K-Drama Premiere: “Do You Like Brahms” Soothes And Aches The Soul With A Story About Unexpressed Love

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Do You Like Brahms opening episodes struck a chord in our hearts and touched our souls with its delicate story about dreams, love and music.

The drama starts with an unassuming narration about young musicians at different levels in their careers who all turn out to be connected by love, friendship and ambition.

The storytelling is mellow and the cinematography is melancholic. Nonetheless, it plays at a tempo that is lively enough to make us crave for more of its romantic plot.



Do You Like Brahms sets the spotlight on Park Joon Young (Kim MIn Jae), a young, talented pianist, and the first Korean to have placed second at the International Chopin Piano Competition, and Park Eun Bin (Chae Song Ah), a graduating violin student who discovered her passion for music late in life.

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Chae Song Ah is the modest female lead in the drama. As she is seven years older than her contemporaries in the music department of Seoryeong University, everything is twice as hard for her. She faces inner and external struggles as she tries to become the violinist that she dreams to be. While deliberating on what she wants to do after graduation, she takes an internship offer at Kyunghoo Cultural Foundation as part of the concerts-organizing body.

Park Joon Young, on the other hand, is the music prodigy who has played the piano since he was six. Despite being at the peak of his career, Joon Young likewise struggles internally, asking questions and reflecting on why he is playing the piano. Because of this, Joon Young decides to take a one year sabbatical after coming back from Berlin.

The two then meet at Joon Young’s concert in Seoul wherein Song Ah is one of the violinists. Unfortunately, the conductor dismisses Song Ah out of the orchestra and does so in plenary. This affects Joon Young and remembers Song Ah unmistakably.


The love story of Do You Like Brahms is on the complex side as both Joon Young and Song Ah seem to be tied in uncertain love triangles.

This brings Han Hyun Ho (Kim Sung Cheol) and Lee Jung Kyung (Park Ji Hyun), as well as Yoon Dong Yoon (Lee You Jin) and Kang Min Sun (Bae Da Bin) into the picture.

Joon Young, Hyun Ho and Jung Kyung are contemporaries and friends since childhood. Joon Young is a cellist who develops affection for Jung Kyung. Meanwhile, Jung Kyung is a violinist, an heir to the Kyunghoo conglomerate, and also the daughter of a famous pianist that is hinted to have played a big part in Joon Young’s early career.

On the other hand, Song Ah, Dong Yoon and Da Bin are all close friends as well. Dong Yoon and Da Bin are ex-lovers. However, it seems that Dong Yoon is developing feelings for Song Ah as he comes back from Italy after placing second in a competition that commemorates the famous violin maker Antonio Stradivari.


The entire plot of Do You Like Brahms is inspired by the painful love story between the famous German musicians, Johannes Brahms, Clara and Robert Schumann. For Brahms, the Schumanns have acted as his generous mentors and friends. Despite this, Brahms has still developed feelings for Clara and vice versa. Although it is not certain as to whether Johannes and Clara acted on their feelings after Robert’s untimely death, their writings and works undeniably express the affection they have for one another.


Do You Like Brahms’ premiere episodes convinced us to anticipate how the story will unfold for Joon Young and Song Ah. The interplay between a real-life love triangle reference makes it more interesting and we truly appreciate this imaginative play.

Kim Min Jae is completely playing the part as well and we cannot wait to see more of his portrayal of Joon Young’s character.

With a pianist being a lead in the story, Do You Like Brahms challenges an emotionally-packed story in the perspective of the male lead. Love, dreams and music are key elements to decorate this new series.

Do You Like Brahms airs on SBS, Mondays and Tuesdays. It can also be seen in Viu.

Photos/Videos: SBS