K-Drama Mid-Series Check: “Born Again” Is Filled With Mystery Which Demands Unfolding

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Born Again continues to create more questions and it’s high time to get the answers!

Born Again has reached its middle part, and with just the same amount of episodes left, fans of the drama are curious to find out the answers to the questions which have been bothering them.

Born Again

What has transpired so far since premiere…

The drama is set around the theme of reincarnation and tells the tangled lives of three souls in two different timelines. We have Jung Ha Eun, Cha Hyung Bin and Gong Ji Cheol in the 1980s and Jung Sa Bin,  Kim Soo Hyuk and Chun Jong Bum in the present.

During the premiere week with the first four back-to-back episodes, the story revolves around the 1980s plot. It shows Hyung Bin investigating a series of murders which eventually led him to believe the culprit to be Gong Ji Cheol. With that set of mind, he starts chasing after him and desperately tries to protect his fiancé, Ha Eun.

Meanwhile, Gong Ji Cheol has been stalking Ha Eun ever since he met her a few years ago in a church she teaches at. He harbors one-sided love with her ever since.

Ha Eun suffers from a heart disease, thus her body is quite weak. She’s an honest person who tries to see all the good in people.

The rest of the episodes focus mainly on the present timeline and the reincarnations of the three. Kim Soo Hyuk is still working to capture criminals, like his old self, but there’s a twist. He’s now a prosecutor who forges evidence as needed, portraying a cold character.

Jung Sa Bin had a heart transplant from an ex-convict donor. She teaches archaeology at a university and also examines bones for the National Forensic Service. Chun Jong Bum is a medical student who attends her classes.

Those three are yet again tangled together. Soo Hyuk has a fiancé but he suddenly starts to catch feelings for Sa Bin. She also is not indifferent to him. On the other hand, Jong Bum falls for Sa Bin and hopes to get her attention.

Meanwhile, a mystery is building up and it’s about time for things to start getting revealed.

Born Again

The Past And Present Collide

So far, the series gives a whole new meaning to the saying “When the past catches up to you.”

During the last encounter between the three in the 1980s, a tragic event occurs. In a snowy set-up, the three lie helpless on the ground, with no one else around.

Hyung Bin has been continuously stabbed by Ji Cheol, who on the other hand ended up shooting himself in the head. All this is too much for Ha Eun’s heart to handle and she falls down, unable to move or do anything.

This picture lets us believe the three die on that day, but that does not seem to be the case. Later on, we learn Gong Ji Cheol has somehow survived but it is not shown how or why. It also hints that the 1980s story-line is not fully told yet.

In the present, the three meet again and that leads to something strange happening to them. When they are near each other, they experience a vivid deja vu.

Although, they do not only get flashbacks from their previous lives, which seem to be trying to catch up to them. They feel physical discomfort as well. The prosecutor gets a weird pain near his left eye and the medical student’s hand becomes shaky out of nowhere.

The Mystery

Someone is copying the murders from 30 years ago, for which Gong Ji Cheol is deemed the criminal instead of his father. Kim Soo Hyuk, just like in the past, has a feeling Chun Jong Bum is the one behind them.

One of the reasons is the fact that Jong Bum seems a bit off mentally, which gives the prosecutor a red alert. Soo Hyuk is not a fan of mentally damaged people. He believes they are not humans.

Another reason is the news of Jong Bum killing a student when he was 15 years old. It does not help when his own family believes he is capable of murder, or even worse, of already committing it.

On another note, someone keeps texting Jong Bum, claiming they are able to kill anyone, if he wishes it. The mysterious person is written on the phone as “Gong Ji Cheol.”

Jung Sa Bin’s father is the one who executed Gong Ji Cheol and because of that, he keeps hallucinating him everywhere. He is currently in a hospital, being treated. However, he keeps repeating how Ji Cheol is still alive and is after his daughter.

The questions just keep adding on with every episode, making the viewers come up with their own theories about what is happening in the drama.

Born Again

Born Again Online Production Presentation

On May 11, an online production presentation was held for the Monday-Tuesday KBS2 TV drama Born Again. The three main actors, Jang Ki Yong, Jin Se Yeon and Lee Soo Hyuk appeared during it and talked about the series’ progress and what the viewers can expect.

The drama has not been rating fairly well. To that, Lee Soo Hyuk responded with how hard he is currently working on the show. Adding, he shared his thoughts that more people will watch it now, because the drama progresses more with every episode.

Both Jang Ki Yong and Jin Se Yeon expressed their hopes for the ratings to go up as well.

The actors called the next step in the drama as “Big Fun,” promising an interesting experience.They shared how the mystery will slowly start unraveling and all the questions will be answered little by little. According to the cast, there will be further development between the characters to watch out for.

With all this in mind, the actors asked viewers to stay with them until the end of the drama.


The drama may seem a bit slow at times because of the mysteries which keep piling up and the fact we are already in the middle of it. But that does not make it any less engaging. It just focuses more on the characters for now.

Something, which probably a lot of people who read the resume for Born Again expect is a love-triangle. I am one of those people but let me tell you, it is not what one would expect.

Yes, the love-triangle is there but it is not the main point. The mystery is catching the attention way more than that and I want to know how it would unfold.

One of the interesting things, which I expected and enjoy seeing, is the part where people notice the visual similarities of the reincarnated characters. Detective Hyung Bin’s old partner shows up and helps Soo Hyuk with his current cases. At first he thought he was seeing the actual person who he knew 30 years ago and that part was pretty funny.

There are other people who also openly say how one of the three people look so similar to their old selves.

Regarding Chun Jong Bum, I am not alright with how his family treats him. His father seems to be the most normal one, who only cares about his own reputation. The younger brother though, is disrespectful and mistreats Jong Bum in different ways possible. The mother is no good either, giving an off and weird feeling.

So, who would blame Jong Bum for being different and lacking in his emotions. Everyone around him acts either differently or as if he is some kind of an experiment to them.

The Rising Questions

I do hope the cast was right during their online presentation, about starting to answer questions, because I have many. How did Gong Ji Cheol survive after shooting himself? Who is doing the killings right now? And those are not all of them.

There was a mummy of a man holding a ring in his hand. That description matched Cha Hyung Bin during his last minutes alive. A question stands though as to why was only one body found. What happened to the other two?

The mysterious messages are also high on the “we need to know” list. My mind is running with theories which keep changing with every episode.

The biggest question, in my own opinion, is who is the actual killer. In the past, was Gong Ji Cheol really involved in the murders or was it just his father, like the show implies. In the present, did he really kill that girl when he was young or was it a kind of set-up? What about now?

A lot of things need to be answered, so I am personally looking forward to the next episodes of Born Again.

The drama airs every Monday and Tuesday on KBS2 TV at 10 PM KST.

Born Again

Source for the presentation: Xportsnews

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