K-Drama Premiere: “Alice” Astounds With Its Mind Blowing Time-Travel Pursuits And Excellent Cinematography

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The pilot episodes of Alice brought a tumult of swirling emotions and fanatical action scenes, leaving viewers completely awestruck.

One thing is for sure, it was all worth the wait! After three years, Joo Won proves that his comeback drama Alice is a surefire series this year. He will be portraying the role of Park Jin Gyeom, an apathetic police officer who will learn the existence of time travelers. He will team up with a genius physicist who exactly looks like her dead mother.

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Pilot Week Recap

The Book of Prophecy

A woman from the background explains how “Alice” succeeds in traveling through time. The world and the time became fluid. Things like meeting their dead loved ones and living a new life by going back and forth in time are all possible. But, not until the “book” is discovered.

To keep the time travel going, and stop the apocalypse written in the book, two forces from the future, year 2050, returns to the year 1992 to find the book.

Mission to Retrieve the Book

The next scene spanned into a house where a mysterious man stealthily walked in. As the rain starts pouring and thunder roaring, a sleeping girl ran towards her father’s arms.

Suddenly, his father noticed someone. It’s as if he was expecting that seemingly uninvited guest. Then, he gives his daughter a torn piece of paper from the book he is reading. He told her to keep it safe and hid her under the desk.

When the intruder finally face off with the father whom he called Dr. Jang Dong Shik, he immediately asked for the book. Soon as the man draw his sword, Jang pulled the trigger of his rifle. But things went too quickly, and he fell into the floor. His daughter, who was hiding beneath the desk, was forced to witness his father being killed.

As the man got ahold of the book, he heard the girl’s faint cry. Right at that moment, the two time-travelers, Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee-Sun) and Yoo Min Hyuk (Kwak Si-Yang) arrived. They saved the girl, killed the assassin, and flee from the scene with the book finally in their hands.

The Shocking Prediction

After accomplishing their mission, Yoon Tae Yi suddenly felt sick, in which she thought due to the extreme radiation from the wormhole.

Despite being restricted from reading the book, Tae Yi’s curiosity with the book arouses. Leaving her completely terrified, she read a passage which said, “A tragedy began when she opened the door of time.” She continued reading, “If the baby had not entered through the door of time, would none of it have happened? If the baby had never been born, would things have been different?

This may be referring to Tae Yi bearing a child. When they discovered the news, Min Hyuk extremely opposed to her giving birth and told Tae Yi to get an abortion. Suddenly, the police began chasing them. The two part ways when he tried to mislead the police.

Back to their hotel, Min Hyuk found Tae Yi’s farewell letter saying that she won’t be coming back anymore. With the book in her hands, she took up a new identity as Sun Young, and choose raising her child.

Apathetic Son, Jin Gyeom

As her son starts growing, Sun Young discovered that her child developed some psychological issues. Though he is extremely smart, he cannot determine his own emotions and lack empathy towards other people.

She assumed that this may be caused by the radiation from the wormhole she pass through when she was carrying her child in her womb.

High School incident

Fast forward to his teenage year, Jin Gyeom (Joo Won) was seen with the female student who fell off the rooftop. From its initial looks, he seems to be pushing the victim.

When the detectives came to investigate, a student named Do Yeon (Lee Da In) testified that Jin Gyeom was at the crime scene.

While he was being detained, his worried mother searched for witnesses. Finally, an eyewitness came forward and stated that Jin Gyeom was actually preventing the student from jumping.

Sun Young’s Birthday Tragedy

Sun Young was elated to prove her son’s innocence and happily celebrated her birthday. After buying drinks at the corner store, she heads home. However, to her surprise, a drone from the future is following her.

When Jin Gyeom noticed that her mother is taking so long to return, he checked the streets she passed through. He went back home to discover her mother murdered and lying in a pool of her own blood.

While barely hanging onto life, she told him it’s her fault. That if he sees her again, he needs to act like he doesn’t know her. After his mother’s death hits Jin Gyeom hard, he decides to become a police officer.

Episode 1 Peak Points and Musings

Right off the bat, Alice jumps into a foreign and high-tech world where each frame features an endless amount of detail. Bolstered by some excellent choices of locations, the time slip suit gives a genuine sense of awe and wonder at all. To top it all off, the music and visual effects are all superb.

Can we all just take a moment and appreciate the visual aesthetic of the drama Alice?! ✨😲

Posted by Viu Philippines on Monday, 31 August 2020

With equally thrilling and intriguing scenes, this sci-fi drama definitely set the bar high for future time travel drama. Intense combat scenes, high-tension car chase (yes, the tunnel scene was so good!) and life-or-death situations are all sensibly striking. By the looks of it, the drama has already established a solid ground from its get-go.

The pivotal world-building and the blurred line between the parallel universe and present times will keep you stay for the long stretch.

Focusing on its original SF spectrum, the drama introduces technologically-advanced elements like guns with minuscule bullets, odd key cards and a small but extremely dangerous power saw.

So far, Alice has made quite the impression for me. The future people’s identities and the logic behind “Alice” keeps me intrigued. Facing an unknown and inevitable force, we know that Joo Won and Kim Hee Sun is up for an extraordinary and madly heroic time travel pursuit.

Alice streams every Friday and Saturday on Viu.

Photos and video: SBS | Viu

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