K-Drama Premiere: “Crash Landing On You” Effortlessly Steers Endearing Rom-Com Flair With Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin

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Crash Landing On You drives captivating trajectory based on its first outing!

Nothing but full marks on the opening week of Crash Landing On You. The highly-anticipated project of top actors Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin has sweetly humble-bragged the brilliance of its writer-PD tandem. It also wielded addicting on-screen chemistry from its lead love pairing.

Crash Landing on You

Premiere Week Rating:

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Fast-paced and adorable, Crash Landing on You captured a well-blended concoction of the culture of two Koreas.  Right off the bat, its main love pairing enamored with apparent synergy and engrossing characterization. Sealing the last drama on the prized weekend slot of tvN for 2019, the series scored impressive 6% and 6.8% nationwide viewership ratings for its first two episodes.

Eagerly-awaited, the drama did not disappoint and has dropped two cameo appearances from popular drama actors Jung Kyung Ho and Ha Suk Jin. Also, the introduction of the supporting characters, added flavors to its savory premise.

Crash Landing on You

Premiere Week Recap

The extraordinary heiress

Born to a rich household, Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) has estranged herself from her family and put up a business on her own. The highly-successful fashion business – “Seri’s Choice”, has notoriety similar to its trendsetter owner, who is often embroiled in dating scandals.

When Se Ri’s father got a temporary probation from an on-going civil case, his children were summoned to a family meeting. After checking the father she used to dote on is healthy, Se Ri walked away but halted her steps when her father declared her to be the chosen next leader of the family business.

Prepping up to take over her father’s company, Se Ri is in a bright mood while testing on her business’ new sports apparel through paragliding. While enjoying the sky drift, a huge tornado erupts leading Se Ri to wake up in an unfamiliar forest. Unbeknownst to her, the tornado’s billow tossed her to a place where her life will change because of an eventful meeting.

A paragliding mishap

Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin) leads a unit covering North Korea’s demarcation line. The night before their last day patrolling the currently assigned post, his team catches a group of tomb raiders. Confronted by South Korean soldiers, Captain Ri demands the thieves to be investigated citing the border rules agreed by the separated nations.

However, Officer Jo Chul Kang (Oh Man Suk) from the investigation team opts to just let them go. Insistent to probe the tomb raiders, Officer Jo relents but warns Captain Ri of his impudence.

The next day, Captain Ri finds Se Ri suspended in the air with her paragliding craft trapped in the treetops. Realizing she bumps on a North Korean soldier, Se Ri mistakes him to be a defector. Clearing her misunderstanding, Captain Ri straightforwardly remarks that she crossed the North Korean soil. He further explains that voluntary crossing results to investigation.

Understanding the weight of her situation, Se Ri runs to escape, but stops on her track when Jung Hyuk prated about the scattered land mines. The captain gets a dose of his own medicine when he steps on a ticking bomb after boasting his “years of experience” in land mine management. Taking advantage on the trapped captain’s predicament, Se Ri takes off. Struggling to find her way in the forest since she refused to follow Jung Hyuk’s direction advice, she later finds a small village.

Thinking she was finally back in South Korea, a closer look to the lives of the village people felt like a bucket of ice to excited Se Ri who thought she was back home. While pondering, Officer Jo’s service car approaches – but Jung Hyuk saves Se Ri being found out by a thread.

Operation Sneak Se Ri Out of the Border

Letting her stay in the house assigned to him in the village, they talk about her problem in the morning. The day before, the tomb raiders were questioned by Officer Jo, revealing his atrocious nature. As soon as he got the location of where the treasures are, he ordered for the thieves’ death. Unfortunately, a woman trying to hitchhike witnessed it and faced a merciless death.

Captain Ri’s unit thought the woman who died is the one they were chasing and visits him for the great news. Blabbing about the event, Se Ri finds out her existence is of tantamount importance to Team Jung Hyuk. Her shrewd nature led to her threatening the unit as they arrive to a conclusion of sending her back home.

Adjusting to the obsolete North Korean way of living, Se Ri pesters Jung Hyuk with petty demands from toiletries to food she wants to eat. She has also established connection to Jung Hyuk’s underlings.

While awaiting the D-Day of her return to South Korea, a surprised house check was announced in the village. Jung Hyuk, who went to Pyongyang to check on the tomb raiders’ case was almost tortured under Officer Jo’s ministration. It was then revealed that Jung Hyuk is the son of a high-ranking government officer that can’t be touched. Officer Jo’s connection to Jung Hyuk’s dead brother was also unveiled.

Upon learning of the house inspection, Jung Hyuk rushes to rescue Se Ri. The latter was caught hiding inside the kimchi cellar. Dragged outside by Officer Jo’s men, Jung Hyuk arrives peering coldly at the sight of Se Ri on Officer Jo’s gun point. Ordering the senior officer to put down his gun, he remarked feeling unhappy seeing his fiancée receiving that kind of treatment.

Crash Landing on You

Premiere Week Afterthoughts

This drama has all the reasons to be added on your watch list. Aside from its superb cast roster the creative team has proven their worth in the previous dramas they worked on. I am getting used to year-end treats by tvN, so it’s hard not to dote on this new work.

Taking a warm approach, I like how writer Park Ji Eun cushioned the saddening depiction of typical life in North Korea. I was impressed on the route she is taking to present the disparity through Se Ri’s perspective, who genuinely showed her amazement to antiquated North Korean lifestyle that in a way makes sense the same way modern approach does.

Hyun Bin’s character’s shopping spree induced a sweet awww moment from me, and I can’t wait for more of those to happen. At the same time, Son Ye Jin, being a top-tier actress that she is, has shown a notable comical side of her that is relaxed and fitting to the endearingly stoic facade of Hyun Bin’s character.

Introduced as the scammer who took Se Ri’s family’s money away, Kim Jung Hyun has appeared hinting how the plot movement might be more staged in the North Korea setting. That “she is my fiancee” scene actually cemented that possibility.

More than a feast of romance and comedy promised to its viewers, I think the strength of the series will ultimately rely on the notion of the heroine’s adjustment to a new world. Inevitably, the conflict of how the eventual “falling in love” between a modern woman from South Korea and elite North Korean soldier hypes up the excitement for the series.

Crash Landing on You airs every Saturday and Sunday on tvN and is globally streamed on Netflix.