K-Drama Mid-Series Check: “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” Creates A Melody Of Its Own Through Its Simple Yet Gleeful Story

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Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol picks up momentum in its first half as the romantic comedy intrigues viewers with its hidden mysteries!

While Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol features many beloved tropes typical for romantic comedies, the K-drama walks to a tune of its own beat. At first glance, the show may not appear as anything special. However, its first half proved its plot was more than what meets the eye, as its mysteries began to unravel.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Now, halfway through its series run, the drama has answered many questions. However, for as many answers as it provided it also created new questions, leaving audiences riveted for its latter half.

Quick Plot Round-Up

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol revolves around a talented pianist Gu Ra Ra (Go Ara) and a mysterious Sunwoo Jun (Lee Jae Wook). They first encounter one another by chance right before Ra Ra’s arranged wedding as Jun delivers her late wedding bouquet. After her failed arranged wedding ceremony, the news of her father’s bankruptcy which caused his heart attack and subsequent death, Ra Ra is penniless and alone.

She starts to receive mysterious comments on her social media posts from a user called, “dodosolsollalasol”. Ra Ra realizes that the name of the account is a reference to the piano notes used in “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, the song that connected her to her father ever since she was young and began to learn piano. She heads to Eunpo City, the place where the user posts from, and hopes to meet them in case they had a connection to her father.

In Eunpo city, she reunites with Jun once more in an accidental car accident. After bonding at the hospital shortly after, Jun agrees to be Ra Ra’s creditor, loaning her money until she can make some of her own. The drama follows their burgeoning relationship and Ra Ra’s hilarious encounters with other residents of the small town.

The Story So Far…

Following the car accident that reunites Ra Ra and Jun, the pair fall into a quirky friendship. The duo are proof that opposites attract as the bubbly and bright Ra Ra endears the more stoic Jun, and he offers to loan her money so that she can get back on her feet.

The two grow closer during her recovery at the hospital, and Ra Ra begins to depend heavily on Jun for not only his money but his company and companionship. She decides to settle in Eunpo City, all the while hoping to meet the mysterious user named “dodosolsollalasol” who leaves her messages under her SNS posts.


Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol


Ra Ra and Jun’s friendship soon leans towards a burgeoning romance. While Ra Ra relies on Jun financially, she is often touched by his consideration towards her in more subtle ways. From building her a piano academy from within his home, planting her a lettuce garden, and calling her to wish her a good night, Jun’s sweet gestures begin to sweep Ra Ra off of her feet.

The feeling is mutual. While Ra Ra is more chipper and energetic, her positivity uplifts Jun, who edges on the cooler, quiet side. Furthermore, she becomes his emotional support. He has no family living with him and has a traumatic past (including witnessing his best friend’s death). Ra Ra offers tender comfort and a listening ear, becoming a person Jun relies on heavily just as much as she depends on him.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Their endearing friendship and slow-burning romance are balanced by the Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol‘s comedic effect. Viewers are kept laughing through their blustering attempts to show their affection and care for one another while refusing to admit their feelings outright. However, their path to a relationship does not come without obstacles.

Another character, Dr. Cha Eun Seok, vies for Ra Ra’s affections. After seeing her perform at a piano performance, he has become smitten with her talent and cheerful aura. He too has moved from Seoul to Eunpo City following his divorce, wishing for a slower pace in life. After seeing Ra Ra once more, he tries to get closer to her in hopes of starting a relationship.

However, at the mid-series point in the drama’s run, it is clear who Ra Ra truly likes. After turning Dr. Cha down, audiences are treated to a romantic scene between Ra Ra and Jun. The couple holds hands and kisses in the city’s cable car, finally addressing their feelings for one another.


As much as the show delivers hilarious scenes of Ra Ra learning how to “adult” for the first time, all the while alone and penniless, beneath its lighthearted teasing is the gentle acknowledgement that life is difficult and it can be terrifying to navigate on your own.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol takes the typical rags-to-riches plot and inverts it completely, forcing Ra Ra to start from nothing. While this would easily turn anyone into a bitter cynic, she remains hopeful and positive that eventually, she will be able to get back on her feet. The challenge motivates her – both to pay Jun back, and to establish a life for herself.

As such, her journey throughout the drama is an encouraging watch to viewers that no matter how bad life seems in the moment, there will surely be brighter moments ahead. And if one can find the slightest humor or happiness despite dealing with times of challenge, they will be able to work through it.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Furthermore, it is inspiring to watch Ra Ra pursue her passion for piano-playing once more. Despite a seemingly impossible task, she attempts to begin her own piano academy and enlist students. Viewers admire her tentative steps into chasing a career she enjoys, while also beginning to balance life’s responsibilities.


Perhaps the most surprising element of the show was its strong integration of mystery within its plot. The show introduces the puzzling anonymous user, “dodosolsollalasol” early on into its run. However, as the episodes progress, the drama confuses audiences more on who this cryptic person could be.

While Dr. Cha Eun Seok is a strong contender, Jun could easily be the user as well. Additionally, the show introduces a third possibility, a creepy stalker who has a shrine of photos of Ra Ra. As he enrolls in her piano academy and navigates his way closer into her life, the show indicates he has sinister intentions.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Moreover, Jun himself remains a large mystery. While the drama revealed some insight into his abusive father, causing him to run away from home, details of his past as a whole remain murky. Additionally, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol shocked viewers with the possibility that Jun may still be in high school.

As the drama progresses, it will be interesting to witness how it explains the mystery regarding his age as well as his history knowing Ra Ra through her piano performances.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Mid-Series Afterthoughts

So far, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol is an impressive watch. Lighthearted and fun, the show’s enjoyable comedic pace keeps viewers wanting more. Furthermore, the drama maintains a nice balance between its humor and more serious themes. As such, it remains a substantial watch, one viewers can step away from, feeling as though they gained something from tuning in.

As Lee Jae Wook’s highly anticipated debut as the lead character, the drama does not disappoint. Jun’s character suits him well, a swoony mix between stoic and kind-hearted. His counterpart, Go Ara, matches his strong performance with her own flawless portrayal of Ra Ra.

Their chemistry together is unique in that it is rooted in the characters’ friendship first, a rare sight to see from dramas this year.

do do sol sol la la sol

However, as enjoyable as it is, the mystery regarding Jun’s age is worrying. The show presents a very puzzling possibility that Jun is a high school student. As a minor, he would be engaging in a romantic relationship with an adult, and the dangerous implications of that taint their romantic interactions with one another.

As the second half approaches, viewers can hope that the show wraps up its more concerning mysteries sooner than later.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol airs on KBS2 and Netflix on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 PM KST.

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