K-Drama Mid-Series Check: “King Maker: The Change Of Destiny” Whips Up A Cut-Throat Political War Mingled With Fortune Telling

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The future of Joseon is at stake, and so the people who can read the future must try their utmost best in King Maker: The Change Of Destiny.

Things are getting quite interesting in TV Chosun’s King Maker: The Change Of Destiny. Adding fortune telling alongside political power struggle at the center of the story, the drama intrigues with smart plot twists.

King Maker The Change Of Destiny

The rich presence of strong characters who use their wits to reach the summit, results in multiple variables on the outcome of the events, making the narrative unpredictable but entertaining at the same time.

As Choi Chun Joong and Lee Bong Ryun carves out the future of Joseon with their skills, we are curious to know what impact will the consequences have on their individual lives.

Quick Plot Roundup

Born into a noble family, Choi Chun Joong (Park Shi Hoo) was living a comfortable life until one day, his father gets tangled in a treacherous scheme and loses his life. With everything gone, Choi Chun Joong starts over again as a face reader and becomes the most renowned fortune teller in Joseon.

Lee Bong Ryun (Go Sung Hee) is the daughter of King Cheoljong and possesses a unique ability of foreseeing a person’s fate. Together with their abilities, Choi Chun Joong and Lee Bong Ryun work together in ensuring a better future for Joseon.

King Maker The Change Of Destiny

Story So Far…

As young kids, Choi Chun Joong (Kang Tae Woo) and Lee Bong Ryun (Hong Seung Hee) found soulmates in each other despite their families belonging to different social statuses. However, when the Finance Minister, Kim Byung Woon (Kim Seung Soo) learns about Lee Bong Ryun’s abilities, he takes her away from her mother.

To get her daughter, Ban Dal seeks for the King’s help, who also happens to be Bong Ryun’s father. Regardless, Bong Ryun is separated from her mother and the Kim family becomes her guardians.

The Tragedy And A New Fate

After a long separation, Chun Joong and Bong Ryun’s paths cross again as the talks for their marriage proceeds. However, the alliance proposal is a smokescreen to cover for Kim Byung Woon. Chun Joong’s father Choi Kyung (Kim Myung Soo), consequently is framed as a traitor and imprisoned.

To make matters worse, Kim Byung Woon threatens Bong Ryun using her mother as a bait and therefore, she testifies against the Choi family. Later, a chaos occurs when the public tries to free Choi Kyung. In the midst of all that, Chae In Kyu (Sung Hyuk) stabs Choi Kyung.

Choi Chun Joong somehow escapes but after losing everything, he decides to start anew again and studies to become a face reader. Years later, he returns to build his destiny using his fortune prediction skills.

King Maker The Change Of Destiny

The Future Joseon Emperor and Empress

In the meantime, at the palace there is power struggle between two factions. With  King Cheoljong’s (Jung Wook) deteriorating health and no heir to own the throne, the noble families are trying to get their relatives chosen as the successor.

The Kim family tasks Bong Ryun to find a child with destined greatness so that they can use it as leverage to attain more power. Bong Ryun happens to have a chance encounter with Min Ja Young (Park Jung Yeon), a young girl who will later become Empress Myeongseong. Even so, she only observes the girl and does not mention her destiny to anybody.

As for the Queen Mother (Kim Bo Yeon), she chooses the King’s close relative Lee Ha Jeon (Eru) as the future King. However, Choi Chun Joong, who has already made a name for himself as the most prominent fortune teller of Joseon declares Jae Hwang (Park Sang Hoon), second son of Heungseon Daewongu (Jeon Kwang Leol) as the one who is fated to be the King.

More Menacing Schemes, New Alliances And New Challenges

Choi Chun Joong’s unexpected proclamation irks everyone present at the scene as the Kim family and Lee Ha Jeon have got their own personal ambitions. On the other hand Heungseon does not wish his son to be bestowed with such powers. In a turn of events, Heungseon makes a failed attempt to kill Choi Chun Joong multiple times only to be forgiven by the latter.

Concurrently, the Kim family are also not staying idle and schemes to take down both Lee Ha Jeon and Heungseon. This time too, Choi Chun Joong comes forward to save Heungseon when he gets cornered by the false allegations of Kim Byung Woon. Unfortunately, Lee Ha Jeon gets punished and ends up losing his life.

Realizing that Choi Chun Joong is an ally that he needs by his side, Heungseon finally comes in terms of his son’s fate and agrees to work together. However, their position is still not safe as a new fortune teller appears, who claims that another young man is worthy of the throne.

Expectations From The Second Half Of The Series

At every step, King Maker: The Change Of Destiny has been surprisingly spectacular. With still 10 more episodes to go, a lot more conniving schemes from various parties is guaranteed. Though the cards are already unfolded on who eventually sits on the throne, but the events that will lead to that  moment still draws huge amount of curiosity.

Also, going back to the beginning in episode 1, it was shown that Bong Ryun had lost her memories. So far, there has been no clue on what had caused that to happen. But, going ahead, the path laid out for Choi Chun Joong and Lee Bong Ryun is not easy especially, since they both are involved in the political fiasco.

King Maker The Change Of Destiny

Additionally, the reunion of Bong Ryun and her mother, Ban Dal (Wang Bit Na) hints an impending trouble. The past histories of sageuk dramas have been known for using family members as kryptonite to weaken the main characters. But, since the series has had not disappointed with its storytelling so far, hopefully, they will not thread down the same road.

Another thing that holds promise is the relationship between Min Ja Young and Yeon Chi Sung (Lim Hyun Soo). As Choi Chun Joong had stated that Yeon Chi Sung’s destiny is to become a great warrior, he might also play a key role in the rise of Min Ja Young as Empress Myeongseong.

Thus far, King Maker: The Change Of Destiny has been an engrossing watch and there is a lot of expectations for the future episodes as well.

King Maker: The Change Of Destiny airs every Saturday and Sunday on TV Chosun.

King Maker The Change Of Destiny

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