K-Drama Premiere: “Chief of Staff 2” Marks Stellar Beginning Highlighting Lead Characters’ Motivations

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With the riveting first season, high expectations were already set for Chief of Staff 2 and the opening week does not disappoint

Continuing with his domineering role, Lee Jung Jae gives an impressive performance as the protagonist Jang Tae Joon. After finally reaching the coveted position he always wanted, he proceeds with his plans to fulfill his main purpose as an assemblyman. Keeping true to his agenda that he will bring justice to the system, he has already started working on his plans to completely erase corruption from the system.

Chief of Staff 2 Premiere

Chief Of Staff 2 had a stellar beginning and it will be interesting to see whether Jang Tae Joon prevails in the end or will he have to pay a hefty price for his unlawful methods.

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Premiere Week Recap

Starting off from where it ended in first season, Jang Tae Joon (Lee Jung Jae) has taken a position as an assemblyman while Song Hui Seop (Kim Gab Soo) is now elevated to the Minister of Justice position. The former has his own personal ambitions while Tae Joon intends to halt his progress.

Chief Of Staff 2 Premiere

Jang Tae Joon’s Attack On Song Hui Seop

Though Tae Joon plead his loyalty to Song Hui Seop to become an assemblyman, his long-term plan is to expose all the corrupt politicians. He has already begun with his action plans that will lead to Song’s downfall.

The first attack of Jang Tae Joon started with Lee Sang Guk as he reveals the truth of his misuse of power. As a part of that plan he anonymously sends confidential documents exposing Lee Sang Guk to Jo Gap Young. Lee Sang Guk is forced resign from his floor leader position, thus leading to Song Hui Seop losing an ally. Also, knowing that Jo Gap Young is someone who cannot to be trusted, he blackmails him to keep him under check.

He proceeds to target Lee Chang Jin who is a major force behind Song Hui Seop’s rise to power. In an attempt to expose him, he sheds light to the industrial accident that occurred at his company, Joojin Chemicals. He also goes on to attack Song Hui Seop publicly regarding his relationship with Lee Chang Jin.

Kang Seon Yeong’s Role

After being mostly at the opposite ends in the last season, Jo Gap Yeong and Kang Seon Yeong (Shin Min Ah) joins hands again for each of their mutual benefits. Jo Gap Yeong wants her help in exposing Lee Sang Suk while Kang Seon Yeong wants back her spokesperson position and also to pass her bill for labor environment.

Chief Of Staff 2 Premiere

Kang Seon Yeong has many challenges at her disposal. Her chief aide Go Seok Man’s death is ruled as a suicide with the media even insinuating that it was because of the stress caused by overworking for her. Determined to find the truth behind her chief’s aide death, she starts digging up on what happened on the day of Go Seok Man’s accident and gets her hands on a CCTV footage that reveals that he met Jang Tae Joon before he died. She confronts him regarding the fact and asks his reason for not telling her truth.

Hye Won witnesses their interaction and fearing that Seon Yeong will disclose the footage, she reveals to her that Jang Tae Joon is actually trying to get rid of Song Hui Seop and his people. On learning the truth, Seon Yeong works with Tae Joon to reveal the issue caused by an industrial accident due to neglect at Lee Chang In’s Joojin Chemicals thus also serving the serving purpose of getting support from the public for passing her labor environment bill.

Joining her office is a new chief aide Lee Ji Eun who is returning after a break and is notorious for being a pushy boss. While, Han Do Gyeong who was an intern for Song Hui Seop’s office in the last season has now joined Kang Song Yeong’s team as a secretary.

Chief Of Staff 2 Premiere

Further Troubles For Jang Tae Joon

Song Hui Seop learns about Jang Tae Joon’s betrayal through his aide Woo Sik as they discover that it was Hye Won’s prior work place which published articles against them. He has now plans set in motion to bring Jang Tae Joon down. A new character makes an appearance who is the Chief Prosecutor, Choi Gyeong Cheol from the Special investigation Team. And he is doing an internal investigation for Tae Joon’s involvement in illegal funding of Lee Seong Min’s campaign.

It is revealed that Song Hui Seop was responsible for Choi Gyeong Cheol’s promotion which came five years earlier than expected. Moreover, there are already rumors leaked about Tae Joon’s illegal work and it would be interesting to see on how he overcomes this new challenge.

Chief Of Staff 2 Premiere

Premiere Week Afterthoughts

Similar to the narrative of season 1, there were a lot of attacks and counter-attacks causing the power position too gets shifted. Jang Tae Joon is now more powerful and has more authority in making his decisions. However, the risk factors too have risen simultaneously.

Removing the deep-rooted tree of corruption is a daunting task and it will not be easy for him to achieve his goals. What might go against Jang Tae Joon is some of his wrong deeds of the past which he did intentionally to become an assemblyman.

Tae Joon still has his conscience though and Lee Seong Min’s pen seems to serves as a reminder to him about his main purpose. He is set out in accomplishing what his mentor Lee Seong Min failed to do.

In the opening week itself, there were many twist of events with the different stakeholders trying to outwit each other. In the upcoming episodes too, more making and breaking of alliances can be expected as well as the continual shift in power.

New faces make an appearance in the second season and have already created an impression that they will have an important role to play in the future. Lee Ji Eun seems like a person who has a lot of things up her sleeve and she is extremely wary of Jang Tae Joon’s intentions. While Choi Gyeong Cheol is still mysterious but appears to hold malice against Tae Joon and currently has an upper-hand over him.

Chief Of Staff 2 is aired on jTBC every Monday and Tuesday at 9.30 PM KST. Fans can also watch the series on Netflix.

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