K-Drama Premiere: “Flower Of Evil” Blooms A Picture Of Happy Marriage Bound To Fall Apart

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Flower of Evil marked its premiere week with relatively impressive numbers for tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday slot.

Taking a thrilling plot, Flower of Evil revolves around the story of a psychopath who turned a new leaf leaving his old vile identity. However, his wife who is a police officer delves to unearth the truth about him.

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Suiting up as metal craftsman Baek Hee Sung, Lee Joon Gi takes the role of a domesticated husband, devoted to his wife and daughter. Earning enough for his family, he is a picture of an ideal husband and father. Moon Chae Won takes the role of a detective as well as loving wife and mother, who is always understanding, to her distant in-laws.

For its opening week, Flower of Evil has driven an impressive picture. One that piques interest right away because the process of discovering your lover’s dark side usually involves third party in K-Dramaland. But, now Moon Chae Won‘s character has to inescapably confront that her sweet husband is not who he is.

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Premiere Week Recap

The loving man she married

The music, the mood and the warmth emanating from each other made Cha Ji Won and Baek Hee Sung get swayed to a late afternoon intimacy. Realizing they went overboard, she quickly escapes her husband’s kisses and embrace.

After reminding of the birthday dinner and their daughter, she goes out to run some errands. Meeting at the dinner place, the loving couple is the exact opposite of Hee Sung’s parents, whose cold and distant looks, scare their adorable daughter.

When Hee Sung and his parents were left alone, they exchange frigid conversation reflecting their family is not in the best kind of relationship. Hee Sung’s father stops his wife from further inciting argument, and reminds them that they are all in the same boat, so they should avoid complications.

Unfortunately, Ji Won has to leave the dinner because of an urgent call from work.

Continuing their family conversation, Hee Sung’s mom points out how he appears to be normal human being. While embracing his daughter to sleep, his father asks if he has develop emotions while being with Ji Won.

He responds how his observation about his wife has had him learn that he just need to present what she wants to see. Hence, they should not worry about them.

The case of the father who tried to kill his son

At work, Ji Won’s team were tasked to work on a baffling case about an attempted murder of a father to his son. The son with weight problems was found unconscious in the apartment’s staircase and wakes up pointing at his father mumbling he tried to kill him.

The lawyer father meanwhile has the opposite story mentioning an alibi of meeting a friend after giving encouragement for his son who was climbing the stairs for exercise.

Sniffing a third party affair, Detective Choi gets photo proofs of the father’s affair. He also learns that he has been doing some research about divorce and child support. That totally, does not fit in to the wife’s claim that her husband and son have good relationship.

The past he left behind

Meanwhile, reporter Kim Moo Jin goes to visit Detective Cha’s husband’s metal workshop. He gets surprised seeing a familiar face and calls Hee Sung a different name – Do Hyun Soo.

Hee Sung invites the reporter for a tea. Sensing he’s itchy to ask a question because of his profession, he tells him to proceed.

Moo Jin valiantly asks if he’s involved to the murder of the town chieftain 18 years ago, the night he left his old town for good. Hee Sung replies how he chose not to clear the gossips since everyone has been convinced already.

flower of evil

“Investigating A Case Based On A Wrong Theory Is A Waste Of Time.”

Detective Cha and Ho Joon (Kim Jin Woo) meet the boy with a puppy to ask about the victim’s case. Getting his confession, it confirms that the cause of In Seo’s fall is the puppy dog. Previously, the dog bit him so he is scared of the puppy.

Absolved from the case, the lawyer father is released by the police. However, Detective Cha stumbles on how In Seo’s mom has been taking the wrong multivitamin pills.

In the hospital, In Seo’s father asks his wife to leave the room. Detective Cha and Ho Joon arrive and In Seo asks his parents to stay outside the room.

Confessing he implicated his father because he knows of his affair, he admits that he is good to him, but he worries about his mother.

On the count of body harm, Detective Cha cuffs In Seo’s father.

