the other world – the Republic of Korea.

the king

The Boyfriend

Lee Gon and Jung Tae Eul confirm their relationship even further in this sweet scene! Though her father originally believes Lee Gon is nothing more than the horse owner re-visiting, Tae Eul introduces him as her boyfriend. The trio enjoy their first meal together after Tae Eul has confessed the true nature of their relationship.

The Defeat

After a long journey, the show’s largest conflict finally ended with Lee Gon’s success. While Lee Lim continually created challenges that threatened Lee Gon’s happiness, crown, and life, at the show’s end his power-hungry nature and his own arrogance proved to be his fatal flaws. Lee Lim dies in defeat as Lee Gon valiantly risked his own life by chasing after Lee Lim instead of saving himself as a child.

His efforts to prioritize ending evil over saving his own life were rewarded. Finally, Lee Gon outwitted Lee Lim, obtaining revenge and justice for all of his crimes.

Time Traveller

One of the most endearing scenes in The King: Eternal Monarch was Lee Gon’s reunion with Tae Eul following their separation across space and time. Despite their seemingly doomed fate, Lee Gon carried out his promise to Tae Eul, opening every door of every universe until he found her once again. In this manner, he proved that their fate was truly together.

Moreover, the show thrilled audiences as Tae Eul remembered Lee Gon, even though he changed the past and caused their first meeting to never happen.

Alternate Fates

As a result of Lee Gon changing the past, the fates of the other doppelgangers changed too. The show satisfyingly followed these characters, giving viewers a glimpse into their lives. Notably, Koo Seo Ryung and Luna coincidentally end up as sisters. Luna has the family she never had before, living happily as a cop.

Meanwhile, Seo Ryung still dabbles in politics but lands in jail due to tax fraud. Though she remains in prison for a brief stint, she seems happier with a sister in her life. Audiences loved to see the tangible change Lee Gon set in motion, and the show felt more concluded with this addition.

Happy Ending

At the series end, The King: Eternal Monarch revealed the lead couple’s happy end. As Lee Gon and Tae Eul lived in different worlds, the drama provided a realistic conclusion to their star-crossed love. Audiences watched as they met each other at the gate between worlds, and traveled to different universes together before returning home.

By doing so, the couple could continue to live their own lives while remaining together – the best solution to have everything they wanted. As the drama flashed forward by showing an older Lee Gon and Tae Eul holding hands, audiences could finish the show knowing that they remained happily together.

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