K-Drama Mid-Series Check: “Good Casting” Unswervingly Keeps The Comedy Alive With Its Series Of Misadventures

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Good Casting is consistent with its comedic and adorable fluffy romance moments.

Our heroes from Good Casting are trying their absolute best in their pursuit for the villain. But, due to the team’s lack of practice and inexperience, they have been making basic mistakes.

Good Casting

In the romance department, the ships have been sailing smoothly. Every moment between the two main pairs in the drama is worth savoring. Additionally, Hwang Min Soon keeps the laughter coming as she balances managing her household and staying alive at her dangerous job.

Quick Plot Round-up

Baek Chan Mi (Choi Kang Hee) is someone who once used to be a top agent at the National Intelligence Service (NIS) but got demoted after a failed case where her subordinate lost his life. Unexpectedly, she gets selected along with two other women, Im Ye Eun (Yoo In Young) and Hwang Mi Soon (Kim Ji Young) to unfold an undercover mission.

Im Ye Eun is a single mother, who can do anything for her daughter. She is a white agent with proficient IT skills and has worked on gauging her surroundings carefully keeping an eye on everything.

Hwang Mi Soon is an agent who suffers from arthritis. Although she is a well-known agent of the NIS who intimidated foreign ambassadors with her skills, she does not hold the same status anymore.

These three women must investigate the corruption behind intellectual property leaks in Il Kwang Hitech which is one of the top IT companies in Korea.

Yoon Seok Ho (Lee Sang Yeob) is the CEO of Il Kwang Hitech. He still cannot forget his first love from his high school, who happens to be Baek Chan Mi. As fate would have it, he meets her again, but Chan Mi is disguised as Baek Jang Mi and will be working as his secretary.

Good Casting

Story So far…

The super ladies begin their mission as they infiltrate Il Kwang Hitech and keep an eye on their suspects.

Baek Chan Mi is assigned Yoon Seok Ho as her mark and she starts working as his secretary under the name, Baek Jang Mi. While, Hwang Mi Soon works for the janitorial services of the building. As for Im Ye Eun, she also gets in as an employee of Il Kwang Hitech.

Following these, the ladies start their mission to track their target Michael Lee and stop the patented technology information from leaking. However, things are not easy as it seems and these ladies face various hurdles.

At Il Kwang Hitech, there is a power struggle between the CEO, Yoon Seok Ho and the Director Myeong Gye Cheol (Woo Hyeon). A shrewd and ruthless person with the thirst power, Myeong Gye Cheol has a lot of influence among the people in the company’s board and has been trying to use his own ways to get what he wants.

Myeong Gye Cheol’s right hand man is Tak Sang Gi (Lee Sang Hoon), who does all the dirty work for him. Another one of his puppets is Ok Cheol (Kim Yong Hee), who works at the research lab of Il Kwang Hitech.

Good Casting

Rekindling past flame

Apparently, Yoon Seok Ho is still unable to forget his past love, Baek Chan Mi. He hired Baek Jang Mi because of her similarities with his old love but he does not realise that she is the same person.

Flashbacks to the past show that Yoon Seok Ho and Baek Chan Mi used to be close when they were younger. While Chan Mi was his tutor, Seok Ho would unabashedly claim his love for her.

At the present too, Seok Ho does not seem to be over his first love and is unknowingly falling for her again even though she has assumed a different identify.

Good Casting

A bratty celebrity and a new change in his life

Kang Woo Won (Lee Jun Young) is a famous celebrity who has a huge fanbase across Asia. Incidentally, he is also the brand model for Il Kwang’s products. Since he has been traveling to and forth across countries, he is also one of the suspects.

Meanwhile, Im Ye Eun gets on the wrong side of her boss while discussing Kang Woo Won’s contract. Kang Woo Won had asked for increment of his contract payment by three times from Il Kwang. But the company was not willing to do so.

Im Ye Eun suggest her boss that instead of sitting long hours in the meeting room, they should go and negotiate. This did not sit well with her boss.

As a result, Ye Eun is  assigned the task of finalizing the contract with Woo Won. But, things take a drastic turn, she ends up offending him. In a series of events, Ye Eun’s fate keeps getting tangled with Woo Won.

The actual delivery guy and the prolonged chase

Turns out Kang Woo Won is innocent, and the person who has been carrying the parcel was his manager, Pi Cheol Woong (Bae Jin Woong). He has been keeping the chip inside a watch, which he is supposed to deliver.

Due to misunderstandings, Kang Woo Won gets involved in the mess and is kidnapped by Secretary Koo (Han Soo Jin). The team manages to catch her but she is let go due to lack of evidence.

Next, the team tries to find Pi Cheol Woong and the information chip that he possesses. They manage to nab him as well extract some information from him. He confesses that he was supposed to deliver the parcel to Wang Kai (Jang Nam Yeol).

But things go south, as the bad guys already knew about the team’s plans and plants a bomb on Pi Cheol Woong. Because of the threat, the team has to let go of the chip.

Their woes do not end there either as Pi Cheol Woong ends up getting murdered.

More problems and new unsolicited mission

With Pi Cheol Woong’s death, the team lost yet another chance to trace Michael. The failed mission also gave Seo Kook Hwan (Jung In Ki) the opportunity to disband the squad. Nevertheless, not ready to give up, Baek Chan Mi decide to give one last shot by voluntarily trying again.

The next task is to snoop in to Myeong Gye Cheol’s office and steal his ledger through which the group can gain pivotal information. What follows is a series of trials and errors as they try to assess on how to crack the security.

But, unknown to anybody, there is a betrayer in the team. After being threatened with her daughter’s life, Im Ye Eun has been leaking out information about Chan Mi’s plans.

At her first attempt, Chan Mi ends up getting caught by Myeong Gye Cheol. But, before things could go awry, Yoon Seok Ho saves her.

Not giving up, the squad breaks into Myeong Gye Cheol’s office again and Hwang Mi Soon gets her hands successfully at the ledger. But as she goes out her way, Myeong Gye Cheol stops her and the episode ends in a cliff-hanger.

Good Casting Mid-Series Afterthoughts

Inspite of having a stellar cast, Good Casting has got some plot holes in its narrative. There are still many mysteries that are yet to be revealed and the ongoing mission is faltered by too many hiccups.

The chase for the bad guys has been too exhausting to watch and sometimes it feels like our ahjummas are not match for them. I feel bad seeing how the mission gets hindered by their smallest mistakes.

However, it is understandable since they have been out of action and also the presence of double agents within the organisation has made it worse for them.

Good Casting

More than the chase for the bad guy, I am enjoying the short romantic moments. Especially, the ones between Baek Chan Mi and Yoon Seok Ho. 15 years have passed, and Yoon Seok Ho is still the awkward person in love. The past flashbacks are a saccharine dipped treat and we can only hope for a happy ending for these two.

For the other couple, we can see that Kang Woo Won has gotten softer and has definitely fallen for Im Ye Eun. Sadly for him, Im Ye Eun is too dense to notice the signals.

Throughout all the episodes, the comedy in Good Casting is consistently good. All the characters has their own weird moments that never gets old and ensues laughter everytime. As the series of misfortunes continues, so does the hilarity of the characters.

From the preview for the next week’s episode it looks like Im Ye Eun now knows about Chan Mi’s connection with Kwon Min Seok (Sung Hyuk). It’s going to be messier but hopefully, it will get resolved soon.

Good Casting airs on SBS every Monday and Tuesday at 11:10 p.m. KST.

Image & Video Credit: SBS