The pain that springs in every marriage fallout

Surmising on the case they just worked on, Detective Cha shares the sentiment of In Seo’s mom. She relays how there could be painful truth that she might want to delay if she will be put on the same situation.

Their talk gets interrupted when she received a call from her mother-in-law. The latter apparently ended up following her son’s request to ensure she will cut ties with his wife.

Listening to the mean words, she remains respectful and pleads her mother-in-law not to tell Hee Sung about it.

Over at Hee Sung’s workshop, he asks Moo Jin to write his address so he can send a gift for him. When the writer obliged, he rolls the blinds, turns up the music and chokes Moo Jin to lose consciousness.

Detective Cha arrives home at the warm sight of her husband and daughter. They embrace each us other just as Moo Jin wakes up to the locked basement of Hee Sung’s workshop.

flower of evil

The painful past of her husband

Night went by and Ji Won starts her day to the sight of her husband cooking breakfast. When she gets to work, they take on the case of a victim with missing fingerprints. The same MO of the notorious Yeonju city killer.

Hee Sung, with a captive writer hidden under the basement of his work shop, visits him. A flashback of how young Moo Jin condemned him to be his father’s accomplice in his crimes sees the writer’s evil blood.

Remembering that painful middle school moment, Hee Sung tells him the same line he said when he and his friends threw rocks at the tied Hee Sung in a forest.

Begging for his life, Hee Sung tells him to stop since like his serial killer father, he does not feel empathy. Scaring him more, he whispers to Moo Jin that he really killed the village foreman. Learning about his work schedule, Hee Sung locks him up and hides his phone inside his bag.

flower of evil

The case of missing fingerprints

Ji Won’s team deduces a copycat killer is involved in the case they are working on. The culprit even made use of a serial killer’s trademark to confuse the police.

Based on the lipstick mark found on the victim’s body, her son’s involvement is likely not the case even if he keeps on looking for her money to feed his gambling addiction.

Through CCTV captured photos, Ji Won and the team discover the real culprit. True blue psychopath that she is, she reveals her motive is how she hates the stairs going to the old woman’s house.

Hence, when the old woman tells her that she hopes to live her life talking to her every day, she lost it and stabbed the weak old woman to death.

The secret her husband tries to hide

Managing the complicated situation he’s in because of people from his past who reemerged, Hee Sung has to tackle not just Moo Jin. In the dead of the night, Hee Sung visits the Chinese restaurant of his old classmate in contact to Moo Jin and kills him.

Ji Won wakes up without her husband by her side and sees him coming from the door drenched with water from the pouring rain with a look she’s not familiar with.

Premiere Week Afterthoughts

Out of all the story sketches I read so far from 2020 Korean Dramas, Flower of Evil piqued my interest the most. That is because I am curious how Lee Joon Gi would challenge his complicated character. Also, because I deserve to forget what happened in Criminal Minds. *grin

Thus, it does not come as a surprise how I am already having problems thinking how the conflict will be resolved after the first episode. *chuckles Because how can you just break a happy marriage and family life like that?

Delving on the back story of Baek Hee Sung is undoubtedly one of the highlights to anticipate. Just like Cha Ji Won’s confrontation of the painful truth about her husband. Her character would definitely have a deja vu after coming across the same scenario in this episode, when everything is out in the open.

The narrative is balancing Lee Joon Gi’s dark hero role by showing his harrowing past of being condemned of what he’s not. Thereby, justifying his atrocious acts which of course in real life still cannot validate the sins he committed.

There’s much to Baek Hee Sung’s back stories that need to be delved on. Inevitably, the world will crumble once the hinted investigation tangles the happily married couple.

Something feels off about Hee Sung’s parents, and I’m scared to think of a family of psychopath killing people mercilessly while blending in well to the society. Their daughter-in-law chasing after them is quite not an engrossing scenario as well.

Disclosing the main leads characters and how it will play out when the conflict heightens demanding resolution is one that we should look forward to in the series.

Flower of Evil airs on tvN every Wednesday and Thursday.

Photos: tvN | Screencaps from Viu

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