K-Drama Diary: The Music & Friendship Moments That We Will Miss From “Hospital Playlist”

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Hospital Playlist proves that a few trusted and functional friends serve the purpose of seeing the beauty in life.

With friendship as the main theme of the series; make-sense pep talks about life, career and relationship are the biggest takeaways from the series.

hospital playlist

We could not ask for more of what the diligent cast showcased in the series. Hats off to Jo Jung Suk, Yoo Yeon Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, Kim Dae Myung and Jeon Mi Do for decorating a well-contrived friendship narrative.

Sending off Junhwan, Songhwa, Ikjun, leaves definite void for fans who scheduled it for their K-Drama time. But who knows, the series could get another season or more that it so deserves.

hospital playlist

In case you miss the group one day, bookmark this feature to hang out with them and relive the best scenes from this #squadgoal friendship circle.

That perfectly captured karaoke session with besties

This scene probably cemented the friendship of the lively surgeons back when they were in med school. It is also one of the binding moments which make the fans of the series root for the five friends.

The sweet love confessions

Finding his love match to his friend’s younger sister, Joon Hwan and Ik Soon’s romantic ride featured a lot of adorable scenes.

And who wouldn’t sweetly sigh on Ik Joon’s implied love confession to Song Hwa.

He followed it up with an ultimatum. Sadly, we have to wait for season 2 to know the answer.

Lastly, we all root for the love story between Gyeo Wool and Jung Won to be fulfilled.

The Friends who are family

20 years had made Hospital Playlist friends practically know each other. From coffee break sessions, karaoke nights, and regular dining together, the drama highlighted how they are so familiar with each other like family. They know when they are needed, and they won’t hesitate to help.

Just like Songhwa who carefully treated Ik Joon in the cutest way ever.

Or when they gang up Joon Hwan to spill out his new girl whom he can’t reveal because she is Ik Joon’s youngest sister.

And when Ik Joon cutely invades Joon Hwan’s privacy…

The eating sessions

Whether they eat at the hospital during breaks or at restaurants after work, the five friends know just how to enjoy food!

The Band Sessions

An integral element of Hospital Playlist is the featured bonding moments the group shared through music. Relive all the band music featured in the series below.

If you haven’t tuned up on Hospital Playlist, set your k-drama frequency right and binge-watch it on Netflix.

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